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14 Coastal Bathroom Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

If you’re looking for inspiration to redesign and breathe some new fresh air into your bathroom, coastal style might just be your thing. It harmonizes the minimalistic and modern design, filling the bathroom with sleek and clean lines. 

And of course, what is a beach coastal bathroom without a few nautical or marine-life elements. These subtle accents, together with soothing colors this style favors, will make your bathroom feel cozy and relaxing. So here are some ideas on helping you achieve the best coastal bathroom.

Proper Shower Tiles Are a Must-Have

Every shower has a set of tiles covering at least one wall. Instead of going for the staple white basic tile, why not go for something that will bring a pop of color into your bathroom? Choosing a navy blue set of tiles is exciting, but so are sea-green and beige, and if you’re feeling bold, soft pink or coral will also do the trick.

There are all kinds of varieties of shower tiles, some are monochromatic and beautiful, but there are also many patterned ones. These grey-blue tiles will create a point of visual interest in your bathroom. Apart from breathing in some coastal vibes, they will add a dash of rustic and vintage style to your beachy bathroom.

Fish Scale Tiles Are an Eccentric Addition

Having sea-life type decor in your bathroom is desirable if you want to establish a gentle coastal style. But did you know that your bathroom tiles themselves can be artsy and make a statement?

Fish scale tiles are made for the boldest of coastal style enthusiasts. They add a texture to your walls and make the space seem larger than it is, especially if you run the fish scale tiles up to the ceiling. They also act as a perfect background for any other type of coastal decor.

Invite Sea-Life Elements With Wallpapers

You want to enrich the atmosphere of your bathroom with marine-life elements, but fish scale tiles are too much for you and you don’t have space to hang sea-life-inspired decorations. The answer to your troubles might be wallpaper panels.

It’s crazy how wallpapers depicting beautiful marine life will revitalize your space and improve the bathroom coastal decor, even if the wallpaper is only covering a single wall. You’ll feel as if fish are swimming around you, or jellyfish in this case. The bathroom itself will brim with life thanks to the ingenious design of these wallpapers.

Play With Colors

Colors are very important in any style, and coastal isn’t an exception. However, while coastal style prefers soft and soothing colors, don’t be afraid to use a striking and bold color. Choosing a sea-green, blue or turquoise color for your walls is perfect, especially if there are white cabinets or bathroom installations.

Don’t be afraid to spruce up your space with wallpaper spread onto the entire wall. It will impress everyone in it and it will help you create a perfect modern coastal bathroom. Just be careful to mix your colors in moderation, or to choose one dominant color.

Opt-In for Round Mirrors

An accessory to your bathroom that you shouldn’t sleep on is a round mirror. Throw out old and bland rectangular mirrors and hang some round ones instead. They can light up your room, especially if they are set up against a window. They will also draw everyone’s attention, making it a central art piece.

There are many kinds of round mirrors for you to choose from. If you want to stay loyal to coastal style, hang up a round mirror edged with a piece of rope. Nothing says  ‘coastal’ as including decorations with ropes. If you’d like a dash of boho style, you can opt-in for rattan mirrors or metal mirror frames.

If You Can, Invest in a Double Vanity

Apart from being useful and handy, vanities can be pieces of art and make a statement. Every beachy bathroom is bound to have one, preferably made out of solid wood. Having a double vanity, however, will not only accentuate the overall coastal style but will make your bathroom seem larger.

Another trick you can do with your vanities is using a strikingly colored one. Favorite coastal color is navy blue, so you can’t go wrong with having a double blue vanity. What seals the deal, however, is having another wall decor, or wallpaper in the same color. This will usher in vibes of harmony and relaxation.

Use Rustic Faucets

Having a fitting faucet in your coastal bathroom is very important. You might have found the perfect vanity and a beautiful round mirror, but if your faucets are standing out, it will ruin the entire ambiance. Rustic and metal faucets are commonly used for their appeal and they go wonderfully with any type of coastal bathroom space.

These types of faucets will also go well with any kind of sink, whether they are glass, steel, or porcelain. They also come in different metallic colors, so pairing them up with other types of bathroom installations won’t be a problem.

Create a Pop of Color With Shower Curtains

Another item that you will almost always find in a bathroom is a shower curtain. It’s a shame when they are put in the background because shower curtains can bring joy and excitement to your bathroom. Choosing a beautiful, colorful design can do wonders for your coastal bathroom aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to use curtains with designs depicting nautical elements or marine life. It will complement the overall classy beach theme of your bathroom and bring in some much-needed color. You’ll realize how much the shower curtain impacts the overall bathroom ambiance only when you take the curtain off to wash it.

Choose a Matching Set of Towels

Towels are essential to any bathroom. Naturally, it’s important to have the softest towels you can find, but you should also pay attention to their color. Having a wrongly colored towel can ruin the intricate balance in your beach coastal bathroom.

With the many varieties and types available, it’s extremely easy to find a perfect towel for your bathroom. Towels can be adorned with many nautical or sea-life elements and symbols, or you can choose towels dyed in comfortable and soothing colors, like ivory, canary, sky blue, or even peach.

Coastal Wall Decor Goes a Long Way

If you have an open wall in your bathroom, don’t forget to decorate it with coastal-inspired ornaments. Sea-life is always a great idea, especially if it comes in soft and washed-out colors, which will neatly fill your space with visual interest.

Seashells are the first thing that comes to mind to a lot of people when they think of a coastal style. And they make great decor as well. Pale blue shells, such as these, elevate any coastal room. So why would a bathroom be any different?

A Good Bath Rug is a Game-Changer When You Want to Achieve a Coastal Look

Bath rugs can be found in almost any bathroom. And they’re quite useful too. The ideal bath rug should fit with its environment as well as be able to pick up water and dry quickly. And now, what’s a better way to tie in your coastal bathroom than a beautiful bath rug.

Choosing a plush bath rug with an intricate design can be the difference between a regular bathroom and a coastal chic look. No matter if it’s adorned with nautical elements or just a simple gray-blue pattern, a bath rug can be a game-changer when it comes to bathroom decor

Go for Pebbled Flooring

When thinking about coastal bathroom ideas, there’s a ton of things to consider. And floors shouldn’t be overlooked by any means. Now, bathroom floors are usually tiled, but they don’t need to be!

A great example of a differently styled floor is the pebbled flooring. Pebbles have that soft beachy look that can’t help but remind you of the seaside. And if you want to bring a piece of the ocean to your home, pebbled floors are the right choice.

Blue Wall Art Is a Staple in Coastal Rooms

Blue is the definition of a coastal color. It simply reminds you of the ocean and all the sea life. So of course adding something blue to your bathroom can only add to the stunning coastal look. 

A lot of people are unsure about decorating a bathroom. But wall art is always a safe choice, and it always looks quite elegant no matter where it’s placed. So hang up some prints in wonderful shades of coastal blue and create a breathtaking environment. 

Shiplap Wallpaper Can Make All the Difference

When you mention coastal style, ships are one of the first things that come to mind. And that nautical style is often implemented in various coastal rooms. If you’re a fan of a more nautical approach to your coastal bathroom, you can achieve it by adding some wallpaper.

Shiplap wallpaper can make a huge impact. It easily transforms a regular bathroom into a nautical fairytale. And the bold print is toned down with the coastal pastels which make for a gorgeous combination. A must-have for nautical lovers!


Coastal style is flowy, summery, and beachy. It instantly brings memories of the seaside to all of those who enter a coastal room. It’s a style that feels bright and relaxing. And who wouldn’t want a breath of fresh air in their home in the form of a coastal bathroom?

Of course decorating a bathroom can be a challenge, especially since a lot of people are new to it. But it isn’t impossible! With these ideas, you can create the coastal bathroom of your dreams. And we wish you the best on your redecorating journey!