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16 Glam Home Office Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Whether you’re transforming a bedroom into a home office or have a dedicated home office space to decorate, Hollywood glam is a style you must cherish. Blending the luxury with utmost fun, your luxury glam home office will truly make you feel motivated and glamorous. And when decorating, you must know that it’s not really challenging to have a glam atmosphere!

Just a little addition of mirrors and reflective surfaces, feminine accents, and cozy fabrics will help create an exciting aura. You must flaunt off a panorama with a mixture of color and metallic accents along with variety in textures and patterns! Doesn’t it sound intriguing? Well, you’ll love it more when you have a look through these 16 glam home office ideas.

Zebra Print Rug

Animal prints are a signature pattern for glam offices and luxury setups. The irregular amoebic shape and cowhide material texture tend to add a sense of visual interest over the already existing jute or cotton rugs. Choose to lay them out in an asymmetrical manner!

And you must know that this combination works well with darker painted walls, decorative mirrors, and faux throw pillows. Also, don’t forget the large piece of table lamp that totally steals the attention.

Faux Fur Throw

Let’s embrace a chic and feminine backdrop with a beautiful combination of tones of blush with metallic gold and charcoal blue. The vintage Shabby Chic desk aligns and complements the other off-white furniture and fabrics, seamlessly. And not to forget the pink fur throw that adds a cozy factor.

This setup can be very closely related to sophistication and elegance. And since you’re working with ample natural light and notable figurine accents – you must not give a second thought!

Delphine Desk

Styled in an antiqued mirror with a polished brass base, this glam home office desk defines utmost glamor and sophistication. Amalgamating the minimalist touch with a maximalist glow – this setup is something to look forward to if you’re craving a sleek and shiny look.

This desk will best complement your suede or velvet armchairs and a large piece of a traditional table lamp. Behind the desk, choose a piece of focal art or a wooden world map!

Clear Armchair

The clear armchair is quite a popular material option for getting a glam look in your home. It feels chic, unique, and quite classy – hence, a perfect addition to feminine blush walls and a wooden mid-century desk. Glam style has the potential to seamlessly merge with the eclectic maximalism style – and especially if you have a gallery wall to flaunt!

You can mix and merge the various tones of artwork to enhance and create a sense of contrast!

Solid Sheer Curtain

Especially if you’re incorporating a wallpaper, wall decal, or painting a pattern on the wall – these white sheer curtains are what you must look forward to. With a brass-finish curtain rod, the white sheer tends to add a breezy and eclectic vibe.

It further complements your wool ivory rug placed asymmetrically on the oriental pink area rug. Secondly, you must choose to mix and merge the various artwork and frames to create a flabbergasting and fun experience.

Channing Desk

Available in ice blue and white, this mesmerizing glam home office desk will seamlessly align with your quirky and fun-loving palette. With the dashing and clean neo-classical lines and a flair of Hollywood glamor, the desk with criss crossed polished legs and oversized acrylic knobs will add a stunning factor.

With this sleek silhouette on board, you would love to pen down your favorite thoughts! Isn’t that totally fun and bliss?

Gold Etagere Bookcase

Just like pinks, mauves have a certain feminine charm. And especially if you have this subtle color on the walls – you must style a gold etagere bookcase in the front to store your office essentials. It can be placed on either edge of the desk to celebrate equilibrium and balance.

You can place this element of style in the corner to hold your favorite books, novels, vases, and even indoor plants. 

Rocher Table Lamp

Table lamp is an essential decor element on your glam home office desk. And yes, they must align the metallic tint with your overall home office theme. Hence, remember that you can always either choose a singular metal or a blend of two!

Furthermore, add a couple of fresh flowers on decorative and clear vases along with a pair of graphic art with this beautiful combo.

Arcade Desk

Creating a beautiful set of arches, the glam home office desk speaks a thousand words! Whether it’s about adding a color contrast to the room or creating a fundamental statement, the desk will undeniably add a modern and glamorous touch.

It’s quite unique – mainly because it’s crafted from pebbled leather in muted tones with solid brass arched legs. Hence, to add meaning to your home office – this iconic design is what you must look forward to.

Star Sculpture

Little details matter! Yes, and when you’re decorating your dreamy glam home office, you must have an eye for each and every dimension of the maximalist space. Whether it’s about flaunting that brass-tinted bookcase or the focal artwork, accent tables, or the centerpieces – you must pay attention to them all!

Here, this quirky piece of star sculpture steals all the attention. And note that you can also place it on your paperwork, books, and files!

Rio Pendant Light

This elegant and majestic piece of the pendant light is bound to transform your space into a glamorous lounge. So, in case you don’t need a large chandelier to flaunt – you can perfectly choose this small piece of lighting to throw some lumens in the home office.

The detailed laser cutting on the edge demarcates the beauty and authenticity of the product. Moreover, the carved brass is what completes the palette!

Kelly Storage End Table

Believe it or not, you always need an extra storage table in your home office. Apart from what looks pretty and glam, there is ample paperwork and unwanted wires to deal with! So, where to store or hide them?

Yes, you need an accent or an end table that can store your extra office essentials right away. And if you have such an elegant design to flaunt – what’s there to have a second thought about, right?

Round Pouf

A couple or two of these round poufs wouldn’t do any harm to your luxury glam home office decor. They add an extra level of coziness and comfort while fostering that chic bohemian and eclectic touch.

Since they work amazingly as foot stools, you can use them to rest your legs and maybe take an afternoon nap! Glam style is all about sophistication and comfort – so, why not embrace it all at a time?

Faux-Fur Accent Chair

A faux-fur accent chair is a great way to make your home office look glam. Featuring a shag faux fur and sleek metal legs, this cushioned chair adds an extra sense of comfort and a casual setting in the home office.

And not just the home office, but this cozy piece of the chair can also be used in your dining room, bedroom, living room, reading nook, and kid’s room.

Fresh Flowers

Decorating with flowers is one of the simplest ways to add a glam factor. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and can absolutely introduce positive vibes in the home office. You can choose to flaunt off your favorite collection that truly speaks to your personality!

You can also use feminine flowers that have a great aroma – since it will always be great for feng shui and positivity! Excited much?

Drum End Table

It’s time to add a stunning and focal appeal with this metallic drum end table that exhibits an authentic and chic character. You can choose to place them by the office chair or desk as an extra source of storage and styling! Yes, do you see those styled glam books? Well, it’s on purpose!

Depending upon the metallic theme of your glam home office – you can choose from copper, silver, gold, or bronze!

Summing It Up

Getting that perfect glam look for your home office isn’t easy! But with the seamless metallic accents and toned-up patterns and textures – you can have any look you want or have been dreaming of! Now that we have discussed a wide array of glam designs – are you excited to style with any? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!