Top Tips to Find Discounts on Christmas Decorations

With the Christmas countdown well underway, it is time to money-save. No one likes suffering from January blues simply because of uncontrolled spending during the holiday.

You would think that guys spend the most cash during Christmas up to New Years, but that’s not the case.

It’s in the preparation stage where the pocket dent is deepest. Some families want their houses to look the part, and they go out of their way to achieve that.

Save money in 2018 by considering the following decorations discount tips. You can conveniently spruce up your house in a way that even Santa can’t miss it, and still get through January worry-free.

1. Head to the thrift stores

During this period, many thrift stores create holiday sections for their customers. You will need to visit your favorite store often because these sections keep on changing.

Even so, check out other divisions of the thrift store too.

For example, you can find unique glass wear in the kitchen section to fill with ornaments. The blankets area might have a beautiful quilt that can be a tree skirt.

2. Checking out Garage and Yard Sales

The best way to find discounts is to go where you know they offer discounts. You can find great Christmas décor in a yard or garage sale.

Just like in thrift stores, items in the garage/ yard sales come at friendly prices. Whether you’re looking for Christmas plates, artificial trees, or serve ware, outdoor sales offer some of the best discounts.

3. Search the Internet

We are living in an era where you can find just about anything in a matter of seconds.

Sites like Craigslist and Amazon enable you to get Christmas decoration at excellent prices. In Craigslist, you can find people selling used/vintage items that kill it as Christmas décor.

Amazon even offers hidden discounts of various goods. You will find it surprising that Amazon Discount Finder can reveal items with 80% discounts. You can even find online coupon codes to save even more.

4. Wait for Big Sales

Every year, there are always big heaven-sent sales for every Christmas shopper. They include the Cyber Monday Sales, Black Friday, or Day-After Christmas Sales.

You will get discounted items during such days, including Christmas décor that you will use for years to come.

Companies like Target offer attractive discounts (60-70%) even though they are selling top-of-the-range items.

5. Look for Clearance Sales

The Christmas period sees many high-end stores offer discounts that get bigger just before the New Year.

It is the best time to look out for clearance sales from entities like Kirkland, Jo-Ann, Pier 1 Imports, and Big Lots.

You will find slashed prices on items such as holiday pillows, wall art, wreaths, and candles among other items. Most of the things sold in clearance sales have up to 60% discounts.


Saving money on Christmas decorations leaves you with enough to enjoy the holiday and even buy unique gifts for your loved ones.

You can also purchase cheap craft tools and DIY when it comes to some decorations. Remember to use coupons (if offered) for better prices wherever you shop.

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