Boulangerie Interior Design

boulangerie interior design

France is famous the world over for baking. From breakfast, to dessert they have sweets, treats and dough covered. Meringues, mousses, cakes, bread, tortes and, of course, croissants – the bakery and patisserie are factories of pleasure.

Cake is irresistible and it’s fast becoming the latest experimental food trend.

Plenty of artisan patisseries are bringing their fabulous designs to the table, with birthday cake designs and tart toppings seeming more a work of art than a teatime snack. And there’s even the option to get gourmet designs delivered to your doorstep.

Within all bakery walls, there is a definitive passion for design and aesthetic. From the decorative toppings on a fruit gateau to vast walls of stacked loaves, they are just as satisfying to the eye as to the pallet.

High ceilings and windows, wooden tables and steel shelves: the bakery is a modern interior design dream.

The rise of sit-in cafe culture the world over – another thing we may thank the French for – has reimagined the boulangerie and patisserie as places to sit, eat and soak up both stunning design and irresistible products.

Bakeries and patisseries are no longer a quick stop but a super hip hang-out spot.

With minimalist colors, clean lines and textured surfaces, they are churches for those who love both design and artisan bread and, for those people, here are some of the most contemporary boulangeries: a delight for all the senses.

1. Margot Bakery in London

Inside @margotbakery, local bakery on East End Road.

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This joint has transformed an old post office into an artisan bakery. The interior is bare, industrial and open.

Customers are able to see the bakers at work, through an opening, where the old counter used to be.

The grey fittings perfectly compliment the reddy browns of the dough, a common color palette seen in contemporary bakeries.

This industrial feel is popular in modern interior design and it’s relatively cheap to achieve but, in this instance, is there to remind us that the bakery is a factory and an integral part of London’s industrial heritage.

2. Style Bakery in Kriyu

A local treasure in Japan, that uses tiled walls and oak shelving to display their thousands of sweet treats and fresh loaves.

Tall shelves draw the customers eyes to the immense height of the windows, which flood light into the shop.

Using light within interior design provokes the feeling of freshness and cleanliness and enhances the beauty of the products. White tiles trim every counter, an effective way to create that authentic bakery look.


These guys are professionals in creating the illusion of space.

Floor to ceiling glass windows are the main decorative attraction, while concrete and aluminium tiles offer clean lines and an industrial feel.

These cakes have a lengthy history and heritage however and, placed amongst this almost futuristic interior design, they are given a modern revamp for the younger generation.

4. Patrik’s Bakery in Barcelona

Now to Spain and a café set within the hotel of the same name. Here visitors are surrounded by the smell of fresh dough throughout the day, as the bakery lies right in the middle of the hotel.

Using multiple texture surfaces, Patrik’s maintains the grand interior of many traditional bakeries.

It is invitingly open with high ceilings and tall shelving and keeps to that minimalist color scheme that will ensure the bread is always the main attraction.

5. Blé bakery in Thessaloniki

This Greek establishment, uses dense dark granite from floor to ceiling to complement the soft and intricate design of their breads and cakes.

Almost like a vault or crypt, this bakery unusually possesses no natural light. The grey granite and dim lighting, gives the space a grand and monumental feel.

6. The Elektra Bakery in Edessa

Elektra bakery #edessa #greece

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Another temple-like bakery can also be found in Greece.

The Elektra Bakery is a family run bakery with a lengthy history, but only recently redesigned to bring the bakery a contemporary revamp.

The clever idea here is the use of materials. The alabaster and granite interior continues out to the exterior, creating an optical illusion of extra space.

The world over, bakeries and patisseries are being reimagined. With our love for popular television programs that see contestants compete against other bakers and the rise of artisan cafe culture, it’s no wonder we have a craving for cake.

Likewise, there is a turn in popular culture towards the local, with the rate independent businesses soaring and many food trends emerging from locally sourced produce.

This, combined with current interior design trends – which cherish light, minimalism and strong lines – makes the bakery the perfect hangout for the millennial generation.

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