How to Keep Your Bedroom Hot

Your bedroom is your safe haven from the rest of your home. It is also the place where you and your significant other will spend most of your time.

The bottom line is that you want your bedroom to be a comfortable yet adult place for you and your significant other.

We’re going to take a look at five different ways that you can use bedroom design to make it the hottest room in the house.

Use The Right Colors

purple bedroom color ideas

The first thing that you have to be sure you have in your bedroom is the right colors.

Nothing is a bigger turnoff than walking into your bedroom and seeing mismatched blankets and pillowcases that clash with a green wall.

You have to make sure that not only do your bedding colors match, but they should be sultry. Black, red, and grays all make for some fun color combinations when used correctly.

Also, for goodness sake, get rid of the old wallpaper in your bedroom and make sure that the colors complement one another in the room.

Fix Your Bedding

Another oft-overlooked aspect of design that you need to focus upon to have a simmering bedroom is the bedding itself.

Sure, the color of the bedding is important, but you also have to consider the materials that are being utilized as well.

After all, silk sheets definitely give your room the right look, but will you want to sleep on them?

Are your sheets and blankets showing signs of piling or other wear and tear?

If so, then it is time to throw them out or donate them, and bring in some new sheets that are comfortable, fresh, and have the right colors.

It also helps to find sheets with a high thread count so that they can take some punishment before being tossed.

Make It An Adult-Only Zone

We know that you love your kids, but your bedroom cannot be hot if you have toys strewn all over the floor. We’re going to keep this one short and sweet.

The kids can come into the room to play, but nothing of theirs stays in on the floor when they leave. It’s simple and your significant other will thank you for it.

Hang Some More Adult Artwork

Alright, we’re not saying you have to get something illicit on the walls or something that is too detailed and focused on more sensitive areas of the body.

However, you should decorate the bedroom so that it has an adult theme to it.

Celebrate the body and make yourself and your nighttime guests comfortable with their own.

A small statue, the right painting, or other tasteful art can really open up the feeling of your bedroom.

Focus on Having Soft Lighting

Experts on this dating site have repeatedly emphasized the way that we view each other is a key to our interactions.

A lot of bedrooms have huge overhead lights that don’t do much in the way of setting the mood.

The strong white lights instead of soft yellows tend to illuminate flaws and make people even more self-conscious about their bodies.

Use lamps instead of the overhead light or get a dimmer switch- both you and your partner will feel better about it.

There are many different ways that you can use your bedroom design to keep everything hot. You don’t necessarily need mirrors on the ceiling or to spend a lot of money.

Take some time to ensure that the room looks and feels like it is yours and a private domain. At the end of the day or when you bring over some company, the payoff will be huge.

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