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15 Bathroom Wall Decal Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Decals or stickers are one of the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive ways to style a bathroom. It has the tendency to give a brand new look to any space with a touch of quirkiness and playfulness. If the concept of wallpapers or an accent wall is too boring and old-school for you – these wall decals will help bring rejuvenation, joyousness, and distinctiveness to your room.

And since wall decals are available in a wide array of colors, themes, and styles – you could choose from either to introduce an eccentric vibe. From florals to geometric patterns, quotations, and animations – the list is truly endless. So, excited to know how to give your bathroom a chic update? Well, let’s have a look at these creative 15 bathroom wall decal ideas.

Please Seat Yourself Decal

It’s time to transform your bathroom into a cheerful and stylish haven. This wall decal is easy to DIY and can be applied directly to the wall. So, whether you have a rustic style or industrial, modern farmhouse, modern, and shabby chic – this decal will prove to make a great statement anywhere and everywhere.

Even if you’re renting an apartment – you can easily peel off this decal without any remains of residue or damage.

Triangle Wall Decal

This triangle wall decal allows ample room for creativity and fun! Since they’re all separated from one another, you have the opportunity to style and orient them in any way you want. Highly compatible with bathrooms, the decals are available in a wide array of colors to boost your room and give a perfect playful touch.

You can consider using these decals in play areas, nursery, kids’ rooms, and bathrooms.

Logo Decals

12-inch tall, this man and woman restroom decal is all set to decorate the entryway door and create a little playful vibe. You can easily DIY the sticker and apply it to the walls without having to worry much about the application or damage.

Depending upon the stain and color of your door – you could choose from a wide array of wall decal colors. Just remember to make it stand out and play a prominent role!

Tree Branch Decal Set

This 60-piece decal set is ideal for a colored wall of your bathroom. So, if you currently have an accent wall that you’re looking to decorate – this decal set will play an eye-catchy and dominant role. Not just in the bathrooms, but you can also consider using this decal set in meditation rooms, bedrooms, and laid-back living rooms.

And do you know the best characteristic? Well, this set is also reusable and repositionable. Hence, can be used anywhere and above any color!

Bubbles Wall Decal

Having bubbles on the bathroom wall will further beautify the space and create a vibe of relaxation and tranquilization. These vinyl bubble stickers are easy to install and remove – hence, a great decoration idea for rentals as well as Airbnb lofts.

They come in different sizes and colors so you can either place them all together or stick them wide away to create a wholesome wall pattern.

Frosted Privacy Decal

Decals don’t have to be specific to aesthetics every time. Well, you can even functionally optimize it to create a sense of privacy in the bathroom. For instance, this frosted decal can be applied to the windows or shower glass frames to provide extra privacy in the bathroom.

You can simply avoid the use of shower curtains, window curtains, or blinds and still protect your skin and furniture from getting damaged. Yes, with the help of this privacy decal!

Octopus Wall Decal

You can make your bathroom look interesting and crafty with the help of this octopus wall decal. It’s recommended to style this decal on an empty wall or against the bathtub to further create a dynamic and bold effect.

So, all you have to do is just clean the wall surface and apply this decal directly to it. If your wall has been painted recently, wait for around 4-8 weeks.

Forest Wall Decal

Looking to introduce a whole new theme to your bathroom and make it look more enchanting than ever? Well, this large forest wall decal is all set to introduce a touch of a dreamy and cheerful vibe. It’s waterproof and extremely durable – which is why it makes a great fit for your bathroom. 

And not just in the bathrooms but this large decal can also be used in the nursery, kids’ rooms, home office, or dorm. Lastly, ensure that you play a focal wall with this majestic forest decal!

Flower Wall Decal

Is bringing the whole forest indoors intimidating for you? Well, no issues. You can now decorate with abstract flower forms to create an interesting pattern in your bathroom. All you have to do is peel and stick the decals on a clean, crisp, and smooth wall surface to let them stay for a longer time.

Available in green and purple – you can either follow a monotonous palette or choose contrasting shades to play two colors in your bathroom.

Relax Bathroom Words

Do you want to play extra vibrant and playful in the bathroom? Well, one of the most versatile and timeless ways to create the vibe is by simply sticking the sticker words and decals. You are free to style them in any way you want – horizontal as well as vertical.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to style these words on a particular accent wall or above the bathtub. This will beautifully exhibit a sense of focus too!

Animal Wall Decal

An animal wall decal will ensure to make your bathroom look as creative and as flawless as possible. Just have a look at this sea turtle! Isn’t it too gorgeous for your room? And not just this, but you can style it with any sea animal you want! Check overstock or Wayfair for options.

This beautiful and vibrant wall decal can simply be DIYed and applied directly to the wall. And any time you feel bored – just remove it and replace it with a brand new design!

Bathroom Quote Wall Decal

Looking to decorate that empty wall above the washing closet? Well, there are a number of ways to infuse creativity. Apart from styling the artworks, one of the quirkiest ways to achieve a playful look is by sticking a funny bathroom quote wall decal.

This wall decal is easy to apply and doesn’t leave any residue on the wall. So, if you like to DIY – this is one of the best ways to decorate a bathroom.

Vintage Tile Wall Decal

Perfect for bringing a timeless and sophisticated touch to your bathroom – the vintage tile wall decals are the next in line. The intricate patterns and floral details will undeniably introduce a warm, cheerful, and eccentric character – while making your bathroom feel energetic and dramatic.

You can consider using these on any smooth surfaces in your home – wall, furniture, doors, etc. Yes, you name it and can have it! 

Tangerine Motif Wall Decal Set

Your bathroom deserves to be calm and relaxing. So, instead of overwhelming with massive wallpapers and artworks – you can consider choosing delicate motif decal sets to highlight a specific wall or function. Mimicking the leaves and fruit – these green and orange decals also play a great role in defining your color palette.

All this while, ensure to stick this decal to a smooth and clean surface for longevity and strength. 

Powder Room Wall Decal

It’s time to point your guests’ to the right direction with such signage decals. You can quickly DIY and install this bathroom vinyl decal on the front door to demarcate the function of any room. Yes, it’s something that also makes your home feel extra warm and welcoming.

Also, remember not to apply it immediately on a wall or door that has been recently painted or stained. That may cause the decal to stay for a shorter time. 

Summing It Up

These vinyl decals are a quick way to transform the vibe of any room. Not just the interior design styles but you can also alter and style them, season to season and festival to festival. So, now that we discussed the 15 creative bathroom wall stickers – are you excited to incorporate any? Do let me know in the comments below!