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7 Creative Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

The awkward, empty space above our refrigerators seldom gets the attention it deserves. This is largely because most homeowners don’t know what to do with it. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you make the most out of the empty expanse over your fridge.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for the space above your refrigerator, look no farther! Below is a set of the most popular above refrigerator storage options out there. 

From decorative shelves to contemporary bookcases for your cookbooks, we’ve listed nothing short of the very best suggestions!

Install a Cabinet with a Sliding Door

This shelf contains an intriguing country-style rattan sliding door that’s perfect for farmhouse-themed spaces. You can use it to store the special crockery you only bring out for guests, or any other fragile items.

Its single-door design means that half of the stored items will be exposed, allowing onlookers to spot them easily. This allows you the perfect opportunity to decorate the space above your fridge with some eye-catching ornaments. 

Of course, you can always use the covered side to store other kitchen-related items (like your favorite China or old cookbooks).

Mount a Vintage Wooden Wall Shelf

This pretty vintage shelf is perfect for rustic homes that would like to add a bohemian touch to their kitchen’s interior. Thanks to its slim design, it’s also excellent for kitchens with very little space for above the refrigerator storage.

This shelf not only serves as a decorative piece on its own but also doubles up as a great storage option. Feel free to store glass jars, cookbooks, and other kitchen items here.

Decorate with a Two-in-One Painting Cabinet Shelf

The cabinet pictured above features a stunning blue watercolor painting at its front. This is another excellent top of refrigerator storage option for homeowners who want to improve their kitchen’s aesthetic.

When opened, you’ll find a set of three shelves. As you can see, this cabinet offers ample storage space. 

Luckily, all of the shelves are fully covered, so you won’t need to worry about your stored items catching heavy dust. You’ll need only to clean the cabinet’s exterior and not the contents within it.

Try a Hollow Recessed Wall Shelf

If you’re not looking for a shelf that sticks out of your wall, consider investing in a unique recessed option. The one pictured above has enough space to accommodate a few jars plus a decorative ornament or two.

This recessed cabinet’s width won’t exceed your fridge’s width, making it a perfect fit for over the fridge storage. Had the cabinet been too wide, it would have looked awkward when installed above your refrigerator.

Install Floating Shelves to Store Your Cookbooks

Not sure where to stow away all those extra cookbooks that have been piling up on your desk? Why not display them above your fridge on a set of eye-catching shelves?

The set of shelves above include raised ends on either side to ensure your books don’t topple and fall over. Their neutral black color makes it easy for these shelves to blend in with any fridge and kitchen aesthetic.

Store Your Favorite Wine Above the Fridge 

Wine bottles should always be stored in a safe, secluded spot. Placing them on a busy countertop or easily accessible shelf makes them prone to breakage. You never know when a rowdy kid might run into your kitchen and knock your favorite bottle right over!

So, if you’re a wine-enthusiast with empty space above your fridge, why not install a wine rack to fill it up? The rack pictured here even has space for six wine glasses. Storing your fragile bottles and glasses above the fridge is a surefire way to keep them both safe.

Set Up a Handy Spice Rack

Just like wine bottles, your spice jars deserve to be stored in a safe spot that guarantees they won’t accidentally be knocked over. Getting spice all over your kitchen’s surfaces is never a good idea, especially if you own hazardous ones like red hot chili powder.

If you’re not an avid spice user, consider storing your extra bottles away. The extra room above your fridge is an excellent option to consider. Simply install a set of spice shelves to ensure your bottles stay safe – you can always go back to them whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these brilliant above the fridge cabinet ideas have given you some valuable insight into how to revamp your kitchen. Of course, you can always opt for different storage alternatives (like placing a pantry next to your fridge). 

But placing cabinets over your refrigerator will help you make the most of your empty wall space. This is a much better option than filling up your limited floor space with new storage options.