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17 Mid Century Modern Dining Room Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Sharing synonyms with functionality and authenticity, the mid-century modern style speaks of practicality with engulfed aesthetics. Dating back to the mid-30s and 60s, this style reminisces of the industrial period when the design and technology industries were emerging to their best. Hence, defined by minimal ornamentation and simplicity – mid-century modern highlights the best of creativity post the world war era.

Dining rooms are one of the simplest to design and decorate. Apart from picking a walnut wooden sturdy dining table, you can style some fancy mirrors, curtains, and sideboards to go. So, it’s time to pick some retro rugs and wall decorations to design a flawless mid-century modern dining room for you.

Geometric Handwoven Orange Area Rug

Rugs have the potential to define your true style. Even though it’s not the first decor element to be picked, however, you can always splash creativity and a touch of retro. With the help of this geometric design and a stark color – you can seamlessly infuse the mid-century vibe in your dining room.

It’s best to pair this rug with an emerald green curtain and decorative accents along with a pinewood dining table!

Walnut Pedestal Table Set

Defining a simplistic statement to any dining room, this satin walnut table sets a milestone in the decor industry. It possesses a great contemporary and mid-century look while offering a space-saving solution. So, in case you’re short on space – this table is the utmost solution.

This table is equipped with 4 chairs and can be easily adjusted in any corner of your home. Got a bay window or reading nook? Yes! It can perfectly fit in there as well.

Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

A very common lighting decor element in mid-century backdrops is the sputnik chandelier. It brings a glamorous mid-century and modern vibe to exhibit balance, clean geometry, and intricate shapes.

Equipped with gold accents and a matte black finish, the light can elegantly blend with your overall design to cast light in various intriguing angles and shapes. Don’t forget to observe how the light creates a canopy to add a sense of focus and geometry to your dining table. 

Bond Dining Table

This minimalist dining table would best compliment your mid-century modern, contemporary, and glam interior design styles. It’s timeless, chic, and classy – and well, it clearly completes your palette. Composed in burled wood atop a polished nickel base, this dining table is all set to grab the attention of your guests.

You can best pair it with mirrors, iconic chair patterns, and a glam-style sideboard. Isn’t this mid-century modern dining setup absolutely unique?

Graphic Art on Canvas

Your dining room artwork must reflect or come from the retro period to define a mid-century style. In general, you can pick geometric art, abstract art, or a unique form that amalgamates the various motifs and hues. 

With this unique patriotic art print, you’re ready to splash a sense of color, creativity, and character. Moreover, it’s best if you dedicate an entire wall perimeter to this canvas artwork.

Nook Dining Set

It’s time to make that corner to use! Whether you’re constricted on space or are trying to create a cozy nook for dining – this 4-piece set will solve your issue and add a welcoming and comfortable feel. 

You have two tufted loveseats and a corner chair to style. Moreover, you have a couple of vibrant colors to choose from – depending upon your style and color scheme.

Mid-Century Sculpture

Let’s pay attention to the details! And details like wall decor and accessories. So, what do you like the most about this mid-century setup? Well, it’s definitely the quirky accent color on the chair, the majestic and sturdy buffet table, and organic sculpture.

Yes, it’s true that you have to be quite thoughtful when designing your mid-century modern backdrops. And don’t forget the area rug that plays cherry on the top.

Floor Ficus Tree

How can we not talk about indoor plants in the mid-century modern style, right? And especially that you must focus on tall heighted plants that add a focal perspective. You can choose to place it in the corner to truly help it stand out amongst all the other decor items.

Undeniably, this plant will bring you an inch closer to a fresh and wholesome vibe. Want to feel rejuvenated? Have this indoor plant help you!

Meurice Rectangle Chandelier

It’s time to take a modern approach to your traditional and mid-century design backdrop. And since it’s made from bamboo, here’s a twist that you must embrace. Adding glamor to aesthetics to functionality, this rectangular chandelier is a great recommendation for your rectangular dining tables.

This interesting form will undeniably add a focal statement and amaze your dining room in the most interesting ways. It’s rooted in glam – hence, can be picked for eclectic styles as well.

Black Weave Chair

Whether you have a Farmhouse, Japandi, or Mid-Century modern style – the black weave chairs play a timeless and versatile role. With its woven rope seat, the textural details are added to create a dramatic effect in the dining room.

Moreover, don’t forget to have an eye on the jute rug, framed art print, indoor plant, and rich vintage Persian rug. Infuse color through lighting fixtures as well! 

Swivel Dining Chair

Give your dining room a mid-century modern makeover with the graceful addition of these practical swivel chairs. They have timeless comfort and a robust and versatile design that fits one for all. The light brown upholstery with brass-finished legs tends to give your room a nice appeal.

And since this style is all about comfort and practicality, you must not give it a second thought!

Utopia Starburst Wall Clock

Now that you have picked the best mid-century modern dining table, chairs, and lighting fixture – it’s time to pick the options of your wall decor. You have a wide array of options to choose from – but, one of the classics is this utopia starburst wall clock.

Composed of a brushed aluminum dial, the clock offers a sense of focal attention in the room. You can place it over the sideboard or the opposite wall to let it shine bright!

Mid-Century Planter

It’s time to create an indoor oasis with this beautiful set of snake plants and planters. It’s ideal to style them in a cluster to transform your dining room into a natural haven. Speaking of practicality, this planter is not quite heavy and can be easily transported to any corner of your home.

It also comes in various smaller sizes for you to style them over the dining table and console table.

Trocadero Dining Table

With an utterly unique form and a notable style, this round dining table is bound to appear flabbergasting and distinctive. Its eye-catchy forms and absolute functionality helps this table easily adjust and fit into any corner of your home.

Inspired by French 50s wooden warmth, this dining table piece takes admiration from Italian modernism to offer a contextual meaning to your space. Moreover, it exhibits a pure luxe feel – if you’re craving for one!

Hand-Tufted Abstract Wool Rug

What are your thoughts on this absolutely charming mid-century modern dining room? Well, first and foremost, the beautiful blend of black and white with tan leather and blue is what grabs the attention. And secondly, you simply can’t ignore the beautiful palette of woods immersed with brass and golden tints.

This geometric rug perfectly complements the sputnik chandelier, large indoor plant, and abstract artwork. Not to forget the vase that completes the palette!

Harlequin Credenza

Don’t feel shy to use a pop of color on the sideboard and buffet that you intend to use in your dining room. With a little Italian Modern touch, this credenza features painted glass panes in angular forms with muted and sunrise-inspired hues. 

You can store and style your fancy China collection and other decorative accents. Moreover, you must let the brass finish on this furniture play a focal accent.

Ladder Back Side Chair

This Mid-century modern chair is a must-have! With your walnut dining table, these chairs would look totally chic and flabbergasting. They’re strong and durable – and thus, make a great investment to have at home.

Moreover, this chair is quite comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!

Summing It Up

Even though there are a few rules and restrictions involved when it comes to mid-century modern style, it’s truly one of the most creative and functional. All you have to do is think outside the box! And for your dining room, pick iconic chairs, abstract artwork, and retro area rugs to achieve the authentic mid-century look.

So, are you enthralled by these amazing 17 mid-century dining room ideas? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!