Home Feature You Need When Moving to Austin

Austin, Texas is a unique, lively city with a strong real estate market. For those planning on moving to Austin, there are interior and exterior pieces of feature to look for when moving to a new home that will make their time in the city enjoyable.

In recent years, Austin has been a seller’s market as many people are looking to take advantage of the Austin job market. Here are some key elements to look for when shopping for a new home.

Optimized Air Flow

Look for a place that allows the cool air to move around the house without restriction because the Austin heat gets intense in the summer.

Open concept homes, half walls, and a modern approach to interior design will ensure that the much-needed air conditioning will permeate your new home.

You’ll also want well-insulated windows that you can open during the winter months when the temperature becomes more bearable.

If you’re moving to Austin from the northern states, you’re in for a surprise.

Quirky Designs

Austin is a city that is known for and celebrates it’s quirky design schemes and art displays. Look for a home that captures that essence of the city and stands apart from other houses, both internally and externally.

Alternatively, look for a house with a lot of potentials where you can add your own artistic and quirky qualities that are unique to you.

Whether you look for a place that has a three-tiered stone deck or a house with round windows, there are lots of unique design characteristics in Austin that make it a whimsical place to buy a home.

According to Spyglass Realty, a real estate agent with a specialty in the city of Austin can help you find a unique home that fits your needs.

Space Optimization and Storage Features

Austin has been in a strong seller’s market for the past few years, meaning that you can expect to pay more for a house than you would if the market was flipped.

As a result, your budget may not give you much room to work with. That’s where space optimization and storage features come into play.

Look for a house that offers walk-in closet space and plenty of storage options for seasonal gear.

Kitchens that take advantage of every square foot of space, built-in shelving, drawers in stairs, and knee-wall dressers are just a few ways to get the most functional space for your hard-earned money.

Landscaped Yard

When you move to Austin, you can expect to spend as much time outside enjoying the weather as you spend inside hiding from the heat.

Having a landscaped yard is a must in this active city, as you’ll need a retreat from the tedious traffic-filled commute that Austin is infamous for.

Having a landscaped yard, particularly one with an outdoor kitchen, gives you the opportunity to experience the best of what Texas has to offer as an active-living city full of culinary delights and impressive music festivals.

Granite Counters

You can expect to pay more for a house in Austin than in other areas, so it’s prudent to ensure you’re getting the features that have become standards for many new homes in the area.

One of the features that are becoming more common is the walk-in, frameless shower. Another is the inclusion of granite countertops.

Granite is not only a luxurious, eye-catching interior design feature, but it’s also something that holds its values over the years despite changing design trends and real estate expectations.

Look for these finer touches when exploring homes for purchase in the Austin area.

Whatever your reasons for moving to Austin, you want to have the best experience possible in the state capital of Texas. Find something that meets your standards and work to make it your own.

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