How to Repair Appliances

It seems as though there’s always one household appliance which isn’t working properly! As soon as you fix one, another decides to break and you end up stuck in the endless cycle of having something to repair.

The thing is, most appliance problems can be solved with simple solutions.

Many people don’t realise this, and it results in expensive call outs to mechanics who show up, charge you for their time, and apply a simple fix you could quite easily have done yourself.

Even if you do have to invest a little money in fixing an appliance by calling in experts in AEG appliance maintenance, simple repairs can be done at home.

There are also lots of resources online, which you can take a look at.

Here are five ways you can repair your home appliances.


diy appliance repair

When your light goes out and won’t come back on and the bulb isn’t the issue, you should check your mains electrical panel for a tripped fuse or circuit.

If lots of your lights aren’t working, this is likely the case and all you need to do is flip a switch or press a button and your lights will be back in working order.

After doing this, check each light switch individually to see if any break the circuit again.


repairing of home appliances

A broken fridge is more than just a minor annoyance; you could end up having to throw out all of your perishable foods.

If you notice that water (or ice) begins to build up in the bottom of your refrigerator or freezer, this could mean that your evaporator has frozen up.

In this case, you can either turn the fridge off and let it revert to room temperature, or you can try manually resetting your fridge’s defrost timer on a more modern fridge. You can always go for the classic hair dryer trick, too.

Central Heating

diy appliance repair

Nothing is worse than the central heating conking out on a cold day. Firstly, if you have an oil boiler, make sure you haven’t run out of heating oil.

This can happen if your tank doesn’t have a level sensor alerting you to low oil. Next, check your boiler’s internal pressure.

Some boilers have a cut-off switch if the water pressure drops too low – which can happen if you have had plumbing work done or a radiator removed.

If the cut off switch has kicked in, try adjusting the water pressure and restarting the boiler.

Split Wiring

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Every now and then, you may notice an appliance with a damaged wire. Whether you have had a family pet chew it or a piece of furniture has frayed it, an exposed electrical wire can 1), cause an appliance to play up and 2), be a danger in itself if touched.

A damaged wire, however, does not mean that you need to chuck the appliance out and get a new one. Simply apply some electrical conduction tape tightly around the wire – job done.

Gas Stove

repairing of home appliances

If one of your stovetop’s burners won’t light, it is likely you have had some food spill over or other debris build up.

Using a dry toothbrush, gently rub around the gas rings to dislodge any muck or grime which are causing the blockage.

Modern gas cookers are designed to not work where there is even the slightest clog in a few of a gas ring’s holes, so give it a good scrub and try to get everything out.

Many problems with household appliances have simple fixes. Despite this, many people call in the professionals and spend unnecessary amounts of money to have them fixed.

Common household appliances are quite easy to fix and, in most cases, can be solved with a pragmatic approach from you.

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  1. Used your tip for a a broken burner and it worked! Thanks so much for the advice. Would’ve been such a waste if I called a professional.

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