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11 Dressers for Small Spaces

By: Sara Čurić

Finding the right dresser for small living spaces can be a struggle. They’re often far too wide, or they don’t offer enough support. And there are plenty of options. It can be difficult to make a decision.

But the thing is, your hunt for the perfect dresser doesn’t need to be exhausting. We’re here to help! We compiled some of our favorite dresser options for people dealing with limited space. And we’d love to share them with you! So without further ado, here are the 11 best dressers for small spaces.

Tall Dressers Help Save So Much Space

Tall Dressers Help Save So Much Space

When you’re dealing with a bedroom that has limited space, sometimes the best thing you can do is to invest in tall furniture. A tall dresser can make all the difference, as it takes up vertical space. It allows the room to feel more spacious, while still ensuring you get enough storage room.

A 6 drawer dresser, such as this one can be the way to go. It helps you easily organize all of your belongings. It’s spacious, allowing room for whatever you may want to store inside. And unlike a standard, wide dresser it won’t take up way too much space.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Simple White Dresser

You Can't Go Wrong With A Simple White Dresser

A simple, white dresser almost became a standard. You’ve seen variations of the white dresser throughout history. And these dressers always brought a certain brightness and elegance to a room. 

This one has a modern look to it. It’s a staple piece in a room, helping tie everything in together. So if you want a dresser that won’t garner too much attention, a dresser that feels like it belongs in any room you put it in, this is exactly the choice for you.

Consider a Combo Between a Dresser and a Shelf

Consider A Combo Between A Dresser And A Shelf

One of the best things you could get for a small space is versatile furniture with multiple uses. That’s why one of the best dressers for small spaces is exactly the one that doubles as a shelf.

This combination works wonders, as the dresser itself is spacious enough to fit all you might need. But you can also showcase some decor on the built-in shelf, or just use it for extra storage. It’s a fantastic option that will make your life in a small space a lot easier.

An Elegant Shagreen Dresser Looks Luxurious While Saving Space

An Elegant Shagreen Dresser Looks Luxurious While Saving Space

Who says luxurious dressers are only meant for spacious rooms and large houses? This shagreen dresser is here to prove them wrong. Fitting perfectly in a small space, this dresser looks regal in the truest sense of the word.

Its modern frame wrapped in a gray snake-skin shagreen cover simply looks expensive. It’s a perfect fit for a regal-looking bedroom, no matter its size. And of course,  not to mention that it’s also extremely practical, being able to hold up quite a bit of clothing.

A Touch of Mahogany Makes Every Room Look Lavish

A Touch Of Mahogany Makes Every Room Look Lavish

There’s something so lush about mahogany. The red mahogany finish feels luxurious and expensive. So if you want to add some of that regal feeling to your home, don’t be afraid to go for mahogany. 

This dresser is the perfect opportunity to make your tight space feel a lot richer. It’s a practical, budget-friendly option that can fit, style-wise, in many different homes. But its color makes it look stunning, creating that expensive feel you might desire. All in all, a great pick!

A Dresser With Foldable Drawers Is Stylish Yet Budget Friendly

A Dresser With Foldable Drawers Is Stylish Yet Budget Friendly

Sometimes when we struggle with space, it feels almost impossible to fit a dresser where you need it. But that’s the part where you consider getting a narrow dresser. Finding a dresser narrow enough to fit your desired space can be tough, but isn’t impossible.

This one, for example, is a budget-friendly dresser that’s super easy to assemble. So you can easily put it wherever you might need it. And the foldable drawers make it even easier. But don’t worry. It still looks super stylish and can fit wonderfully in any room.

Classics Work Even in Small Spaces

Classics Work Even In Small Spaces

When you’re looking for a small space dresser, you might think you have to compromise on the aesthetics. But that simply isn’t true. Tons of chic dressers fit perfectly even in the smallest of spaces.

Take this classic dresser for example. Simply put, it’s exquisite. This dresser feels like something out of a fairytale, with its elegance and ravishing golden details. It’s also spacious on the inside, with its three drawers. And the best part? It can fit even in a tiny studio apartment.

Choose a Stunning Spacious Black Dresser

Choose A Stunning Spacious Black Dresser

Black dressers always have an elegant look to them. No matter the design or material, the color itself gives them an especially gorgeous feel. So why wouldn’t you want a piece of chic elegance in your home? Especially when it works well with limited space.

Allowing for a bunch of extra storage with its 5 drawers, this dresser is a fantastic option. It works beautifully both in a kid’s room and in the main bedroom as well. The design is quite simple, yet has a certain charm to it that can’t be easily forgotten. It’s a gorgeous pick!

Go For a Breathtaking Dresser That Also Saves Space

Go For A Breathtaking Dresser That Also Saves Space

Do you crave a whimsical, fairytale look for your bedroom? A romantic touch, that you fear you can’t achieve because of your limited space. Don’t fret. It’s possible. And this dresser is the best way to prove it.

This breathtaking dresser is practically made for small spaces. An unmistakably romantic scene is hand-carved on it, giving it an exquisite touch. A dresser like this won’t go unnoticed, be it in your bedroom or a hallway.

Minimalistic Dressers Are Often the Way to Go

Minimalistic Dressers Are Often The Way To Go

Sometimes all you want is that crisp subdued look for your home. Minimalism works so well with small spaces, as there’s no clutter to overpower the room. So when you’re searching for dressers for small spaces, you can keep that thought in mind.

If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, you’re going to love this dresser. With its clear subdued form, it can fit gloriously in small spaces. Simply, a phenomenal fit for a minimalist home. This dresser opens to five deep drawers allowing for a lot of storage space. It’s a piece of furniture you shouldn’t miss out on.

Small Dressers Can Be Worth It

Small Dressers Can Be Worth It

A lot of people look down on small dressers. They see them as useless items that just take up space. But that’s simply not true. A small dresser for a bedroom with properly deep drawers can sometimes be more than enough.

This dresser also doubles as a nightstand, which proves its versatility. A multi-practical dresser that has 3 spacious drawers that can be more than enough for a single person. And not to mention its unique look that will certainly spice up your living space.


Finding the perfect dresser can be hard, even when you have a spacious home. But it’s especially tricky when you’re dealing with limited space. However, there’s no reason to be discouraged. Your ideal dresser can be just around the corner!

We put together quite a few different options in this article that pertain to different tastes and styles. And hopefully, you found an idea that fits into your dream home. We wish you the best of luck with decorating!