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10 Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Doing the laundry may not be your favorite task, but it’s an essential job we all have to undertake at some point! As a result, many people have set aside dedicated laundry rooms to sort through their dirty clothes.

If you’re looking for the best farmhouse laundry room ideas, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ve covered some of the most exciting rustic laundry room design options out there.

Install an Eye-Catching Farmhouse Laundry Room Sign

Are you looking for a way to label your rooms innovatively? If so, you’re in luck because this unique hanger-style sign is the perfect way to let everyone know exactly where they’re standing!

This sign’s rustic, wooden look makes it a perfect match for farmhouse-style laundry rooms. You can use its wooden hanger to mount this sign upon your laundry room’s wall. 

The sign also bears a muted, bohemian color scheme. Hence, it’s bound to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your farmhouse-style furniture with ease!

Mount a Pair of Clothespin Shelves

These clothespin shelves feature a one-of-a-kind innovative design. Their unique shape makes them perfect for use within farmhouse-style laundry rooms. 

In addition, the use of pure wood in these shelves makes them an excellent match for farmhouse-themed rooms. Remember, farmhouse design is all about making the most of organic materials (including wood!) 

You can use these spacious shelves to store all kinds of laundry essentials, including washing powder and fabric softener. Or, you could even use them to flaunt your favorite farmhouse-style decoration pieces. The choice is yours!

Pro tip: Install these shelves within a small farmhouse laundry room to increase storage space. 

Cover Your Floor with a Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Rug

This visually appealing floor mat is a perfect match for farmhouse-themed laundry rooms for many reasons. 

To begin with, it has the word “laundry” printed across it. Secondly, this mat employs a traditional farmhouse-themed color scheme (made evident through its abundant use of brown and black). Hence, it’ll fit right in with all your other farmhouse-style furniture. 

But that’s not all! This mat is waterproof and also employs unique anti-slip technology. Hence, this is an excellent mat to have within your laundry room. It’ll protect you from accidentally slipping and stay fully dry in the process! 

Install a Caged Drum Overhead Light

No room is complete without proper lighting! 

This overhead lamp resembles a caged metal drum. Its crosshatched decorative structure is reminiscent of old wooden barrels that farmers typically use to store milk and ale. There’s no doubt that this lamp is perfectly in tune with all the farmhouse-themed interior decor product requirements. 

Pro tip: Keep in mind that this is a mere lamp and not an all-in-one lighting solution. It provides dim light, so you’ll need to pair it with other lighting options to create a brighter atmosphere.

Place a Pair of Rattan Laundry Baskets Within Your Country Laundry Room

There’s always room for rattan within a farmhouse-style home! 

Farmhouse decor is all about working with organic materials, of which rattan is a perfect example. Hence, this basket is the perfect choice for your new farmhouse laundry room. 

Each basket contains a pretty little bow which adds a special effect to it. There’s also a distinctive white lining that helps these baskets stand out from other options. So, if you’d like a unique, appealing farmhouse basket set, you should consider investing in this one!

Opt for a Contemporary Barn Door Storage Cabinet

Barn doors are a timeless symbol of farmhouse culture. As a result, they are often used within contemporary furniture pieces to help them stay in line with the farmhouse aesthetic. 

This cabinet is no exception to this phenomenon. As you can see, this storage unit contains a modern-style Barnhouse sliding door made from pure wood. Wood is another popular material that’s in line with farmhouse design rules. 

Hence, this cabinet is an excellent choice for farmhouse laundry areas that value contemporary design.

Install a Rustic-Looking Barn Door Cabinet Set

If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to the barn door look, why not consider this alternative cabinet?

This visually-appealing storage unit features a rustic, bohemian appearance. This product further emphasizes its rustic appeal through the use of rough, imperfect paint edges.

There’s also enough room for you to store your laundry essentials. But remember, the sliding door can only cover one section at a time. So, be prepared to leave half your stored items exposed at all times!

Add a Stylish Flair with this Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Bamboo Hamper

Bamboo wood is often employed within zen-style furniture but can be used to craft farmhouse-themed items, too. This particular hamper is a product of high-quality dark bamboo wood. 

As we already know, wooden furniture is a staple within the farmhouse-style aesthetic. Hence, this laundry hamper is an excellent option for your new farmhouse laundry room. 

Plus, the hamper contains two sections, allowing you to distinguish between dirty and clean clothes comfortably. So, not only is this product extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides great functionality.

Decorate with this Bird-Themed Laundry Room Cabinet

Birds are a popular motif within farmhouse-style decor. 

The cabinet pictured above contains eye-catching cutout silhouettes of multiple birds perching upon a cable wire. Its unique design makes it excellent for individuals who value innovative art as well as superior functionality.

In terms of practical usage, this device offers ample storage space thanks to its two-door cabinet system. You can conveniently fit all your laundry room essentials within it, as well as place some pretty decoration pieces upon its countertop.

Lay Down a Rustic, Animal-Skin Rug

If you’re looking for a way to cover up your laundry room’s cold tiles, look no further! This animal skin rug might be precisely what you need.

This cowhide rug provides excellent insulation against the cold floor. Hence, it can help keep your feet toasty while you work within the laundry room.

This carpet will also find it easy to blend right in with the rest of your farmhouse laundry room furniture. It matches the farmhouse theme perfectly, thanks to its use of animal print and life-like cowhide texture.

Final Thoughts

From farmhouse laundry room cabinets to zen hampers, this list has covered it all! Hopefully, reading through this article will have given you some valuable insight into your upcoming farmhouse decorating project.  

Remember not to rush through the process when selecting new furniture pieces and decoration items. Haste only makes waste, which is why it’s better to plan your purchases before making them!