How to Remove Smoke & Vape Residue from House

Smoking has already been banned in most public places, including restaurants, public transport stops, and airplanes, for a long time. The harmfulness of passive smoking was proved a long time ago, and nobody seems to hesitate its truthfulness.

Vapers often boast about the fact that vapor is a safer alternative to traditional smoking that does not harm kids and the environment.

In this article, we will try to figure out which of these ideas is true and how smoking and vaping influence your house.

Indoor residue: what do scientists say?

People tend to avoid smoking cigarettes inside the house on an intuitive level. It is not surprising, because we have heard a lot about the stains a cigarette leaves both on our lungs and walls, it does not smell good, and it is legally forbidden to smoke in most public places.

However, there is less information about vapes and electronic cigarettes. It is interesting to compare the impact of traditional cigarette smoke and e juice recipes (more info here).

Before 2015, there were only studies dedicated to the problem of the indoor residue of tobacco smoke.

In these studies, nicotine residues were found in the homes of tobacco smokers, and none of them studied nicotine residues in the homes where electronic cigarettes were used. The first study dedicated to this issue was conducted by Derek Bush and Maciej L. Goniewicza.

They tried to measure the level of nicotine on household surfaces of 8 users of electronic cigarettes, six cigarette smokers and eight non-users of nicotine-containing products in the United States of America.

They analyzed samples from floors, walls, and windows. Their findings proved that homes of cigarette smokers are twice polluted in comparison with those who prefer e-cigs.

Another group of researchers led by Careen Khachatoorian spent some time studying the effects of vape juice flavors. They took samples from different places in the mall where a vape shop was situated.

They found out that the impact of nicotine, other alkaloids, and nitrosamines could evolve with time as a result of accumulating chemicals inhaled by a person who vapes.

This means that vape flavors transform into residue; also it can transfer by a ventilation system and continue to harm one’s health even after the end of use.

The scientists point out the fact that research studying the long-term effect of passive inhaling of vapor and its residue is little, so more attention of specialists should be attached to this question.

However, primary data shows us that vaping indoors might not be the best idea. Even if we do not know a lot about health, it will undoubtedly persist in your furniture, walls, and curtains.

Why you should not smoke inside + tips on how to get rid of the smoke smell

Smoking inside a home is not the best of ideas. Especially if you intend to rent or sell an apartment. The risk of fire is high, and this is not the only drawback.

Harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke remain suspended in the air, move to other rooms and stick to all surfaces everywhere in the house.

This means that these harmful substances are found on your walls and furniture, but also in your clothes and curtains.

Family members, visitors, and pets also become passive smokers in such a way.

Smoking when you are alone does not change anything: harmful substances stay in your home long after you put out your cigarette.

Here are some tips in case you used to smoke in your apartment or live in the house where somebody smoked a lot:

  • Place trays of natural vinegar or ground coffee in the different rooms of your home to neutralize the smell. Incense sticks are also very useful in fighting tobacco odors.
  • For best results, open the windows on a daily basis. In this way, the air inside the house is constantly refreshed.
  • Clean the curtains thoroughly.
  • Is the furniture also impregnated with this smell of tobacco? In this case, wash them thoroughly with green soap. The stains sometimes are too stubborn that it does not work from the first application. Also, place small bowls with coffee beans or vinegar under your furniture and let them act long enough.
  • The traditional cigarette smoke is absorbed into the walls. If you want the smell of tobacco to disappear completely, repaint your walls! There are even paints that remove nicotine deposits.

Is it OK to smoke an e-cig indoors?

The electronic cigarette is much less harmful than tobacco but more aggressive than if you do not take anything at all.

Doing nothing is always advisable, but for the heavy smoker, the electronic cigarette is a lesser evil.

The electronic cigarette can be a way to quit smoking gently without stress. Even if it represents an aid to people wishing to quit smoking, an e-cigarette still contains harmful compounds such as formaldehyde, acrolein, acetaldehyde, and some nicotine.

Vape liquid for electronic inhalers contains glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavors. Steaming products of such a composition do leave traces but not on the wallpaper. They stain on glasses and polished furniture.

Glycerin and propylene glycol are not fats, that is why one can remove them with the help of an ordinary torch. These products do not usually leave stains of grease, so if there is a similar problem, then it is the result of exposure to other components of the liquid.

Such dyes are removed with dust removers for furniture and glass or alcohol containing wipes.

Here is how you can limit the negative impact of vapor if you vape indoors:

  • Avoid using an e-cigarette in a closed room and in the presence of young children.
  • If vaping indoors, be sure to have proper ventilation of the room.
  • Never vape in the children’s bedroom.
  • Do not vape in the presence of nonsmokers and children.

To sum it up, we lack information about the long-term impact of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. It is a new phenomenon in comparison with old known cigarettes.

However, undeniable is the fact that smoke or vapor exhaled indoors can leave in your house for a while. Good news is that stains from vapor are easy to remove. To prevent damage to your apartment, consider the option of vaping on a lovely balcony or terrace.

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