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7 Types of Area Rugs for Your Lovely Home

By: Allan Bryce
Types Of Rug - Microfiber

Some small elements in the house could add the aesthetic value or complement the certain style of the decoration. The rug is one of those small elements that you should consider purchasing. Rugs, you see, is different from the carpet.

In general explanation, the rug is more likely replaceable and moveable in comparison to the carpet. Carpet is installed permanently on a floor or wall to wall basis which happens to be mostly bigger than rugs.

The material which is constructed within the product of rugs and carpets is also different, knowing that they function differently in the room.

Well, choosing the right rug is also a thing! A precisely right rug can turn the decoration to perfection.

Even better, it could bring you more comfort and joy either in visual or physical experience.

Here is the explanation for your little research about the various types of rugs for your lovely house.

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Types Of Rug - Wool

Wool is one of the natural fiber materials which is used to make rugs. Wool happens to be one of the most expensive rugs because it is mostly hand-knotted or loomed by hands.

However, due to the high demand of the people and followed by significant technology development, many wool rugs are now machine-loomed.


Wool rugs have the most comfortable feeling under your bare feet because of its smoothness. Also, it has the ability of water-resistance. Imagine having very smooth rugs but water-resistance as well!

Wool does not necessarily repel water, it does absorb water but in a quite long interval of time. Therefore, the water spill is not gonna damage the wool as long as you wipe it directly. Lastly, wool does not emit a damaging gas to the air due to its natural constructed materials.


Wool rugs have tricky maintenance where you have to vacuum it daily due to the allergens that can be trapped underneath the fur if it is dirty.

Also, the smooth surface of wool rugs shed and prone to piling as well. Therefore a vacuum and regular cleaning are necessary.

Silk or Viscose

Types Of Rug - Viscose

Silk rugs are very versatile. It has the feeling of kinda satin materials. Overall, silk or viscose rugs are constructed with synthetic materials.


Silk rugs have a gradual shiny effect on the surface. This is the effect no other rugs have. Also, it is quite light and it could add the value of luxury in your room, even only as an accessory on the floor.


The fact that it is synthetical, doesn’t mean that it is very durable. Silk rugs are not quite durable. Therefore people prefer to choose the mixed ones.


Types Of Rug - Cotton

Cotton rugs are constructed with lighter material than wool or silk. It could be your alternative to wool or silk rugs because it is sold cheaper than wood or silk with similar softness on the surface.


It is very easy to clean. Different from most of the rugs or carpets which are quite hard to clean, cotton rugs are even able to be washed in a washing machine.

What’s even better is that cotton rugs are cheaper. You can have similar wool or silk softness at such a cheaper price.



Cotton rugs are easily stained. Therefore you might have a darker color of your cotton rugs in a few years. Also, cotton rugs are not repellent to water, unlike wool.

Leather or Hides

Types Of Rug - Leather

Leather or hides are both made of animals’ skin or hides. This can produce very luxurious and well-layered rugs in your house.


Once leather rugs are finally ready for the distribution, it’s gonna have that smooth and polished surface which is very easy to clean. The natural layer from animals’ skin also feels very good beneath your feet, it’s so versatile in any kind of room.


For the downsides, this kind of rug can curl or even shed at the edge side. That could spread even wider as time goes by.

To fix this, you’re gonna have to iron it upside down with low heat.

Finally, leather rugs’ surface may look so dingy someday that the shiny and polished surface of it is gonna e faded. It is recommended to shake and wash it regularly.

Jute or Bamboo

Types Of Rug - Jute Rug

Here is another type of natural rugs. Bamboo or jute is the main material in which fiber or sial is taken and woven into one fine rug.

The look is very much natural, giving you some kind of Hawaii vibes near the beach.

Given this idea, I know for sure it could complement some unique style of the house as a decoration on the floor.


It is very durable. Since it is woven. it is not likely to be shed or torn apart. It has that natural look where your indoor space might look better with this. It is also probably one of the most textural materials in rugs.


Some of you might not like textural surfaces on a rug, therefore some people prefer the smoother one.

Moreover, bamboo, jute, or sisal material on rugs is coarser than any other type of rug. Sometimes the small fiber comes out and it feels itchy somehow.

Faux Fur

Types Of Rug - Fur

Some types of rugs are hand-woven or hand-knotted which makes the product is sold more expensive.

Faux fur rugs, on the other hand, are woven by machine. It is constructed of synthetic blends and acrylic on the surface and base.

If you don’t like the idea of having real animal hide or if your budget is tight, a faux hide or faux fur rug type is a great alternative.

A downside to these types of rugs is that they are prone to shedding, especially when brand new, and they’re not as easy to clean as the real deal.


The softness from faux fur rugs are very much lighter but somehow still very much soft like silk, wool, and cotton rugs. It has various colors that you can choose to complement your room. The look of faux fur rugs is so luxurious yet so light at the same time.


As you have read a couple of times before, faux fur is smooth but very much lighter. That light fur on the surface is very prone to shedding.

In most cases, faux fur rugs are shedding more when you just bought it than when it’s there for a longer time.

This type of rug is also hard to clean because the fur is somehow vulnerable, either you damage the surface or the stain is not faded by washing it.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Types Of Rug - Polypropylene

This is the most popular type of rug that you can find in the market many times.

The manufacture of olefin rugs which is made of polypropylene produces this type of rug in a high number. You can find it in so many houses either indoor or outdoor.


Notice that olefin rugs are constructed with synthetic materials, it is very much durable even in the heavy traffic of the people. It repels water and stain-resistant as well.

The synthetical material makes it thinner yet still soft beneath your feet. What’s better and makes olefin rugs successful in the market is that this comes at friendly prices.


The material to make olefin rugs is not a resilient fiber, therefore it’s most likely to happen that you cannot fix the damage of olefin rugs once it happens. When that happens, you throw it, right?

In nature, this kind of material does not decompose that easily, even very difficult. The environmentalist might be very concerned about this issue.

Microfiber (Polyester)

Types Of Rug - Microfiber

Polyester rugs are also very popular because it is very durable and versatile to be put in any kind of room. Well, it is constructed with synthetic materials, solution-dyed in particular.

Some of the producers make microfiber or polyester rugs with 100% polyester, but some don’t. The look of both 100% or not is gonna be very similar, though.


This rug is very strong to withstand many things such as repelling to water, resistant to color fading, even bleaching. It is very durable even in such high traffic. Some people put it on their front porch as well.


The polyester material is quite difficult to dye, therefore it has very limited color and design. People consider it kinda monotone, but some consider it simple.

The last important downside is that polyester rugs are not resistant to oil. Once an oil-contained liquid spilled on polyester rugs, the stain is gonna be there permanently.


Types Of Rug - Nylon

Nylon is another synthetic fiber rug material. The surface of the nylon rug is also very soft and most of the nylon rug is produced in a wider size to be put in the middle of the room.

However, nylon is often acid dyed. This can lead to fading and other long-term issues.


Due to its material, nylon rugs have so many designs, colors, and patterns, almost limitless if you ask me. That makes it very visually attractive.

You can easily clean nylon rugs because nylon resists dust, dirt, and crumbs. It is very durable, although you put it in the main room with heavy traffic.


Nevertheless, the nylon rug is sensitive to acid. Once an acid-contained liquid or anything spilled on the surface of nylon rugs, it’s gonna be almost impossible for you to repair the color fading.