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20 Front Door Window Covering Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

They say the first impression is the last! And well, there’s no better way to achieve that – if not for the front door window covering. Since it doesn’t only restrict to aesthetics – the front doors window coverings tend to create more curb appeal for the home while adding privacy, restricting the entry of sunlight, and stealing the eye of the neighbor passing by.

There are numerous ways to help give character to the front door and window. From Roman shades to Venetian blinds and blackout curtains – the list is simply endless. So, let’s have a look at these 20 modern front door covering ideas to inspire you!

Sheer French Door Curtains

These geometric patterned door curtains are crafted from linen-blend fabric to showcase a wide array of exquisite patterns and forms. These sheer curtains are a great option if you’re looking to achieve privacy and at the same time, allow ample natural light to flow.

The clean and crisp design of the curtain allows their application in modern and contemporary-styled backdrops. Moreover, they can be easily installed – hence, not too much of a hustle.

Room Darkening French Door Panel

On the contrary, theis room-darkening door and window curtains restrict the entry of natural light whilst providing privacy completely. Available in a wide array of colors, these panels also help inject a sense of color into your entryways.

And since they’re tough and bold, they’ll help manage light, reduce noise, and help you save energy. So, don’t think twice if this panel fulfills all your requirements!

Floral French Door Panel

Not interested in a single, bold hue? Well, these floral-patterned panels will take a leap and refresh your entryway in every way possible. This charming door panel allows full privacy while restricting the entry of natural light. But at the same time, it doesn’t make your entryway feel dark and boring!

Made of 100% cotton, this nature-inspired window covering will beautifully infuse color into your indoors as well as outdoors.

White Venetian Blinds

One of the most popular and classic front door window covering ideas, Venetian blinds are safer for children, pets, and elders and also quite easy to maintain. They’re quite versatile and practical – hence, can be molded as per your requirement. They offer full privacy, partial privacy, and no privacy!

Moreover, they can be custom cut to fit your window size. And since they’re so affordable – it makes a great budgeted option. 

Door and Window Rain Cover Eaves

To add a little statement on the exteriors – you might as well install a canopy over the doors and windows for some protection against sunlight and rain. However, that doesn’t require you to completely ignore the curtains – since an amalgamation of the two will either do no harm.

And since it’s quite easy to install and remove – you can have it altered depending upon the climatic conditions.

Bamboo Roman Shades

Crafted with natural wood and bamboo, these roman shades can be installed on your windows to let in the perfect amount of light. These shades make a great statement in the bohemian, contemporary, rustic, modern and eclectic interior design styles.

You can further pair this sustainable material with a jute rug, and ample rattan baskets. Furthermore, these shades are child and pet-friendly to use!

Baxter Macrame Window Panel

To introduce a fun-loving and creative touch to your entryways, incorporate this macrame window panel that has a perfect bohemian flair. Featuring an assortment of colorful, intricately knotted strands – this panel offers just the right amount of natural light as well as privacy.

Made with 100% cotton – don’t you simply love the appearance and feel of this pretty, soft and feminine decor element? And not just the entryway but you can style with these in your bedrooms as well!

Window Privacy Film

Sometimes due to small space issues, the curtains and blinds can feel totally bold, overwhelming, and out of place. Hence, in such situations – it’s better to incorporate a window privacy film that plays a wonderful front door window shade.

It allows complete privacy while allowing ample natural light to brighten the interiors and make it look airier. Furthermore, it makes a great piece of investment since it’s eco-friendly and can be installed easily using a towel and some water.

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Christmas is right around the corner – and so is the zeal and zest for decoration. Wrapped around in thick leaves, pine cones, and red berries – this seasonal decor is a great way to cover those porch doors and windows with a touch of festivity.

The wreaths can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications – and also, can be placed around the fireplace and other windows to exhibit a touch of the festival in each corner of your home.

Door Single Curtain

This curtain panel can be incorporated into your front door window covering to update the home and make it feel more modern and sophisticated. It has the potential to completely darken the room and at the same, allow ample natural light to flourish, when not drawn.

Secondly, these curtain panels are a great way to control energy efficiency in space. Also, you have a wide array of colors to choose from – hence, creating a great contrasting palette.

Garden Window Film

If a simple window privacy film is too boring and old-school for you, you must pick something intriguing like this lovely floral silhouette trail. It can block views and viewers from outside while allowing ample natural light to flourish into your home.

This film tends to reduce glare and block 99% of the ultraviolet rays. Moreover, it can also be used in shower areas and cabinets.

Semi-Sheer Single Curtain Panel

Perfect for a Shabby Chic, traditional, and Vintage interior design style, this semi-sheer curtain can be tied up to create a beautiful rainbow design. Available in a wide array of exotic shades – you can flaunt off these panels for small door window coverings.

And you would be glad to know that the materials are quite easy to maintain. They can be machine washed with cold water.

Mesh Screen Door

This is a removable walk-through patio screen that allows fresh air but no insects. It’s quite good to go for swing doors and windows that lead to a back or front lawn. This panel can block views from the outside and meanwhile, can add an interesting decor element in the entryways and hallways.

And if you have kids and pets at home – this is a great piece of investment to have.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters prove to be a great interior as well as an architectural element in the home. Not only the exteriors but they can also be used in the interior walls to help foster privacy and protect against the intrusive sun.

Aesthetically, these wooden shutters further add beauty in the home by adding a stylish and vintage flair. Hence, also a great idea to incorporate if you crave an Italian renaissance and Spanish revival look in the home. 

Sun Shade Patio Awning

This is one of the best glass front door privacy solutions. In amalgamation with the curtains or blinds – you can incorporate this sun shade patio awning that protects against the intrusive sun. This can be adjusted – to provide an extra level of comfort and privacy.

Moreover, the fabric has a waterproof PU Coating that protects your interiors against harmful UV light. Incorporating the awning will also help add detail and character to the facade.

Bamboo Beaded Curtain

The hand-painted beaded curtain will add a remarkable and colorful backdrop to your windows. Featuring a beautiful floral print, this semi-sheer window treatment embarks on the journey towards creativity and eccentricity.

This fun-loving front door window covering makes a dashing statement in the eclectic, bohemian, contemporary, and shabby chic style interior design. And you can simply use it for many more purposes! Yes – in the bedrooms, wall niches, and closet curtains.

Driftwood Roman Shade

These driftwood roman shades bring you an inch closer to breeziness and sustainability. Since they feel quite distressed and rustic – you must appreciate their charm in the vintage, farmhouse, coastal, and transitional interior design styles.

The cordless design is made of wood that reduces the bright light entering while protecting the furniture from fading or damaging. Moreover, it’s quite easy to install and remove them – as required.

Cellular Window Blinds

This cordless shade offers a clean and crisp dimension to the room – hence, makes a wonderful window treatment in the minimalist, modern, and contemporary setbacks. They are great insulators that help retain the cold and hot in a room.

So, if you’re looking to have total privacy while still allowing the natural light to help brighten your room – this is a great treatment to incorporate. Moreover, it has linings that will help add horizontal dimension.

Fancy Gray Door Curtains

These fancy curtains have the ultimate solution to your front doors and windows. They exhibit a sense of character while completely protecting the hallways and entryways against neighbor intrusion and awkward peeking. When viewed from the outdoors, it helps give your outdoors a nice curb appeal.

Secondly, you can always easily remove it and fit it back – in case you want some natural light indoors!

Adjustable Sliding Panel

Unlike other blinds and curtains, this modern setting has a sliding panel that can be profoundly used for entry French doors, balcony door, closet door, and large windows. It can be used for Casual, Modern, and Contemporary interior design styles. 

This is a great multi-functional product – since it can also be used as room dividers in the bedrooms and over floor-to-ceiling large windows. 

Summing It Up

Now that you see – there are tremendous ways to cover your glass front door for privacy. Apart from curtains and blinds – you have the opportunity to style with shutters, eco-friendly sliders, and even window films.

Well, it all boils down to your design preference and interior design style. Window films and curtains feel crisp and clean – hence, suited for modern style whereas shutters are suited for rustic and vintage appeal. So, are you excited to incorporate any of the above front door window covering ideas? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.