Where Do Your Best Design Ideas Come From?

Do you ever have that feeling when you look at the design of a stunning room and think, “I wish my house looked like that?”

It’s probably fair to say that most of us have this experience when we look at carefully crafted interiors. But then you may see another design which is completely at the other end of a similar spectrum and like that too.

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How do you reconcile the two extremes?

So, for example, maybe you see the image of an open-plan minimalist living room in a stunning modern beach house and decide you quite like to try and replicate the look in your own home.

But then you see another image of a cozy snug-like sitting room in a cottage crammed with antiques and a fire burning in the grate and think you might quite like that too.

Obviously, we can’t have it all and it’s quite natural to see things we’d like to have. It’s equally obvious that certain design ideas and themes may be more appropriate for the types of homes we live in than others.

The same goes for the climate and environs around our homes; we tend to try and reflect appropriately on our surroundings through our interior design choices.

But things run a lot deeper than our surroundings and style of abode. If you feel continually restless about your home, always wanting change and desiring the things you see in magazines and websites, then this can indicate a deeper dissatisfaction.

Often, this kind of restlessness is due to a lack of inner direction. In other words, you’re copying or desiring what appeals to others rather than that with which you feel truly comfortable and that has come from your own true self.

And that, in a nutshell, is the key to truly original design with which you feel perfectly at home; it has come from within you rather than others.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t seek inspiration from the world of design. Instead, it’s about knowing yourself and what really makes you tick.

How to Find Out What Makes You Tick

So how do you take steps to fundamentally knowing what is right for you and generating great interior and original design ideas as a consequence?

Here are a few ideas:

Firstly, how about getting the gift of someone with “second sight”? This may sound a little “outré” but professional psychics and clairvoyants at TheCircle, for example, spend their time providing insightful analyses of people’s innermost thoughts and personalities.

This can be a real eye-opener for anybody and is also a fascinating experience to go through. It’s also good fun and can genuinely help you understand who you are and where you’re coming from.

This, in turn, helps you understand yourself more deeply – which is an excellent source of inner inspiration for all areas of your life, including designing your surroundings in a way that you love.

This brings acceptance and admiration of others’ excellent designs and beautiful homes but without the accompanying envy and desire for change in our own homes which isn’t really healthy.

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On a similar basis, practising meditation can also offer people a genuine insight into what drives them. This involves acceptance and awareness of things as they are and is very similar to mindfulness.

Both involve developing an awareness of what is happening around us and what we’re doing, whilst being fully present in the moment, but not feeling overwhelmed by it.

This takes practise, but the benefits of mindfulness meditation are well worth the effort. In particular, it helps us to know who we truly are and from this experience will come our best design ideas; designs that are right for us whilst accepting the different ideas of others.

Again, the ultimate goal here is to drive our own originality whilst simultaneously switching off illogical desires driven primarily by feelings of desire and covetousness that are outer-directed or externally-driven thoughts.

It’s all about acceptance of others whilst knowing our true selves. We need to drop the endless restlessness when it comes to design.

There are lots of other ways of replicating a similar process for generating great ideas. For many people, walking in beautiful countryside is a true source of inspiration, whilst for others, relaxing on holiday has the same effect.

Exercise can help others kind of “meditate” on things to gain a clearer concept, whilst the thoughts we have on falling asleep or on immediate waking, or even whilst showering, are often our best and most creative.

Notice that each of these ideas has one thing in common; they aren’t focused on the “task” at hand; creating design ideas.

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In other words, they spring from within at times when we’re doing something else, or nothing very much at all – rather than when we’re struggling over color swatches or searching the web for inspirational photos.

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