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13 Amazing Swivel Chairs

By: Sara Shores

The swivel capability of swivel chairs isn’t often talked about. Most people know that they’re a standard feature for office chairs, but other than that, they seem pretty average. 

However, they’re a surprisingly versatile addition to your home. They make conversations very easy, as rather than turning your head, you can turn to face the other person. They’re also great for home offices since you can turn from one task to the next. Whatever you decide to use it for, though, swivel chairs are more than just their functionality. With that, here are 13 of the best swivel chairs to enhance your space. 

Go For Glam on a Budget With a Faux Leather Swivel Chair

Go For Glam On A Budget With A Faux Leather Swivel Chair

Imagine walking into a CEO’s office. What furniture do you see in the room? You likely see a large desk with paperwork on it, and behind that desk, a leather chair. It’s true that leather has been associated with luxury for a while now. 

While many leather chairs come with an expensive price tag, faux leather has made the look more affordable comparatively speaking.  If you want to add a little bit of glam but you don’t have a million dollars to burn, an affordable swivel chair made of faux leather is a great place to start.

Add Some Cheer With a Yellow Swivel Chair 

Add Some Cheer With A Yellow Swivel Chair

Color is so much more than just the color palette it’s a part of. Coordinating colors is one thing. Another thing entirely is finding the right colors to use. Each color has a different effect on its own, with green evoking natural tones and blue evoking elegance, just as a few examples. 

The same goes for yellow. On its own, it is a very bright and bold color that’s sure to stand out in any space you put it in. Along with that, it can make any space feel more bright and cheerful, just as this yellow swivel chair is doing. And, as a final plus, its size makes it perfect if you’re in need of a small swivel chair. 

Support Your Back Health With an Ergonomic Swivel Chair 

Support Your Back Health With An Ergonomic Swivel Chair

Gaming chairs are becoming more and more popular among non-gamers, particularly because of their ergonomic design. They’re specifically made to support the back health of those who sit for long periods of time. With that in mind, it’s clear why many consider them among the best swivel chairs out there. 

Of course, they’re popular for another reason as well– the design. The design of this chair, with its sleek contouring, looks incredibly modern and the bicolor nature adds an extra bit of visual interest. 

Reach High Desks and Countertops With a Swivel Bar Stool 

Reach High Desks And Countertops With A Swivel Bar Stool

Adjustable swivel chairs are great, but they can only go so high before they reach a limit. If you’d like to incorporate swivel chairs, but your tables or counters are too high, this might seem like an impossible problem to solve. 

It’s actually pretty simple, though. Rather than finding one that adjusts to the height you’d like, try to find one that’s an appropriate height already. A bar stool like this one is a good example. It is still adjustable, but the standard height is higher than a normal chair, meaning it’s sure to reach. 

Go for Ultimate Comfort With a Teddy Fabric Chair

Go For Ultimate Comfort With A Teddy Fabric Chair

Not all swivel chairs are necessarily known for their softness. Many of them focus on plush cushioning and leave it there in terms of comfort. Counteracting this trend, however, is the teddy swivel chair. 

Teddy fabric– also known as boucle– was first popularized in 1948. While it died out later, it has made a comeback recently and is now associated with glamorous interiors. So not only will you have a comfortable swivel chair, but it’ll also be on-trend. 

Add a Natural Touch With a Wicker Swivel Chair 

Add A Natural Touch With A Wicker Swivel Chair

White wicker has a history that goes back to ancient times, it’s still incredibly relevant today. It’s especially popular for patio furniture, but many interior designs aim to bring the outside in.

While you might think wicker furniture is limited to standard chairs and tables, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are wicker swivel chairs as well. Not only are they perfect for adding a natural touch, but they’ll also make your space look unique. 

Go for Convenience With a Side Table Swivel Chair 

Go For Convenience With A Side Table Swivel Chair

If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, then you should know about swivel chairs that have side tables attached. While normally you’d have to put an end table nearby so you can hold items, with this, you can do it all in a single piece of furniture. 

It’s perfect for a movie night so you can keep your popcorn close at hand, or as a little reading nook so you can escape into the world of a good book. 

Add an Extra Touch of Relaxation With a Massage Swivel Chair 

Add An Extra Touch Of Relaxation With A Massage Swivel Chair

Massage chairs aren’t just for the spas anymore– plenty of furniture makers design them to bring relaxation to you. While you might think that a massage chair isn’t particularly versatile, swivel massage chairs blur the lines between a massage chair and a regular office chair, which we all know to be highly versatile. 

The massage function makes it feel luxurious as is, but it feels even more so thanks to the leather look on the outside. Its large size and ability to recline mean it would function well as a swivel chair for the living room with an added bit of versatility. 

Use a Flower-shaped Swivel Chair for an Artsy Flair

Use A Flower-Shaped Swivel Chair For An Artsy Flair

Gone are the days when furniture was purely practical. These days, while furniture does have practical functions, design is just as important. This is for many reasons. Some use it as a vehicle for artistic expression, while others can relax better in a home that feels uniquely their own.

Whatever your reason for aspiring after a well-designed home, there are many furniture pieces that work well functionally, but design-wise look as though they are art pieces. Nowhere is this more evident than with this swivel chair. It looks like a blooming flower statue on the outside, but it functions just as well as a normal chair. It’s perfect for adding an artistic flair and for making your home look unique. 

Incorporate Button Tufting in Your Design Through a Luxury Swivel Chair

Incorporate Button Tufting In Your Design Through A Luxury Swivel Chair

Button tufting and glam are nearly synonyms at this point, as it is often the first thing that people think of when it comes to glam furniture. If you’d like to add a luxury feel to your home, adding a button-tufted piece is often the best place to start. While most button-tufted pieces are just a solid color, that little detail gives them a remarkable elegance. 

And, of course, it’s not just limited to couches and armchairs. Swivel chairs like this one combine the glam look with the functionality of a swivel chair, so you don’t have to compromise. 

Add an Elegant Touch With a Patterned Swivel Chair 

Add An Elegant Touch With A Patterned Swivel Chair

Most of the options we’ve explored so far have been solid-colored, but if you’re looking for something more, that’s where patterns come in. A good patterned chair is perfect for adding visual interest to otherwise dull spaces, making the design more complete. 

Such is the case with this chair. While it is neutral throughout with its gray and white tones, it still stands out in the room it’s in because of its eye-catching geometrical pattern. 

Use a Floral Chair To Brighten Up Your Space 

Use A Floral Chair To Brighten Up Your Space

Speaking of elegant and eye-catching patterns, it’s difficult to go wrong with a good floral chair. It would work especially well in an entirely (or at least mostly) solid-colored space, as it would stand out far more. 

If you’d like your new swivel chair to be the statement piece in the room, then a multi-colored floral pattern like this one is a great way to accomplish it. 

Feel Like Royalty With a Wide Velvet Chair 

Feel Like Royalty With A Wide Velvet Chair

Velvet has been associated with luxury for a long time now, and its history would tell you a thing or two about why. It was once only attainable by royalty due to its rarity and expensive price tag. Of course, recent times changed that story, and now you can find velvet chairs just about anywhere. 

Still, with the right design, you can make it feel like you’re in a palace. The pink velvet of this chair looks luxurious on its own, but add that to the wide barrel size, and it practically seems like a throne. It’s certainly one of the most high-end swivel chairs out there. 

Final Thoughts…

Swivel chairs are certainly a great addition to any room, and this is especially the case because of the many varieties out there. You can find a massage swivel chair for a home spa, for example, or a tall swivel bar stool to reach your countertops. 

They also come in a variety of different styles, from button-tufted swivel chairs for glam style to wicker swivel chairs for bohemian style. We hope this list gave you the inspiration you need to find the perfect swivel chair for you.