Cost of Living in Phoenix

It is right to say that the cost of living in Phoenix depends on a lot of things but most importantly the basic things you need to live comfortably.

That is why you will find that people living in Phoenix operate under different budgets.

However, there are certain commodities and services that one must have to live a pleasant life. Some of the things that you will have to budget for to enjoy your stay in this city include;

1. Rent

There is nowhere in the world that you will stay for free and still enjoy other privileges unless it’s your parents’ house.

In Phoenix, housing ranges from $800 to $1000 depending on the location and the available amenities.

The good thing with housing in this city is that you will get the state of the art houses built with modern designs and vital installations like water, gas, and electricity which you will still have to pay for.

2. Internet

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Surviving in any city without internet is the same as living in the desert. The Internet allows you access to many things hence good internet connectivity is a need in Phoenix.

The good thing is, Digital Exits can help you find internet services that are more lenient to your pockets. The cost of internet in your household can cost you around $50 which is manageable.

The reason why you will not find it easy to have any internet in Phoenix is that it is one of the places where digital evolution is at its highest hence you will need internet for many things like shopping, paying for service among other things.

3. Transport

If you have to commute to work using other transport means in Phoenix, then you need to make sure that your budget includes it.

The cheapest means of transport is through public transportation which costs around $69 for whole months’ ticket.

There are other options like buying a car with the most affordable car going for about $23,555.

With a fair gas price of $0.70 per liter, owning a car in Phoenix is a bad option if your budget is comfortable with it. There are also taxis which are rather expensive with a basic price of $17 for 5 miles.

4. Medical

It is crucial that you have some cash set aside in case of medical emergencies. Since nobody knows the exact amount a medical emergency can cost, it is better if you are generally prepared.

However, there are some remedial measures that you can take for example having antibiotics and painkillers in your house. That should cost you up to $30 maximum.

You might also need to visit the doctor for checkups once in a while, but the cost of this entirely depends on the doctor.


The cost of living in Phoenix relies majorly on your lifestyle. There might be other things that you consider essential but are not in this article.

However, you should know that there are some things that you must have to enjoy staying in Phoenix.

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