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13 Farmhouse Home Office Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Designing your own home office? You’re probably brainstorming about a theme as you read this. Well, consider your worries gone! This incredible farmhouse home office theme is the one you’ll adore and in which you’ll enjoy working.

The calming environment of a modern farmhouse home office, the spacious solutions, and the easily doable techniques are bound to make these rustic home office ideas your favorite ones. Ready with a notepad? Let’s get started!

Barn Door Provides the Perfect Entrance 

No other kind of door suits a farmhouse better than a barn door, right? It fits straight into the theme, it’s easy to decorate, and has a specific glam factor that provides a suitable change of environment once you cross it!

Barn doors are available with long, brown X-shaped planks and more complicated colors, finishes, and patterns. This means that you can pick a barn door that’s as chic as you want it to be and still stay within the traditional farmhouse vibes. How cool is that?

Wooden Flooring is Both Rustic and Professional

Although this is a farmhouse-themed home office, you can’t keep grass or soil flooring, right? That might be aesthetically perfect, but it just isn’t professionally practical! So instead of that, how about you try some wooden flooring? 

Not only will it match your barn door, but it’ll also be much easier to clean and walk. It’s also easier to drill holes through these planks so that you can fix wirings and furniture without much trouble. You can get mahogany, dark brown, oak, black, white, or any other shade of wooden flooring that suits your interior!

Set Your Books on a Rustic Shelf Stand!

Those extra files on your desk are only going to add to your stress, so it’s best to keep them at a little distance in a separate organizer.

This minimalist rustic organizer can accommodate your files, books, stationery, souvenirs, photo frames, and other items besides your work documents, too!

Fix a Wall Clock for that Off-Grid Vibe

You may have a digital clock on your cell phone, smartwatch, or your PC, but that still doesn’t beat the usefulness of an analog wall clock! 

In case you’re focusing on a printed document and don’t want to distract yourself with any of your devices, a simple glance at a beautiful, rustic wall clock will tell you the time without wasting any of it!

Get a Vintage Rustic Work Desk

The work desk is the main component of your home office, so this must exude as much rusticity as possible! You may get a ’60s steel work desk if you can manage to get hold of one. Or if that sounds too much for your home office, then a more subtle work desk made of wood could work, too. 

You can then decorate it with badges, patches, paperweights, calendars, and other farmhouse-themed decoration pieces. But at the end of it all, ensure that the desk is sturdy and spacious for your long hours of work!

Rustic Chairs For the Win!

Okay. Let’s take up the Texan steakhouse example once more. There, you see chairs made out of, or at least imitating, straw, bamboo, and woodworks. For your farmhouse home office, these chairs are going to up the wow factor by several notches! 

Rustic chairs will look not only super inviting for your long work hours, but they’ll also be much sturdier than regular plastic or upholstery chairs.

Spruce It Up With a Rug

No home office is complete without a rug, and with a farmhouse theme, your rug options are pretty diverse. You can get a rug made of faux grass with flower or mushroom prints. You can get a carpet made of animal skin if you can afford one, or you can even choose a more exquisite, farmhouse-relevant rug for your home office. 

This will give you something comfortable to lie down on, and it’ll also complete your floor’s look like a farmhouse home office!

Organize With a Blackboard

Want an organizer or a to-do list board? You need to ensure that it’s just as rustic as the rest of your office, so you can do with a regular blackboard instead of getting a high-end, contemporary to-do list organizer!

You can get a blackboard with an easel, or you can get a wall-mounted or desktop blackboard according to your space availability. You may also get a box of chalks for the boars to give it the perfect farmhouse makeover!

Light It Up with LED Lighting

Besides the ideally ample daylight you’ll receive from your windows, you’ll also need an artificial light source for your home office. 

Plain LED lights may not quite fit into the theme, so you can look for warm, yellowed lights that give the whole place a sunny, warm appearance. These will also make your home office look more homely and improve its rustic theme.

Houseplants For Freshness

Plants generally add color to the room and are also a treat for sore eyes. So when you’re tired of looking at your laptop screen and want a change of sight, then there’s nothing better than some big green leaves peeking up at you from a plant corner in your home office. 

Besides, no farmhouse is complete without greenery, so in a way, plants are also must-haves for your rustic office!

Get Some Farmhouse-Scented Candles

No, this doesn’t refer to cow manure or fresh milk. A farmhouse also has some more subtle, refreshing scents that may be fitting for candles in a home office!

For instance, you can choose from plant-scented candles, such as cherries, fresh grass, lavender, mint, and so on. These will help you stay calm during work and are also great for a quick meditation session!

Add Final Touches With a Faux Window

You may not be at an actual farmhouse, but this mixed media decor will provide you something similar to look at when you want to brainstorm.

These faux windows are made of wood and stretched canvas and provide those scenic views you so badly want right in your home office!

Choose Some Farmhouse Themed Fonts for Your Labels

Since your home office imitates a farmhouse, you can deviate from the standard block letter fonts wherever you’re using any label. Not only will they conflict with the theme, but they’re also slightly dull by the classic farmhouse standards!

Instead, you can pick cowboy-themed fonts similar to those you may have spotted at your favorite Texan steakhouse. You can also choose a handwritten-style font if you want to give your labels and nameplates a more homely, cozy look.


Planning a home office you love is important because it directly affects the quality of your work. This rustic home office theme is naturally relaxing and creative at the same time, so if you plan it right using this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even during your most demanding tasks!