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14 Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

By: Sara Čurić

Having a small bathroom might seem like a nightmare. It often feels like you can’t do much with it. Especially decor-wise. Luckily, that isn’t true! Even though small bathrooms have their limitations it’s still possible to transform them into the bathrooms of your dreams.

If you’re a fan of the warm rustic style and want to incorporate it in your small bathroom – don’t fret! We have 14 small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget that will help you make your dream a reality.

Go For Mason Jar Lighting to Set The Mood

When talking about rustic decor, you can’t help but mention mason jars. They’ve almost become a staple of the rustic look. And for a good reason too. These jars set a very wholesome mood that’s fitting for every rustic room.

Mason jars are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. So mason jar lighting fixtures shouldn’t come as a surprise. These light fixtures can create a beautiful cozy mood in your bathroom. And all so while adding a unique rustic touch.

Consider Wicker Baskets for Storage

The bathroom is one of those rooms that require a lot of storage. We all tend to clutter our bathrooms with different products, tools, and all other necessities. All that clutter can make a small bathroom appear even smaller. This is why you might consider going for a basket.

Wicker baskets are great for organizing and decluttering. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. They have this beautiful natural look, that adds to the entire rustic ambiance. A perfect blend of form and function! They’re a must-have in a small bathroom!

Invest in a Large Mirror

The right mirror can bring a dash of elegance to any room it’s in. So finding your perfect mirror is crucial when decorating a rustic bathroom. Not to mention that its placement can open up your small space, and make it seem much larger. Which is always a bonus.

Investing in a large mirror is the best thing you can do for your tiny bathroom. You will notice your space change in a matter of seconds into a more put-together one. And not to mention that the right mirror will add the perfect amount of that rustic charm you’re searching for.

Mason Jars Are Cheap and Versatile

As we said above, there are many uses for mason jars. Mason jars have been around for quite some time, bringing a dash of farm life with them. And their versatility is perfect when you want to decorate a room on a budget.

Using mason jars as storage space for small objects can make a major change to your bathroom. You can even use them to store toothbrushes! They will add a homely touch to your bathroom while tying the whole bathroom together.

Add Wooden Wallpaper to Completely Transform Your Bathroom

There’s nothing that says rustic quite enough like wooden walls. They’re a must-have in rustic homes. But some of us aren’t as lucky to have them in our homes. And they can be quite expensive to put up. Don’t worry though, wallpapers will help you achieve that look.

Wallpapers are a cheap and easy way to transform a room completely. And you shouldn’t be afraid to use them in a bathroom. Choose your favorite wooden look and you’re good to go! Your bathroom will go from a plain, regular bathroom to a rustic fantasy in a matter of seconds.

A Bamboo Hamper Is a Gamechanger

While its sustainability can be up to debate, we can say that bamboo wood has a special place in our hearts. Its distinct look fits so well with different interior design styles. And rustic is one of them. So opting in for a piece of bamboo piece of furniture can only help you fulfill your rustic dream.

A bamboo hamper is a great option. It’s fairly cheap, and it fits beautifully into many different bathrooms. Its subdued look feels at home in a small rustic bathroom, creating fantastic cohesion with the rest of the space.

Look for Elegant Lighting

Rustic rooms do allow for an elegant piece here and there. And there’s a specific rural elegance that elevates your living space. You can usually find that aesthetic within light fixtures.

These fixtures have their place in a bathroom as well. And they’re one of the easiest ways to achieve your desired look. Single-cylinder pendants, such as this one are quite impactful, especially in small bathrooms. They will elevate your space without being overwhelming.

Wooden Shelves Look Gorgeous in Rustic Bathrooms

Another way to minimize clutter is to add proper shelving. But it’s not all about finding the right shelves, it’s about placement as well. A way to make your tiny rustic bathroom look bigger is to place your shelves lower, rather than higher up. That will create an illusion of openness.

But of course, we shouldn’t forget about the aesthetic either. Getting wooden shelving is the key to creating that warm rustic vibe in your bathroom. And with proper placement, they’re going to make your bathroom look open and comfy!

A Walnut Mirror Rim Is an Ideal Choice for a Rustic Bathroom

You can never go wrong with a classic mirror. As opposed to the elegant metal rims, wooden mirror rims create a more down-to-earth look. Found in many different sizes, they have a major effect on the way your bathroom looks.

A walnut mirrored rim with its rich smoky tones will make for a striking centerpiece in your bathroom. It’s a perfect match for the rest of your rustic decor. Of course, for a larger mirror will give you an illusion of a larger room, which is always a plus!

Add a Brick Wallpaper to Spice Your Bathroom Up

When you’re considering small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget, don’t forget wallpaper. A lot of people long for that raw brick look. But you can achieve that same feeling in your bathroom by going for wallpaper.

The best thing about wallpaper is that it allows a lot of variety. It lets you match your walls to your furniture, instead of the opposite, which is perfect when you don’t want to make a huge renovation. So don’t skip out on the wallpaper!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Greenery

We can all agree that greenery can improve any living space, no matter the room or its style. So it’s only natural they would fit well in a bathroom. It’s just important to find the right species that can grow well in a bathroom.

You can decide on a couple of smaller plants or adorn your bathroom with a bigger, more imposing plant. In any case, they’re going to bring a dash of nature into your space, while brightening it up immensely. 

Vintage Decorative Signs Add to the Rustic Atmosphere of Your Bathroom

When creating your dream rustic bathroom on a budget, the most important thing is the decoration. The decor can make all the difference between a standard bathroom, and a stunning rustic one.

Vintage decorative signs are a great way to decorate on a budget. You can find many kinds with different themes and color schemes, so you’re bound to find the perfect match for your rustic bathroom. These pieces will bring a cool retro touch to your bathroom that will transform it in no time.

Consider Replacing Your Faucets to Fit the Rustic Look

Faucets are one of those things that can make or break a rustic bathroom. Your standard-looking faucets can often clash with the rural look you want to achieve. So finding a better-fitting faucet elevates the look of your bathroom.

Rustic faucets are usually more on the brassy side, or they’re painted black. There are a bunch of cheap options in that color scheme, which work wonders in your bathrooms. This matte option is a perfect example of a great versatile faucet that works wonders in many kinds of bathrooms, especially rustic ones.

The Right Rug Can Make All the Difference

Woven items thrive in rustic rooms. They fit like a glove, adding to the rustic atmosphere. Of course, that’s also the case when it comes to rustic bathrooms. So don’t be afraid to adorn your bathroom with woven items to achieve that look.

That’s why a woven rug works wonders. It’s especially useful in small bathrooms, as it can be used to separate different spaces, creating more dimension in the room. It’s a great investment that’s bound to create cohesion in your rustic bathroom.


As we said before, decorating a small bathroom might seem like a lot of hard work. But it’s work that pays off. And it’s not that difficult! Even when you’re on a budget, you can still create the bathroom of your dreams.

With these tips and tricks, you can create any tiny standard bathroom into rustic heaven. So don’t be afraid to play around with different items and concepts. Hopefully, our list inspired you. Now it’s your turn to mix and match. Happy shopping!