Siding Installation

After having siding on your house for several years, the color may fade under the hot sun. Or, if you live in an area with hail storms, then there could be dents and cracks in it.

Even if you’re simply tired of the color, you may want to install new siding to revitalize your home’s appearance.

With these five tips, you can help the contractor you’ve chosen for the siding installation by making the job easier on their workers.

Select a Good Contractor

If you live in or near a large city, then you’ll have many siding companies from which to choose. Make sure to pick one with experience, and that will warranty their work for at least a decade when hiring them.

Unfortunately, picking the wrong company can mean a sloppy job that can cause damage to your home in the long run.

Check that the contractor is insured and has a local contractor’s license, then check their license for any fraud complaints.

Remove Outdoor Items

If there is patio furniture, potted plants, or lawn ornaments within about five feet of the house, move them to a temporary location such as the garage or backyard. Doing this will make it easier for workers to remove and install siding.

Along with being able to work faster, you won’t need to worry about damage to your property.

If something cannot be moved, advise the foreman on the job, so their workers don’t stumble over it and get hurt or damage it.

Move Items from Interior Walls

Even though the work takes place outside, the prying, cutting, and hammering that needs to be done to remove old siding and put up new can shake the walls.

So, you should remove any pictures, mirrors, decorations and other fragile items from them.

Also, move bookshelves and other furniture away from the walls. This preparation can save your values and keepsakes from sustaining damage or losing them because of damage during the project.

Expect Supply Drop-offs

Prior to installation day, the contractor will have the siding delivered to your home, so it is present and ready for the workers. They may also need a large dumpster onsite, so expect its delivery as well.

Designate the areas on your property where these items can go, so they are out of the workers’ and your way, but easily accessible to them.

Some people make room on their driveway or in their backyard, so they can still park in the driveway and continue with their daily routines as normal as possible.

Inspection of Their Work

After the installation is done, the foreman or project coordinator will usually take you around the house to inspect their work.

During that time, they will discuss how to properly care for the siding and ask you to inspect the work areas to make sure they’re clean.

They will have you check for damage to the property and sign a completion certificate saying that the inspection was done, and you’re completely satisfied with the job.

If you’re not happy with something, the inspection is the perfect time for it to be brought up and resolved.

Make sure they explain the warranty and what to do if there is a problem with the siding within that time frame. Then, complete the final payment, and the project is done.

By properly taking care of the siding, barring storm damage, most wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding should last for at least 20 to 50 years.

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