Turn Shed into Playhouse

Garden sheds are known for being messy and cluttered, but they have so much more potential than many people think.

If you have children, but not a lot of space inside your home, you might benefit from reading this article.

We are going to have a look at some of the best ideas for transforming your shed into somewhere that your children can enjoy. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The Shed Itself

storage shed turned into playhouse

If you already have a shed, you should think carefully about the condition of it. If you can, clean it out and decide if you think that it is fit for renovation.

If not consider investing in a new wooden shed that can house your children’s play area. We also recommend the affordable steel buildings from Armstrong Steel.

Their steel sheds are durable and will protect your children and the contents of the shed, so make sure to have a look at this option by visiting http://armstrongsteel.com/.

A Playroom

shed playhouse combination

If you are simply interested in creating a playroom for your children, you can add some soft flooring to your shed.

Choose bright colours and add some children’s furniture so that they can play.

There are loads of things that you can do with a playroom so make sure to adapt it to what your child likes to do. Fill it with toys and they’ll be entertained for hours.

An Art Studio

garden shed playhouse ideas

For those parents with children who like to paint or draw, turning your garden shed into an outdoor art studio is a great idea.

Science shows that arts and crafts are good for children’s development, so it is important that you are letting them express themselves.

Using a shed for an art studio also means that you can avoid having messy paint or crayons in your house and can restrict it to the studio.

A Cinema Room

storage shed turned into playhouse

If your children are a bit older, they might like it if you could turn your new steel shed into a cinema room.

Fill the shed with nice comfy flooring, blankets and lots of pillows as well as a TV or projector.

They’ll love having their friends round to watch their favorite films and you could even add a snack bar so that they can have the real cinema feel.

You can find more about how to do this by visiting this guide.

A Dress Up Room

garden shed playhouse ideas

Dressing up is so much fun when you are a child and your children will love it if they get their own dress up room.

You can keep all of their costumes here, add a mirror or a catwalk and they’ll love spending time in it.

This could also double up as a pirate’s den or a princess’s castle depending on what your children are into. Let them join in on the creativity and they can get lost in their imaginary world.

The great thing about sheds is that they are easy to decorate so you can change the theme of the room depending on what the next best thing is for your children.

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