How to Start an Interior Design Blog

Whether you are a beginner who just gets inspired by seeing beauty around or a professional architect, sooner or later you will start having thoughts about making money out of your passion.

Interior design has been quite a big thing lately, so why not to give it a try?

For those who are curious and courageous enough to try, we have an idea.

Why don’t you start with creating your own blog?

It is the easiest and definitely fun idea when it comes down to monetizing your hobby. Here, we will tell you exactly how to do that.

1. Make an investment

There are many options for those, who want to make a business website for free, however, if you really want to get something from your website in the future, we recommend you to use a paid platform or a paid package that provides you with more options. And here is why.

You see, with paid versions of website builders you will get lots of monetization options, including the ability to use advertisement or integration with other social media.

If you ignore these important options, how do you expect your clients and potential sponsors to find you?

2. Create a strong online presence

Anytime people come to your blog, they should clearly see that this is your content and not a group of copywriters working for you.

The more sincere you are about your ideas, the bigger is the chance that you will actually attract new clients or sponsors.

3. Get focused

When you begin your blogging career, especially in the field of interior design, it is crucial that you stick to the plan. Figure out what style you love the most and try to focus on it.

It is better to be expert in some narrow field than to try to cover all that there is, but badly. If you are consistent and dedicated to your craft – results will not take too long to show up.

With time, you can start charging people for your advices. And trust us, they will want your advices, if you are good!

4. Insert ads

At some point of making a blog, you will get a considerable amount of followers. That will eventually allow you to add one more way of earning out of your design ideas. We are talking about paid advertisements.

However, here is a tricky thing, do not get too greedy and approve anyone who wants to advertise something on your blog or website.

Try to pick ads with similar theme to your own blog, this way you will not lose followers over that.

5. Do not stop learning

There is no such thing as ‘knowing everything’. The world of design is changing every day according to people’s needs and it is your job to follow those trends if you want your popularity and income to grow.

So go to some professional seminars, engage with local art groups, collaborate with other bloggers and designers, read books about design – it will all pay off in the end.

If people will constantly hear about you, there is a great chance they will pay for your services when the need occurs.


So these are the most important 5 tips for you on how to monetize your ideas about interior design in a form of a blog.

Sure, you can add something to the list yourself, but we strongly recommend that you follow these core ideas if you want to get a stable income out of your interior design hobby.

Just remember – focus on creativity more than on being paid and the money will flow itself.

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