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Showing your love to your partner is something that not all people are good at. Very few know how to surprise your partner in a pleasant way.

Most of you try buying expensive gifts and try to woo your lover forgetting the fact that they are looking for something more than this.

It could be anything with which you can show how much you care about them or the thing which shares your precious moments of you and your partner.

Keeping this in mind, Wallpics gives you an opportunity to bring a smile to the face that you love.

Scroll down to learn more about Wallpics and how it can help you in showing your partner how much you love and care for her or him.

What is Wallpics?

Wallpics is a customized wall décor that allows you to paste your favorite photos on walls. Technically, Wallpics is bespoke photo tiles that you can stick on the walls and make your sweet home more beautiful.

However, apart from making your home beautiful, it can also help you in many other ways. One such way is to help you show your partner how much you love him or her.

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Ways with which Wallpics can make your partner know you love

Here are some of the ways discussed which will tell you how Wallpics can help you with your love matter:

It is tailor-made

The best thing about Wallpics is that it is customized. This means you can place your special photos on the walls in a stylish way.

You can choose the pictures of you and your partner with which your special memories are attached.

It could be anything like the place where you guys met for the first time, your special time together on a trip, etc.

You just need to make sure that all the photographs have beautiful and happy moments attached to it so that when your lover sees it, he or she gets to know how much you love and how much important that person is for you.

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It is easy to place on the wall

Another thing which makes Wallpics absolutely adorable to most of the customers is the fact that it is easy to place on the wall.

You do not need to do anything once you receive Wallpics on your doorstep.

Just open the box and stick the photos on the wall for which you have ordered the customized wall photos.

You are free from the tedious work of hanging the pictures on the wall with the help of a nail or a screw.

It is easy to move around

Definitely, your partner would love the surprise of placing pictures on the walls of your living room, but if she wants to move it to the other room, such as a bedroom or even kitchen, you can do this easily.

You do not have to say no to her and show her that you love her so much that you can place it in the other room easily.

You can just peel off the photos and move it to the other room. Since the pictures are having special sticky substance at the back so it will not create any problem when you will move it from one wall to the other.

It will not damage the wall

Furthermore, these pictures will not peel off the wall paint when taken off. This way you do not have to worry that your partner will get angry when he or she sees the damage on the wall, as there will be no damage.

The substance that allows the pictures to stick on the wall is so good that it leaves no mark when the snaps are taken off from the wall.

Also, as you already know that these pictures do not make the use of a nail or a screw to hang on the wall, so the chances of having holes on the walls due to the drilling of the wall is impossible.

It can be trendy

There are different styles in which you can get your Wallpics designed. You can get it placed on the walls in a zigzag shape, horizontal or vertical style.

In all these ways you can make your wall look beautiful as well as trendy.

Anything stylish is loved by any spouse and if you choose Wallpics then definitely he or she will get thrilled. It will give them an opportunity to show their friends how you care for them.

Now, you must be thinking about the price of Wallpics and you will be surprised to know that it is not very expensive. In fact, it is affordable in every sense, still beautiful and attractive to everyone who sees it.

How much does Wallpics cost?

The cost of a set of three snaps is just $35 and you can add more pictures depending on your budget.

Each photo will cost you $9 and you will get free shipping in case you reside in the US. You can see that the cost of Wallpics is not at all something which will dip into your pocket, especially because it can be reused and moved from one place to the other.

This makes it cost-effective and you will get a feeling that you have not made a fool of yourself. The compliments will when showered by your partner for Wallpics will let you see that you made a good decision.


If you really want to make your partner know that he or she holds a special place in your heart, then let it be seen in your home too.

Place the special pictures of you guys together on the walls of your home and make your lover know that she or he is someone who makes you smile and is the true happiness of your life.

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