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20 Beautiful Rugs That Go With Grey Couches

By: Nishtha Sadana

Grey is a color of timeless divine and utmost sophistication. Undoubtedly, it is also one of the most common and most used color schemes amongst homeowners.

So, in your mind, just picture a blank canvas with mainly grey reigning your space. Well, don’t you think you definitely have tremendous color combinations to pair with? Yes, whether it is the warmer neutrals like reds, burnt oranges, or mustard yellows, or the cooler tones like blues and blacks! You are blessed with simply endless choices of palettes!

When it comes to decorating, one major element that binds your entire space is the area rug. You have the opportunity to define the character of your space by picking a rug that goes with your grey couch. So, here is a list of 20 gorgeous area rugs to have an eye on!

Fringed Medallion Rug

Nothing is more elegant than a contrasting, warmer-toned medallion rug that brings out the utmost detail and charm to your space. Perfectly exhibiting a vintage vibe, this area rug is all set to grab the attention of your guests while giving that grey couch a stunning complimentary vibe.

Moreover, since this area rug involves various hues – you can always pop up some traditional-styled throw pillows and cushions to complete the palette. 

Monochrome Grey Rug

How much grey is too much grey, right? Well, it is time to introduce that sense of cohesiveness and oneness to your living room! Even though the colors complement each other, blending the whole picture into one – this monochromatic palette is something to definitely try. Especially if you have a modern, contemporary, and minimalist interior design style – it is quite good to go!

Too much grey may seem boring, but if you pair it with a touch of white, black, and shades of grey – it will look absolutely flabbergasting! You can even try interesting plaid and check patterns!

Leopard Rug

Featuring abundant beautifully striated leopard blooms, this contemporary-styled rug absolutely matches your grey couch. This rug captures a delightful experience that includes tones like a light cream, coriander, dark walnut, and goldenrod.

Moreover, it beautifully mimics true-life patterns while adding a wide array of textures and contrasts to further interpret your color palette. In addition, it can be easily maintained and cleaned – thus, good to go if you have kids and pets at home.

Jute Border Rug

A contrast of grey and beige is always bliss! For instance, having a look through the above picture – is there something that mesmerizes you? The sense of simplicity and sophistication that the palette brings out is totally an eye-catchy moment. Quite soft to the underneath of the feet and pet-friendly, you must have this area rug for your grey sofa.

You would be happy to know that you are helping the planet heal by incorporating this organic and natural home decor product in your home.

Moroccan Printed Rug

Let me tell you, a blend of black and off-white will always complement your grey furniture. And especially in such a case, the lighter background tends to enhance the overall appearance while making your living room look much more spacious and airier!

Quite soft and cozy, the cute little tassels, in the end, mark the journey towards a calmer and soothing experience. Hence, good walking bare feet!

Abstract Orange Rug

Taking inspiration from abstract art expressionism, this warm orange and red area rug add a trendy statement to your grey couch. With a notable contemporary and transitional backdrop, this color palette is focal of your living room! And of course, with a tinge of grey, this area rug further compliments the grey couch.

Furthermore, you can always add a tinge of this warm burnt orange tone on your throw pillows, cushions, artwork, and even curtains!

Sea Blue-Green Rug

You have to note that almost every tone of blue and green will work with your grey couch. So, using such cooler tones will always give you an advantage. Amalgamating the sea blue with navy blue, green, and ivory – the entire appearance will look gorgeous!

Undoubtedly, with ample natural light, this area rug will appear much lighter and brighter. Mimicking the hues of sea and oceans – this area rug is bound to bring a refreshing vibe.

Dark Wood Rug

Featuring walnut browns and rich espresso and coffee tones, this vintage-style area rug reflects an opulent floral design. The tinges of gold and beige in this rug add depth and character while styling that trendy border that tends to create a sense of balance.

Great recommendation for Vintage, Modern Farmhouse, and Traditional interior design styles, this indoor rug can be easily maintained while offering stain-resistant and water-resistant qualities. However, you must use this rug with tones of lighter grey to strike balance!

Floral Patterned Rug

Displaying a modern-retro floral motif, this beautiful light and dark orange, red, and grey area rug goes well with your grey couch. It clearly depicts a fun-loving, cheerful, and eclectic touch that may also play a great focal point.

Ensure to toss a pair of throw pillows, indoor plant holders, curtains, and artworks in this particular hue. It also exhibits a nice warm and cozy appeal!

Gray Hazy Waves Rug

Who says black and grey won’t get along? This elegant yet sophisticated dark grey area rug wouldn’t feel too matchy-matchy, rather add a seamless look. These subtle shades of grey and black create a dramatic experience while adding that bold and daring look.

However, if your space feels too dark, you must style it with lighter-toned throw cushions, curtains, wall textures, and ample indoor plants and mirrors to create greater reflectivity in the room. 

Purple Contemporary Rug

Quite unique and contrasting, this purple contemporary rug blends the grey with wine and purple to create a notable yet eye-catchy appeal. You can very well pair it with tones of purples, yellows, and greys to create a striking appearance.

Whether or not you have a lighter or darker grey couch – this timeless and trendy rug is the one-for-all solution! Specific to purples, are you looking forward to incorporating this gorgeous rug?

Diamond Patterned Rug

You can never go wrong with patterns – and especially if the area rug has grey and white diamonds. This classical and modern style rug is undoubtedly a great match for your grey couch. Since it already blends the greys, the protruded patterns play a subtle yet focal function.

Targeting every dimension and angle, the area rug flawlessly flaunts off the geometric and angular motifs to create an experience, quite worthwhile!

Silver Splatter Area Rug

Introducing an extra level of comfort, luxury, and splendor – this silver tinted rug has definitely got your grey couch covered. Especially for the interior design styles such as Contemporary and Modern, note that the splash of bronze adds an extra tinge of visual interest.

Isn’t it beautiful how the little details on the rug compliment the throw pillow on the couch? Well, yes! That is how thoughtful and extraordinary this space looks!

Vintage Motif Rug

How likely do you want to make the area rug look flawlessly focal? Just in case if you have a simple grey upholstered couch, you can add an interesting piece of rug like the above to play dimension and scale. Make use of the neutral greys and yellows from the focal to the backdrop of the couch.

This rug proves a great way to introduce magnificence in the room while hiding old hardwood floors! Apart from the living room, you might as well use it in the formal living, grand lobby, and even bedrooms to make the most of this beauty!

Multi Striped Rug

Greys, browns, and blues make a great pair! They perfectly contradict and complement each other – so, in case you want to add a balanced contrast, you must consider incorporating. This color area rug goes with grey furniture – and meanwhile, adds statement and depth to the room.

With a beautiful pair of an area rug like this, it is best to choose hardwood textures and wooden-legged furniture pieces!

Fluffy White Rug

A huge, cozy and soft, fluffy white rug is the way to brighten a room while instantly sparking a sense of comfort. You wouldn’t want to look for another option – once you feel the soothing vibes from this particular faux sheepskin rug.

Quite whimsical and luxe in its own ways, this area rug is all set to match your grey couch. You can further pair it with macrame and faux throw pillows to enjoy those cold and daring winter months. 

Multicolored Rug

Do you have an Eclectic or Grandmillenial interior design style? Well, this multicolored area rug would definitely make a stunning appeal. Don’t be doubtful about pairing grey with these multiple brighter hues. Well, it is a fact that grey is a timeless tone – at the same time, it has the tendency to match all your warmer and cooler tones.

So, don’t hold back and incorporate that cheerful rug right away for your living room!

Pretty Pink Rug

Amalgamate the feminine touch with utmost distinctness and beauty through this pretty pink area rug that goes well with your grey furniture. Whether it is the nursery, kids’ room, dining, or living room, this pink rug is your absolute answer!

To further enjoy the palette, you can pair it with faux and fur pink and white throw pillows, accent pink upholstered chairs, and ample tints on the wall art and curtains!

Pops of Aqua

This one-of-a-kind aquatic-inspired area rug is quite unique and beautiful. It somehow looks richer and warmer when paired with your grey furniture – hence, offering ample advantages! With a focal giant octopus in the center, this area rug makes a great statement in the Coastal-styled spaces!

The aquas popping out define the color scheme of this space and very subtly suppress the greys to emerge as a dominant hue. So, when in doubt – choose an aqua color area rug with your grey sofa.

Berry Black Rug

It is time that you embark on a sense of dimension and depth in your space! Thinking outside the box from the florals to the fruit motifs, this berry black rug is going to elevate your space in the most happening ways.

Collecting tones of greys, off-whites, and blacks – the area rug ties back to the entire look of your room while defining a certain theme!

Summing It

Your rug will define the overall appearance of your room. So, whether you want to choose neutrals for a modern and minimalistic approach or something contrasting for a contemporary appeal – it is all in the hands of your rug!

As discussed, there is a wide array of colors to pair your grey couch with. So, did you find your dream rug? Well, do let us know in the comments below!