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15 Boho Bathroom Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Bohemian bathrooms are all the rage nowadays, thanks to their practical approach to design and exceptional aesthetics. Boho bathroom décor champions organic materials and natural textures. The use of such materials results in a unique, innovative, yet understated interior space.

If you’re looking for an interesting set of boho bathroom ideas to consider for your upcoming renovation project, look no further! Below is a collection of trending boho bathroom accessories and décor to choose from:

Install a Fringed, Pure Cotton Shower Curtain

For bathrooms blessed with a bathtub, installing a shower curtain is essential.

These curtains prevent excess water from splashing into the rest of your bathroom. Not only that, but they can also do wonders to improve your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

This particular shower curtain contains 100% pure organic cotton. Thanks to its use of natural fibers, this product will fit right in with the rest of your boho-themed bathroom furniture. After all, bohemian style is all about making the most of organic materials and textures!

Store Your Towels within This Teal Wicker Basket

Wicker baskets are completely waterproof, making them an excellent option for bathroom use. This particular basket is spacious enough for you to fit your bathroom essentials comfortably. 

Many bohemian-style bathroom-owners like to use wicker baskets for towel storage. If you’re someone who likes to keep multiple towels in stock, consider investing in this basket.

Plus, this wicker hamper’s excellent teal color adds a stylish flair to its overall design. Use this product to add a pop of color to a neutral-colored bathroom!

Install a Natural Wood Standing Bathroom Shelf

This shelf set’s practical wedge-shaped design makes it the perfect option to fill up awkward empty corners. 

It contains pure wood hence guaranteeing a sturdy, lasting build. Plus, it contains enough space for you to easily accommodate all your soaps, shampoos, and related self-care products! 

You can also use this shelf set’s top tier to place an eye-catching decoration piece. Popular décor options for bohemian bathrooms include large seashells and trimmed succulent stems.

Organize Your Bathroom Essentials with Macrame Storage Baskets

These stylish macrame baskets are ideal for stowing away quick-access bathroom products like toilet tissue and hand towels. Their compact size allows them to fit above your bathroom’s toilet tank comfortably. This positioning is perfect for bathrooms lacking toilet roll holders.

You can also use these baskets to safely secure lesser-used items like bath bombs and luxury bathtub oils. However, chances are you won’t be using these products too often. On that note, it’s better to pop them into a small basket and stow them away for safekeeping.

Hide Dirty Laundry within a Pineapple Rattan Basket

This adorable pineapple rattan basket is the perfect cover-up for your old, unbecoming laundry. Its handy lid feature is ideal for covering up smelly clothes. That way, you don’t need to worry about the scent of your unwashed clothes haunting your bathroom.

Suppose you’re looking for products with excellent practical usage that double up as decoration pieces. In that case, this basket is ideal for you! Plus, its organic rattan weave makes it an excellent option for bohemian-themed bathrooms.

Pay Ode to Nature by Decorating with Small Plants

Stuck with a small bohemian bathroom? Short on decoration space? Don’t worry; these compact potted plants are an excellent decoration option for tiny spaces that need a little livening up!

When it comes to decorating a small boho bathroom, your options are strikingly limited. For example, it’s difficult to install large vanities or place voluminous baskets within them. Keeping that in mind, your best bet is to decorate with small items that take up minimal space yet leave a large impact. 

Luckily, these mini planters do both of these things! In addition, their striking green leaves will not only add to your bathroom’s aesthetics, but they’ll also help filter the surrounding air!

Pair Your Plants with a Macrame Hanging Shelf Set

Is your bathroom short on floor space? If so, consider setting up an eye-catching macrame shelf to expand your storage options. The one pictured above contains two spacious shelves and can snugly fit against any wall.

You can even opt to install this shelf right above your toilet tank. That way, you won’t have to worry about installing a separate toilet tissue rack. Plus, you can always use this shelf to place those pretty potted plants you’ve got your eye on!

Expand Your Existing Storage Space with These Jute Hanging Baskets

Jute is a robust natural fiber that’s often used within bohemian-style bathroom accessories.

The baskets pictured here are made from pure jute and woven into a practical and ergonomic shape. They offer excellent depth, allowing you to fit extra bathroom accessories within easily. 

So, if you’re short on storage space and can’t afford to install new shelves, don’t worry. You can simply hammer a nail into the wall and hang these baskets upon it.

Place a Rattan Peel Amenities Vanity Set Near Your Sink

This charming amenities vanity set is made from organic rattan peel. In addition, it features a unique weave riddled with black lace. So, if your modern boho bathroom requires some boho bathroom accessories, consider this eye-catching vanity set.

This set is complete with a single base tray, a big tissue box, and a liquid soap pump. It’ll work best when placed adjacent to your bathroom sink for easy access.

Decorate with a Woven Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry

Woven macrame tapestries are a popular part of bohemian interior design culture. So, if you’d like to amp up the boho vibe within your new bathroom, be sure to install a stylish macrame hanger!

The one pictured here features a pretty chevron weave looped around a white ring. This weave then falls into a breathtaking, waterfall-like cascade moving downwards in an elegant fashion. 

The whole affair is rather charming and is bound to add a hint of charm to your modern boho bathroom, too!   

Revamp Your Walls with New Bohemian Tiles

Adding a fresh set of stylish tiles is an excellent way to upgrade your bathroom’s style instantly. If your bathroom’s existing tiles don’t match the boho theme you’re going for, consider switching them out for a new set. Or, if your current tiles are in poor shape, it’s best to install new ones to help preserve the area’s aesthetic.

The tiles pictured here feature a geometric-style floral pattern. Their neutral color scheme makes them ideal for bohemian bathrooms that don’t appreciate excessively bright pallets. Boho style is all about sticking to natural hues and shades; luckily, these tiles fit the description perfectly!

Opt for an Earthenware Ceramic Glazed Sink

Glazed sinks are an excellent way to channel bohemian style into your bathroom. In addition, this particular sink will match flawlessly with the tiles pictured above. So, if you’re considering a complete bathroom revamp, why not pair the two together?

Similar to the tiles, this sink sports a reasonably neutral color scheme. Hence, you can comfortably combine it with other colors. For example, you can place a small plant next to it. This will instantly uplift the entire sink area’s vibe.

Install a Rattan Wood Mirror

No bohemian home is complete without a classic rattan mirror. Rattan can often be spotted within bohemian bathrooms. Thanks to its light brown color and waterproof qualities, it’s a perfect fit for every boho chic bathroom.

Mirrors are remarkably handy for small bathrooms. Thanks to their reflective properties, mirrors give the illusion of expansion of space. Thus, they can help smaller bathrooms appear larger than they truly are. 

Revamp Your Bathroom Walls with these Handwoven African Baskets

These lovely handwoven African baskets contain pure rattan. They flaunt a unique weave that is native to African communities. This innovative weave design adds to their charm and makes these baskets an excellent wall decoration option.

These baskets are excellent for earthy bathrooms, too. Their use of light brown and black will help these baskets blend in with earthen-style furniture and bathroom accessories.

Decorate with a Colorful Runner Bath Mat

If you’re keen on adding a pop of color to your boho bathroom, check out this stunning runner!

This mat features an appealing combination of blue, pink, red, lilac, and white. These colors come together to create an intense fusion of color and make for a striking image.

Plus, the tassels attached to this runner make the mat significantly more interesting by adding texture to the mix.  

Final Thoughts

Boho décor can be exciting or calm. It all depends on which products you select for your bathroom. When shopping for new boho bathroom décor, keep your bathroom’s color scheme in mind. 

For white-oriented bathrooms, try adding pops of color with colorful floor tiles or mats. Plants would look particularly excellent when placed within light brown bathrooms. Playing with the appropriate colors can help you create an artful, eye-catching final look!