Renovate or Relocate?

It’s not at all uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need to carry out extensive home renovations and also are in the process of moving to a new home.

The stress and strain of either of these two activities alone can be overwhelming, but combine them, and the need for a streamlined plan of action becomes critical.

Here are the two main ways renovating and relocating might be thrust upon you simultaneously:

  • You’re moving on relatively short notice, and your home requires some serious repairs and upgrades if it’s going to sell fast and for a high enough price.
  • The home you plan on moving into is in disrepair. You may even have bought it knowing it was a “fixer upper” but you don’t want to live in an uncomfortable environment for months on end after moving in.

Of course, you might have to move, fix up your old home to sell it, AND fix up your new home. The tighter the time constraints for accomplishing these tasks, the greater degree of coordination will be required.

Here are 4 helpful strategies to use in coordinating your relocation plans with your renovation projects:

1. Use a Professional Moving Company

When focusing on home renovations, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to find time to handle your packing, loading, unloading, and other moving tasks 100% DIY.

Hiring a professional company often costs little to no more, when all factors are taken into account, and it will certainly cost less than hiring someone else to do the renovations while you just focus on moving.

Find a local full-service company, like Six Brothers Removalists for Sydney, and you can keep your own personal tackling of relocating minimal while enjoying the peace of mind of knowing your property is in good hands.

2. Be Smart on “Small Points”

Learn the top tips for moving as well as pointers from “old pros” as to home renovating. There are a host of “small points” that save you time, reduce risk of property damage, and help you avoid needless frustration.

For example, packing up boxes room by room, keeping everything you’ll need immediately upon arrival in a see-through plastic bin, and selling or giving away non-essential items instead of taking them with you, all help simplify your move.

Removing all items from a room before renovating it, mapping out your “new vision” on graph paper, using cardboard to protect floors and counters, and fighting the dust with window fans or temporary sheet/plastic wrap “walls” will eliminate many snags and delays during your renovations.

3. Use Temporary Storage

First of all, you can move everything out of a room you’re working on into a garage or other room you temporarily use for extra storage space. Then just work on that room last. But, there may be items you don’t want to move twice and that you don’t have to use in the short term anyway.

You can save a lot of extra work and reduce the risk of damaging your property if you move as much out early as possible and keep it in a temporary storage facility until move-in day arrives. Many moving companies provide this service at a discounted rate.

4. Find Temporary Lodging

If there is a time gap between moving out and moving in, you’ll need more than just a place to temporarily store your possessions. You’ll need somewhere to live in the meantime.

Look for somewhere near your new home so you can continue to renovate it with minimal commute time each day. If you can stay with a relative who lives nearby, perfect.

Otherwise, scout out the area for an affordable, furnished apartment or hotel/motel months before you actually need to use it. Explore the neighborhood in advance to find grocery stores, restaurants, a laundromat, and other amenities so you’re not searching for them last-minute.

By budgeting and scheduling everything in advance, learning to work smarter and more efficiently, and wisely “outsourcing” what professionals can do better so you can focus on what you do best, you can streamline your renovation plans even in the midst of moving to a new home.

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