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13 Amazing Basement Wall Décor Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Most homes don’t include a basement. However, if you’re part of the lucky lot that does enjoy the blessing of basement space, be sure to decorate it well! 

Below is a collection of eye-catching basement wall art ideas. We’ve included plenty of traditional options, like posters, as well as contemporary pieces like wall-mountable wine-bar mirrors. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

So, if you’re ready to discover the very best ways of decorating basement walls, keep reading!

Decorate with a City-Themed Mural

This beautiful mural pays ode to the glorious American city of San Francisco. It features not just the iconic Golden Gate Bridge but the area’s signature skyscrapers, too.

This wall mural is perfect for anyone who loves the hustle and bustle of city life. Plus, thanks to its modern, minimalist design, it’ll blend into your basement’s default with ease. That way, you won’t need to worry about redoing your walls to accommodate this massive mural.

Pay Ode to Disney with Mickey Mouse Wall Prints

For most millennials, Disney was the best thing to ever happen to us. If you relate to this, too, consider paying tribute to your favorite childhood character with a stunning Mickey Mouse poster!

This art piece features an exciting collection of colorful paint ‘wires’ that have got Mickey Mouse all tangled up. 

The painting’s color scheme manages to maintain a cheery vibe without using offensive, overly bright shades. This dull-but-not-dreary color pallet makes it perfect for dimly lit, cozy basements. 

Use Metal Band ‘Posters’ in Your Music-Themed Basement

Is your basement riddled with music production equipment and your favorite instruments? If yes, why not liven up your walls with some tribute band posters – or metal plates? 

This stunning Pink Floyd plate embodies a gorgeous, bright look. Thanks to its colorful appearance, this plate is definitely much brighter than the Dark Side of the Moon (hint, hint!) It’ll look brilliant against your music studio’s otherwise empty walls.

Display Portraits of Your Favorite Artists

Do you have a favorite artist – someone you look up to and truly admire? If so, why not decorate your basement with tribute snapshots of them!

This contemporary floating acrylic print features a stunning picture of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo at her best. 

Here, she is dressed in traditionally masculine attire while flaunting authentic Mexican earrings. In this way, Kahlo perfectly embodies what it means to be a modern woman who is in touch with her true roots. 

Add a Cozy Feel to Your Wall with a Tapestry

If you’re aiming for a cozy, chill vibe, try installing a stylish cloth tapestry to up your basement’s style game. 

This loose hanging wall tapestry features a pretty floral print painted in muted pastels. Unlike other popular options, this tapestry’s color scheme is not too bright. 

Instead, it offers a relaxed aesthetic that will encourage a cool and calm atmosphere when hung against your basement wall.

Decorate with Surreal Art

This portrait is perfect for anyone who adores surreal art. With references from famous painters like Salvador Dali, this poster will fit right into a bright and bold-themed basement. 

Or, it can even be displayed within an otherwise quiet, dark basement that could use a pop of color. 

Tip: This print includes a wooden frame, so you don’t need to worry about it getting dog-eared over time. Instead, feel free to directly install it upon your basement wall!

Install a Massive World Map Frame Set

Those of us who regularly experience wanderlust should definitely consider mounting this gorgeous decorative world map upon our basement wall. 

This print is perfect for rustic, farmhouse-style homes. It’ll also work well within vintage-themed spaces that value decoration pieces with an aged look to them. 

This map comes in a set of three frames, so you’ll need ample wall space to set it up. Of course, this also means that this product will do a great job at fully covering up your bare wall! 

Hang Up Some Animal-Themed Basement Artwork

This adorable bear selfie is perfect for those who want lively, welcoming décor pieces for their basement walls.  

Though many people prefer darkened basements with minimal lighting, this print would work best within an upbeat and bright area. The bear’s silly, endearing approach could make any heart melt in an instant! 

Tip: Place this portrait underneath a single spotlight for best results. 

Celebrate Your Artistic Side with a Music-Themed Painting

This is another excellent piece to consider investing in if you’re a fan of popular music. 

Featuring an acoustic guitar, this painting contains dazzling, bright colors that have been applied through brilliantly bold brush strokes. This combination makes for an extremely visually appealing image that can bring your basement to life. 

Plus, this painting’s size is massive, making it perfect for large, empty walls that could use some color!

Add a Dramatic Flair with Animal Skull Décor

Though there are many excellent basement wall decorations on this list, none of them are as spooky as this mountable animal skull. 

Of course, this isn’t an actual skull, but rather one that’s made from a blend of resin and plastic. So, you need not worry about any ethical concerns – no animals were harmed during the making of this decoration piece.

This skull is perfect for farmhouse basements that would like to incorporate traditional farm elements with a chilling twist!

Mount a Mirrored Wine Bar onto Your Basement Wall

This is perhaps the most exciting basement wall décor idea on this whole list – especially if you’re a wine lover.

This stylish wall mirror is encompassed by a solid wood frame that doubles up as a wine bar. That’s right; you can comfortably fit a few bottles and a handful of wine glasses within this mirror. 

Thanks to its unique design, you won’t need to install a separate shelf or cabinet to store your alcoholic beverages. Now, thanks to this mirror, you can prepare your favorite drinks while gazing at your stunning reflection on the wall! 

Install a Personalized Family Home Theatre Sign

This eye-catching, customized metal signboard is the perfect way to introduce your home theatre to visitors! So, if your family shares your home’s basement during movie time, consider installing this fun, decorative wall sign.

Unlike regular plastic décor pieces, this sign is fashioned from high-grade metal that prevents it from looking cheap or tacky. Hence, you help can use this decorative plate to uplift your basement wall’s overall aesthetic.

Tip: Feel free to customize this sign to include your family’s last name.

Decorate with 3D Metal Film Reels

If personalized home theatre wall plates aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Why not install a set of stylish rustic film reels instead?

Fashioned from rust-proof metal, these decorative reels resemble those that were used by cinema houses in the 20th century. 

Over time, these reels have become an iconic statement piece that represents both indoor and outdoor film showings. Hence, this reel-themed décor is perfect for your home theatre’s otherwise bare walls. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap!

Now that you’ve gone over these innovative basement wall décor ideas, it’s time to put them to good use!

When decorating, try and pay attention to your basement’s style, theme, and general purpose. For example, if your basement doubles up as a movie theatre, decorate it accordingly. Or, if you’ve set it up as a cozy space to relax, consider décor that reflects this vibe.