Turn Prefab Shed Into a Homey Hideaway

Having a home to call their own is one of the main goals most people have. While some people will settle for nothing less than a palatial mansion, others are a bit easier to please.

In the past few years, the tiny home revolution has started to pick up steam in the United States. Many people are taking custom prefab sheds and turning them into one of a kind residences.

When you consider that over 68 percent of tiny homeowners have no mortgage, it is easy to see why this way of living is becoming so popular.

Are you in search of advice on how to turn your shed into a homey hideaway? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

Start By Sealing Up All Cracks

In order to make a shed feel more like home, you need to get it as airtight as possible. Going around your shed and sealing up cracks is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Be sure to focus your attention on the windows and doors the tiny structure in question has. Typically, this is where most of the leaks will be found.

Using caulk and weather stripping is the best way to ensure the cracks in the shed are properly sealed. If the walls in a shed are just too damaged to seal up, replacing them is the only alternative.

Think About Installing a Skylight Window

Finding a way to increase the amount of natural light in your shed should also be one of your main concerns. Having a skylight window installed can help you brighten up this space with ease.

Getting a window that can be opened will also help you get more air circulating through your tiny home. Due to the complexity involved in the skylight installation process, hiring professionals to do it is essential. They should be able to get this job done quickly and correctly without you having to lift a finger during the process.

High-Quality Insulation is a Must

Adding high-quality insulation to the walls of your new tiny home is a wise move. Without this insulation, you will have a difficult time keeping the inside of your new residence comfortable.

Once you have the insulation in place, you need to think about putting drywall up. This will not only add more appeal to your tiny home, it can make it more energy efficient as well.

Invest in a Mini Split HVAC Unit

Rather than having to suffer through hot summers with no cool air, you need to think about putting a mini split HVAC unit in your tiny home. These units are typically cheaper than traditional HVAC units and far more energy efficient.

Hiring professionals to install the split unit will help you avoid mistakes and will keep your warranty intact. Unless you have experience with these units, you may want to consult with professionals before selecting one for your tiny home.

transforming prefab shed

Embrace the Convenience of Solar Power

Most people who invest in tiny homes have a desire to live off the grid. Embracing the convenience of solar power can help you save money without having to sacrifice your comfort.

With a few solar panels, you should have no problem generating enough power to run everything in your tiny home. While a new solar system will be a bit costly, it will definitely pay for itself over time.

Instead of rushing through the shed to tiny home conversion process, you need to take your time. Generally, the more impatient you are during this process, the more problems you will ultimately have to deal with.

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