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20 Amazing Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Laundry rooms are one of the most ignored spaces in our homes. They are often considered as a part that doesn’t require special attention – however, the truth is that a little touch-up is more than enough for creating a mesmerizing aura. So, if you are ready to renovate or upgrade the feel of your laundry rooms, there is no better way to commence than choosing perfect laundry room lighting.

So, why should lighting be paid the most attention? Well, with the limited opportunity to decorate the laundry room since the cabinets and fixtures already play the focal – one of the major options left to create a bright and enchanting atmosphere is the playful use of lighting fixtures. Hence, let’s have a look at the 20 best lighting options for your laundry room!

Small and Confined

Whether you have a small or a medium-sized laundry room, this round and tubular laundry room ceiling light is definitely going to add a dashing statement to your space. With a notable glass round base, the light is expected to flourish in each and every corner of your laundry room.

Moreover, regardless of the interior design style – this little lighting piece will seamlessly blend in with the surroundings to create a well-finished look.

Unique Focal

If you prefer a slightly artistic touch – why not have a round focal piece of ceiling light that also steals the attention? With a wide array of colors available – you can definitely play with contrasts and monochromes here! (especially against the walls)

The dome-like structure adds direct lighting into the laundry room so even in the case of dull and dingy laundry rooms – you have a creative solution right there!

The Glam One

This glam-style flushed laundry room ceiling light is all set to create a vibrant touch in your space. The dahlia-like feel of this piece makes a great backdrop to a laundry room that is sparkly and quirky in its own ways.

So, whether you plan on using the bright teals or eye-catchy hot pinks – this utility room lighting fixture is a way to go for the maximalist and eclectic styles.

The Woven Stories

How often do you prefer knitted and woven fabrics in your home? And especially if you have a Rustic Boho or Farmhouse style – it is quite likely to find a woven basket somewhere in your laundry room. To further add a rustic touch – this bell-shaped woven natural raffia will add depth and texture to your laundry room ceilings.

Furthermore, the unfinished ends of this pendant light will leave a great impact on your space.

Traditional Bowl Style

It is time that you create a warm and welcoming experience by placing these traditional-style ceiling lights in your laundry rooms. It plays a cherry-on-the-top for oak cabinets and other wooden textures with beige or warm gray paint on the walls.

The indirect forecasted lighting will brighten your laundry room to a limit that makes you feel both comfortable and cozy while doing your laundry!

Industrial Cage

Quite industrial and minimalist, this cage-style ceiling light is bound to make your laundry room look chic and rustic. With its soft black metal finish – this utility room light fixture is a great way to add dramatic mood and aura to space.

Especially if you have a smaller-sized laundry room – this airy piece of lighting is a remarkable way to add a vertical as well as horizontal dimension to space.

Recessed Lighting

One of the most popular options, it is quite likely to spot recessed ceiling lights in most of the laundry rooms. They cast ample artificial lighting in case of little to no natural light – and do you know the best part? Well, you can also DIY it if you are a pro at it!

However, make sure to study the size and perspective of your room and then strategically layout the lighting plan. 

Hang the Cord

The best way to save some space and also add a stylish touch is by simply hanging the cord from the ceiling up to a certain level. Whether it is an empty corner or the passageway for circulation – these Edison bulbs will make a delightful statement into your space.

Another point to take care of is that you don’t end up banging your head against these bulbs. So make sure the bottom tip of the cord reaches above 7 feet of height.

Modern Opulence

With sheer transparent skin and absolute glamor in the texture, this intriguing-shaped pendant light adds a modern appeal to the laundry rooms. Equipped with a black fabric cord and covering suitable for high condensation areas, you can even place it in your bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

However, be careful to place them in the circulation passageway and at a certain distance from the cabinets and the laundry equipment.

Sleek Sconce

If your laundry room has a lower ceiling height or it devoids any electrical outlets – you have the option to decorate the wall. This sleek wall sconce has a slim profile and a frosted cylindrical shape to exhibit a pure modern and contemporary touch.

So, it is time that you make the most use of that empty wall profile by the cabinet and get this beautiful laundry room lighting fixture fixed!

Directional Spotlights

Especially for the awkwardly shaped laundry rooms, these directional spotlights are a great way to direct light and serve the purpose. You can point them anywhere you want and get your tasks done easily!

Aligning the best with industrial and rustic interior design styles, this laundry room fixture is equipped with four different spotlights to create a flexible yet well-lit aura. Furthermore, don’t forget that it doesn’t require a lot of vertical space – so good for low-heightened laundry rooms as well.

Vibrant Boho

Want to incorporate some chic boho vibes in your laundry room? Well, this multi-hued jute lighting for the laundry room is probably one of the best options to achieve that look. You can pair it with some authentic jute baskets, brass pull handles, and creamy white cabinets for a completely refined look.

It is also recommended that you play with pairs here! For instance, go with either two or three lighting fixtures at the same time!

Linear Love

Some laundry rooms are overly elongated! Is yours too? If yes, then you must assure that every inch of the passageway is well lit! Hence, how do you feel about this beautiful modern linear laundry room lighting idea?

Locate it centrally so that every inch of your laundry room feels the warmth of this pendant light. Moreover, especially for interior design styles like Modern, Hollywood Glam, Minimalist, and Eclectic – this piece is absolutely flawless to use.

Farmhouse Chic

This weathered oak wooden chandelier is a perfect addition to your Farmhouse-style laundry rooms. They are small and handy – hence, make a great match for even the small-sized rooms and spaces. They will also create a patterned and dramatical lighting aura – to enlighten your laundry room completely.

A barn light, like this one, is something Joanna Gaines would absolutely love – and who knows if there is one in her space!

Magical String Lights

Who doesn’t love the feeling of fairy lights in their homes, right? Well, let me introduce you to a new way to lighten your dull and boring laundry rooms – magical string lights hung from one corner to the other.

It creates a perfect magical experience with an aura so enchanting and cozy! Apart from the laundry rooms – you can also use these fairy lights in the living room, bedrooms, and even outdoors.

Coastal Knots

The best way to imbibe a beachy vibe in your home is by placing these coastal-style pendant lights that define a cooler hue in the laundry room. They feel light and airy – thus, can absolutely be used to make your room look larger and spacious! (Plays the best of both worlds)

Their timelessness is defined through authentic knots, a blend of shades, and an intriguing shape that fits in any and every design style. Moreover, you can also with the backdrop here and let the lighting piece shine even further!

Embrace Threads

With the contrasting textural beauty, this bohemian style laundry room ceiling light adds a perfect dimension to your space. Whether you plan to place a single piece or align them separately – there is certainly some magic these pendant lights play!

One of the most intriguing features is the double dye pattern on the threads. They are timeless and sophisticated – hence, also play flexibly with various interior design styles.

Luxurious Patterns

If you are fond of intricate details and brass or gold-tinted fixtures, placing this majestic ceiling light will profoundly transform the overall appearance of your laundry room. It is true that your laundry room deserves a piece as magnificent as this!

With the marble backdrop, this lighting piece will add utmost luxe and sophistication from all aspects!

Scandinavian Wicker

Made of wicker, this pear-shaped pendant lighting is a perfect addition to Bohemian and Scandinavian-styled laundry rooms. Showcasing the graceful curves and a form so intriguing – these are bound to brighten and enlighten the feel of your laundry rooms.

You can either play it with a stark white backdrop or even add tinges of brighter hues to create an eye-catchy contrast. Moreover, don’t forget that this lighting fixture will create some interesting shadow patterns on the wall as well as the floor.

Geometric Chandelier

It is time that you play with geometry through these interesting chandelier pieces that create an utter contrast and depth in your space. The nesting pattern creates a visual statement while flourishing your laundry room with ample artificial light at all times.

You can either place a set of two or a single piece in the case of smaller laundry rooms!

Summing it Up

The best lighting for your laundry room depends on some of the major elements like the total traffic, your interior design style, and the amount of natural light that is well received. However, did you find a piece well suited to your needs and requirements? I would love to know your thoughts on this article, comment below!