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20 Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Do you ever look at your dining room and just feel like something is missing? As if your dining room isn’t living up to its full potential? When that’s the case you likely need to give your dining table, the main star of your dining room, some love.

And the best way to do so is by embellishing it with an exciting centerpiece that will make your table pop. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, here are 20 dining table centerpiece ideas that will simply blow your mind.

Give a Rustic Touch to Your Dining Room With a Handmade Ceramic Vase

Is there anything quite as cozy as a rustic room? Adding a rustic touch to your dining room can make all the difference between a regular dining room and a warm, comfortable one.

And the best way to create that rustic look is by adding a rustic element to your centerpiece. A handmade ceramic vase is an ideal candidate, as it creates that wonderful homely element you might desire.

A Stylish Ice Bucket Goes a Long Way

Glass pieces are always ready to steal the show. They make stunning centerpieces. And is there anything better than having a centerpiece that both looks chic, but can also be used for various reasons? A stylish glass ice bucket is your winner.

This ice bucket is a striking timeless piece. You can also fill it with greenery, and create a lovely organic look. But it can be used as intended, to chill a bottle of wine or champagne. In both of these cases, this timeless piece will make an impression.

Candle Sets Are a Perfect Way to Create a Romantic Atmosphere

When it comes to small dining table centerpiece ideas, candles always take the cake. So if you’re a fan of the soft romantic glow candles bring to a room, look no further. After all, is there anything as romantic as a candlelight dinner?

A candle set truly goes a long way. And if you’re someone who loves the ambiance they create but isn’t quite a fan of their maintenance, opting in for a remote-controlled set works just as well. This one also offers a striking silver finish which will blend so well in a modern dining room.

Unique Candle Holders Leave a Lasting Impression

Candle holders almost became a staple piece of dining table centerpieces. But that doesn’t mean that they need to look traditional. They come in various shapes and sizes. And opting in for a unique look can transform your dining table in no time.

This ethereal circular piece is a perfect example of a distinctive candle holder that will take your breath away. The romantic touch of candles is balanced by the wrought iron, creating a striking combo. Incorporating a floral touch to this candleholder will create a stunning centerpiece that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Ceramic Vases Allow Versatility in Every Way

Ceramic vases have a special organic feel to them. The material itself always has a slight natural, artisanal feel. So no wonder ceramic pieces found their way in many homes. But don’t be fooled, ceramic vases can also have quite a modern twist to them.

They’ve always been quite versatile pieces. Especially when bought in a set like this. You can combine or separate them, regardless they’re going to look stylish. They’re quite perfect for a modern dining room, as their white marble finish can be used to tie the entire space together.

Orchids Make Your Dining Table Look Expensive

When talking about flowers, orchids have a reputation for being lush and regal. They look and smell expensive. But they’re also not easy to maintain. So if you want the lux look that an orchid brings, but without all the hassle, don’t be scared to look for a plastic version.

When you invest in a realistic-looking orchid flower and use it as a centerpiece, your entire dining table changes completely. Besides the royal feeling it brings to the table, there’s a soft elegant charm to it that looks enchanting in all kinds of spaces.

An Unusual Vase Can Add a Unique Edge to Your Dining Room

When thinking about centerpieces, we usually think of a look centered around the traditional vase or a candle holder. But they don’t have to be! Unusual decor pieces make great centerpieces, creating an atmosphere like no other.

For example, using an arched vase such as this one is a great twist on the traditional vase look. It adds dimension while the terracotta touch makes the piece feel rich and refined. Paired with a floral arrangement this unusual vase will steal the show at your dining table!

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Glass Bowl

Glass pieces have an innate elegance to them that’s unparalleled. They’re sophisticated, without being overpowering. Meaning that they’re an ideal candidate for a centerpiece arrangement (or even on their own)!

Glass bowls are a perfect combination of utility and aesthetics, as you can use them for a bunch of different things. And if you choose the right bowl, it’s still going to look stunning, even if filled with clutter. Also, glass doesn’t need to be bland! Opt-in for a stylish color to add some extra dimension to your centerpiece.

Add a Festive Table Arrangement for Some Holiday Spirit

Sometimes, when holidays are just around the corner, you want every room to have that warm festive look. And finding perfect dining room decor for the festive season can be quite a hassle.

Thankfully there are festive centerpieces that bring that holiday spirit right to your dining room. This Christmas piece is quite minimal but very effective, as it can create a wonderful festive aesthetic without being overpowering or tacky And it’s made out of artificial plants, so it doesn’t just last for a single season!

Tulips Add Freshness to Your Dining Room

Flowers are always the right choice. They make great centerpieces. When you want some simple dining table centerpiece ideas, flowers should be your go-to. They can look dashing on their own, even if they’re placed in a simple mason jar!

Tulips are an excellent floral choice. They’re classic flowers, symbolizing profound love. But not to mention they look elegant, especially the white ones. Their elegant look fits beautifully in many different spaces, no matter the decor. Now if you want a more permanent floral solution, there are also plastic versions that look realistic and feel equally as stunning.

Bring a Piece of Nature Into Your Home With This Two-Piece Candle

If you’re a nature lover bringing the great outdoors inside is probably something you’re yearning to do. After all, there’s nothing quite like spending time in nature. Thankfully, there are different ways you can do this.

A two-piece pillar candle is one of them. This candle is perfect for an organic centerpiece, as it’s wrapped in birch bark. This look in itself creates a powerful outdoorsy aesthetic that can be incorporated into many stunning centerpiece ideas that feature natural elements.

A Tray Is the Perfect Base for Your Centerpiece

Creating your ideal centerpiece might be hard. Especially if it’s a complex piece that requires several elements. But when you don’t know where to start, look for a tray. Trays create the perfect base for the rest of the centerpiece since their shape determines its shape and area.

For dining rooms that are more on the coastal side, a sandbar tray works wonders. They add a playful tone to your dining room, while still serving a coastal chic look. Their texture also adds an interesting aspect to the piece. A must-have!

Table Runners Make All The Difference When Creating a Centerpiece

Table runners might not be the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of centerpieces. But they shouldn’t be overlooked. Table runners can make all the difference, elevating your dining table centerpiece to a whole another level.

Finding a perfect one can be tough, especially since there’s a lot of options to choose from. But if you’re searching for a touch of the countryside style, this jute table runner might be your winner. It’s a simple look, with a subtle, but effective pattern that will transform your dining table in a matter of seconds.

An Artificial Foliage Looks Elegant While Being Low Maintenance

Do you love spring? And do you wish you had a touch of spring in your home, even during a cold winter? Going for artificial foliage will add that much-needed greenery and brightness, especially during cold winter months.

It can create an atmosphere like no other, evoking the joy spring brings. It’s an elegant piece as well, that makes sure your dining room looks sophisticated. But also it allows you to rest, as it doesn’t require constant upkeep. The ideal piece of decor!

Go For a Patterned Round Tray for Additional Dimension

There’s a common misconception that trays need to be subdued and that they shouldn’t grab attention. Rather trays are seen as a blank slate, to build your centerpiece upon. But they don’t need to be.

Opting in for a patterned tray can be a stunning choice of decoration. These trays make a statement, so you’re bound to end up with a thrilling centerpiece. They’re perfect when you want to add a bit of spice into an otherwise regular, or even minimalistic table decor.

Sculptures Make Stunning Centerpieces

Centerpieces shouldn’t be seen as something strict. You can have as much fun with them as you wish. And if combined right, anything could be a striking centerpiece. So don’t be afraid to add a sculpture into the mix!

A golden loop sculpture, such as this one, will make everyone’s heads turn. Its wonderful organic lines look simple yet quite elegant, creating a fabulous look that just stuns. It makes a great centerpiece even on its own! So don’t be afraid to look into it.

Choose a Wishing Basket for a Unique Look

If you want a centerpiece that’s unique and useful, consider looking into wishing baskets. These baskets can be used as a storage space for a lot of small clutter. But combined with the right decor, they can also be worthy to occupy space at the center of the table.

Wishing baskets are great for boho homes. Or any others that love a unique touch, that also adds a dash of comfort into your room. These baskets have an artisanal feel to them. And they’ll catch the eyes of your guests with their intricate design.

A Glam Vase Set Will Transform Your Dining Room

If you’re a lover of that glam look but aren’t sure how to translate it into your dining room, this one’s for you. Adding glamour to your dining room is easily done by adding just the right decor.

And what’s more fitting than a silver vase set? These vases look dazzling while creating a huge impact on the room. They add a certain glamorous boldness to the dining room, while also offering some versatility in the ways they can be used. It will make your dining room feel glamorous in no time.

A Bold Table Runner Makes a Huge Impact

Table runners can make or break the centerpiece. So when you decide to go for a centerpiece you should put a lot of thought into it. What is it that you want? What’s the style you’re going for?

In any case, a bold table runner is a game-changer. No matter if you’re a fan of solid-colored fabrics or super intricate patterns, you can agree that a table runner makes the most impact when it’s in a bold color. It can work as a pop of color to an otherwise neutral centerpiece, but it can also be used to tie the entire room in. In any case, it’s an unforgettable piece.

A Wooden Serving Tray Will Steal Farmhouse Lovers’ Hearts

If you’re the type of person to swoon over farmhouse homes, or if the countryside style just feels right to you, don’t worry. It’s pretty simple to create that cozy warm look in your home as well. Just start from the beginning – the tray.

A good wooden serving tray can make all the difference. Its distressed finish adds a charming tone to the white paint. This tray is the ideal basis for centerpieces in quite a few interior design styles. It adds character to the entire piece, which is something that every home needs!


There’s much more to the perfect centerpiece that meets the eye. It’s not the easiest task. But it’s not as difficult as it sometimes might feel, especially when you know where to start.

We gave you some of our favorite ideas for different types of centerpieces. Now it’s up to you to decide what fits your home the best. Don’t be scared to try different things out, or mix and match. The world is yours!