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What are we looking for?

The answer is pretty clear: high quality contents.

We are opening a chance for bloggers and publishers who are passionate in writing to contribute to our site for free.

However, to maintain the quality of our site, we have guidelines for each submitted article in order to pass our moderation.

Here are our guidelines:

  • The topic of the article must be relevant to our site (Home decor, interior design, DIYs).
  • The article must be unique and well researched.
  • The article have never been published anywhere.
  • The monthly search volume of the main keyword must be at least 1000 searches per month (according to any keyword research tools).
  • The article must consist of at least 800 words (the longer, the better).
  • The article is preferable to be written in listicle form.
  • Submitters are not allowed to submit article on the same keyword/topic with the articles that have been published on our site to prevent duplicate keyword.
  • Submitters are only allowed to insert one (1) link to their site and must include links to authority website as a reference (no affiliate links) with a maximum number of three (3) links.
  • Our editor team will moderate every submitted article and we have the right to add, edit, or subtract any article submitted by contributors.

If your article meets our criteria, feel free to submit it to us through the form below. Our editor team will notify you when your article is published.

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If you are interested in placing your article on our site for free, please submit your article through the submission form above.

Please remember that we only accept articles that meets our guidelines–or else, we will not publish them.

But if you are a company or an SEO agency who need dofollow link from our site, you can place order on our premium submission.

(P.S: Not all of the free submission get dofollow links, some of them may get nofollow links, depending on the relevance of the links.)

Please email us on [email protected] in order to use our premium submission.

Benefits of Premium Submission

  • You will get a dofollow link to your site (guaranteed).
  • We guarantee the link will be on the post permanently.
  • You can use any anchor text for the links (except our keywords).
  • You can submit contents for wider topics such as art, product review, lifestyle, etc.
  • Premium submitters are allowed to submit article that only consists of at least 500 words.
  • However, we still need to review the article before we publish it.

Terms and conditions:

  • The article will not be labelled as “guest post” or “sponsored content”.
  • The post will have 1 link to your (or your client’s) site and 2 more to relevant authority sites.
  • Our price is $100 for a guest post.
  • We only accept the payment via PayPal
  • The payment is paid after the article goes live.
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