Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

So it happens that you want to remodel your kitchen. You need a contractor for this. And we know, it’s not exactly easy to find a good one.

However, we’re here to help. Here you have so dos and don’ts about hiring a contractor. Also, you’ll find here the best kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles.

Do some digging

You need to research your project before you actually get quotes. It’s good to know how the process is supposed to be done. Access some home improvement websites to see how others have done it.

Let’s take a clear example: a painting contractor can say that he prefers to paint your room with a tinted primer and 1 or 2 coats of latex paint.

Another one may use one coat of paint and self-priming paint. You might want also to find out what are the industry standards, too.

However, don’t think of yourself as an expert just because you know some stuff. Also, don’t expect your project to be done just like all of the others you see on TV.

Those TV shows can be deceiving. There will always be complications, and these are the things they don’t show you on camera.

Don’t take the lowest bid offer

It’s good to take competitive bids, especially for small projects, where 2 or 3 contractors should be enough.

For bigger projects, it’s good to have at least five contractors that bid against each other. It’s good to have them fight over you because you’ll get the best offers.

However, do not take the lowest bid offered. You might probably think that it’s the best deal, especially since your contractor can show up looking like a professional (when he’s actually not one).

Be very careful at those contractors that bid lower, as they may have hidden costs that they come up with later when everything is almost ready, and you cannot back out.

Don’t undervalue the contractor

It’s good to negotiate for the best price. As said before, you should have some contractors fight against each other for you and your project.

Keep in mind that most of them are willing to negotiate the prices. If they don’t want to, ask them for a discount on the materials.

Most of them get discounts from the suppliers, and they might be able to give you some, if not all of it, without undervaluing them.

However, you don’t need to be obsessed with negotiation. Keep in mind that contractors may have people who work for them and they also have to pay for certain insurance.

A good contractor will always walk away from you if you are undervaluing his skills. You cannot ask him for the lowest price, but you can ask him to be competitive.

Read the contract carefully

Always make sure you understand the contract. Most of the people only think that the contract means only a price – and that’s not entirely true. We think you are aware of all the scams that happen.

Make sure you read the entire contract, because the most important aspect is the details about the services you’re going to get.

Let’s take a clear example: you’re going to have your door replaced. In the contract, it’s only written “door replacement, $XXX”.

This is wrong, and you shouldn’t accept the contract.

First of all, the contract should say if the door will be disposed or removed. You should get all the details you need.

You should also see if the contract talks about a period of time in which the services are supposed to be completed, and which kind of materials will be used. The materials should be of high quality.

However, under no circumstance should you ignore the payment terms, which will be different from one contractor to another. You should understand all the terms entirely. And you should pay your contractor as fast as you can, especially if he’s doing a very good job.

If he’s not doing a good job (or his job, at all), you have the right to withhold the payment until a part of the work is completed according to the terms from the contract.

Check the references

If you can do that, check the references and ask if you can take a look at the finished projects. If possible, arrange a visit to the place where the contractor worked as he’s supposed to work at your place.

However, do not let him fool you. If you’re going to spend a lot of money, you need to make sure you choose the right person.

And you do that, by checking all of his records – by calling past clients. Look for those clients that have projects that are more than one year old. This way you’ll see how the project maintained in time.

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