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15 Home Office Wall Décor Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

One of the most exciting things about having a home office is being able to decorate it however you want. Unlike corporate offices, you can easily have home-based workspaces with plenty of exciting wall motifs that reflect your authentic aesthetic taste.

So, if you’re looking for ways to revamp your home office’s wall, you’re in the right place! Below is a list of some of the most visually appealing (and practical) home office wall decorations out there:

Bring the Outdoors Inside with a Seaside Canvas Print

Not all home offices come with a view of the sea – and that’s okay! If you’d like to have a view of one of nature’s most outstanding artistic presences, why not bring home this stunning seaside painting? It’ll cost you significantly less than relocating to the seaside, bringing you the same view at a fraction of the price.

This canvas piece is an excellent way to introduce color to your office, too. Most offices nowadays follow a monotone grey, white, or black color scheme. You can install this canvas to liven up the area with some eye-catching shades of blue.

Motivate Yourself with a Loving Family Wall Decal

Having a home office means you’ll spend most of your days working near your family. Unfortunately, many office-goers don’t have this privilege.

On that note, why not remind yourself why you decided to work so hard at your home-based job? Paste this awesome vinyl decal upon your home office wall to help you remember the people behind your motivation.

Plus, this home office wall art’s all-black script gives it a professional edge. If your office furniture is a neutral color, too, the sticker will blend right in!

Frame a Set of Your Favorite Family Pictures 

One of the privileges of working from a home office is that you get to put up your family’s photos on any wall you like. People employed within office cubicles can’t do this, so you should take advantage of this opportunity!

This particular photo frame set contains seven sleek, clean-cut black frames in 3 different sizes. You can use them all in one go or pick a few that fit best.

Clients entering your home office will be happy to learn they’re working with a family-oriented professional. This is especially true for clients with families of their own; there’s an unspoken bond between two adults who share a similar background. Plus, the pictures within these frames will make an excellent small-talk topic for when you need to keep the client engaged.

Install a Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Board Set

Organized people are more productive than those working without a solid game plan. Use this white and blackboard combo set to note down important upcoming dates and events. That way, you’re guaranteed never to miss a deadline.

This organizer set’s whiteboard contains pre-designed boxes – one for each day of the month. These boxes are perfect for noting key dates. The accompanying blackboard offers ample space for jotting down your daily to-do list and other essential information.

Tell the Time with a Decorative Wooden Clock

This unique wall-clock flaunts a collection of decorative cambium rings etched into its front face. In addition, this design serves as an eye-catching backdrop for the clock’s elegant black hands. Hence, this clock has the power to both tell the time and add a fashionable decorative flair to your bare walls.

Individuals with rustic-themed offices should consider installing this wooden wall clock. Remember, rustic design values the use of organic materials, with wood being a prime example. Hence, this clock would be a perfect match for any rustic home office.

Decorate with an Art Deco Wall Clock

This stylish, modern clock is perfect for modern art deco lovers. Its muted golden hands give this device a stylish edge. Plus, its unique box shape makes this clock an ideal match for contemporary-themed indoor spaces.

This clock’s large font makes it excellent for individuals with weaker eyesight. Anyone can easily read the time from a distance, making this clock perfect for wide, spacious home offices, too. No matter how far the clock is from your desk, you won’t have any trouble telling the time!

Add a Pop of Pink!

You’ve heard of “home, sweet home,” but have you ever thought about “office, sweet office?”

Sweeten up your office décor with this creative home office wall décor piece. 

Its vibrant pink shade makes it perfect for office spaces that appreciate bright pops of color. You can mount this canvas upon any dull wall and watch it instantly come to life thanks to this print’s eye-catching appearance.

Style tip: Pair this print with other complimentary pink canvases to enhance your office walls’ aesthetic.

Introduce Color with a Breathtaking Van Gogh Painting

Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant artist far ahead of his time. Pictured above is a contemporary canvas rendition of his famous painting, ‘Starry Night Over the Rhone.’

If you only get to select one painting for your home office, let it be this one. After spotting this painting on your walls, any visiting clients will instantly pin you as an individual with excellent taste. After all, Van Gogh’s works have always been synonymous with class, sophistication, and elegance.

Motivate Yourself with Encouraging Decorative Typography

We all feel down sometimes. This print can help ease your anxiety when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and need some extra encouragement. Just glance over to it and read the motivational message painted across it. Doing this will help you better believe in your capabilities as a professional and successfully nail the task at hand!

Style tip: Pair this print with potted wall-mounted plants to help ease anxiety. Plants are known to help relieve existing mental tensions.

Spread Positivity with Some Minimalist Textual Art

Encourage positive thoughts with this minimalist framed print.

According to science, people who actively visualize positive events are more likely to encounter them. If you’d like to be one of those people, consider installing this print within your office space.

This print is perfect for minimalist-themed home offices, thanks to its straightforward, black-and-white design. In addition, its complimentary black frame will help it stand out amongst other prints hanging on your wall.

Add a Golden Flair with This Brass Light Fixture

Few wall sconces can compare to the timeless elegance offered by this dual-tube brass light. Thanks to its contemporary design, this sconce will fit right in with other modern home office furniture. 

It’ll work exceptionally well with home offices that contain other brass-colored or golden elements, too. You can even match it with a golden wall clock or gold-trim picture frame.

This sconce offers dim lighting, so it should ideally be paired with a focused desk light for added illumination. However, a set of these modern sconces will provide optimum light levels for important business meetings.

Employ Focused Desk Lighting with This Adjustable Wall-Mounted Lamp

This stunning golden lamp makes for an excellent wall decal, thanks to its eye-catching metallic luster. But this lamp can help with more than just decor. You can also use it to cast light upon important documents when working at your office desk.

While a simple desk lamp will work just as well, there’s a certain charm to using this wall-mounted version instead. For example, suppose you’re fond of experimenting with innovative interior design. In that case, you should consider switching out your regular lamp with this wall-fit option.

Install a Set of 6 Display Shelves

Thanks to their ergonomic and spacious design, these stunning display shelves are perfect for storing essential documents and files. You can also use them to add a decorative flair to your home office by filling them with collectibles and decoration pieces.

If you’re an avid reader or collector of informative books related to your field of work, this shelf is perfect for you! Use it to store your favorite books for quick access. You can even leave some space to add a heartwarming family portrait or place framed certificates celebrating your professional successes.

Hang Up a Customized Decorative Calendar

Do you often forget important dates and end up missing critical deadlines because of it? If so, you may benefit from investing in a new wall-hanging calendar.

Many people prefer saving important dates to their phone’s calendar app. While this is a bright idea, it isn’t suited to those who aren’t highly tech-savvy. So, if you’re someone who prefers old-school methods over contemporary ones, consider investing in a new calendar.

You can use it to emphasize upcoming event dates and deadlines and stay on track with meetings and related commitments. Plus, your clients are bound to appreciate your new calendar – after all, it’ll help ensure their orders don’t get delayed!

Save Important Pictures and Papers with a Metal Grid Organizer

Metal grids are an excellent contemporary alternative for traditional soft boards. If your office space decor follows modern trends, consider installing a metal grid to match the aesthetic.

The grid pictured above contains enough space to accommodate multiple photographs, tickets for upcoming corporate events, and important unread mail. You can also clip on paper chits with important reminders noted across them. That way, you’re less likely to forget to follow up on important tasks!

Tip: Remember to purchase a set of office clips to attach these items to the grid. You can easily shop these clips at any department store or stationery supplies shop. 

Final Thoughts

Decorating your home office space can be a fun, enriching experience, given you have the right tools by your side. Hopefully, these attractive home office wall decorations will have given you some valuable insight into how to revamp your walls.

When selecting new desk or wall decor, be sure to keep your office’s aesthetic theme in mind. Select complimentary products accordingly. For example, if your office furniture contains gold accents, look for sconces or wall clocks with golden trim.