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15 of the Best Area Rugs for a Beach House in 2024

By: Nishtha Sadana

A beach house is predominantly characterized by an airy and breezy vibe, cool tones of blues and off-whites, and ample collectibles from nature. These homes are relaxed, laid-back, and quite comfortable to make you feel easy and breezy the moment you enter. 

After you have collected the nautical beachy decor and authentic coastal furniture, it is time to pick the best beach house area rug. Just like the surrounding aura, these rugs don’t have to be bold and heavy – rather, a rug that feels casual, airy, and happy. So, to make it easier for you, we have picked the 15 best rugs for your coastal homes.

Giant Octopus Area Rug

Mimicking the ocean wildlife, this cotton giant octopus rug elevates your beach house and brings it an inch closer to a creative and fun setting. It readily plays a focal point to exhibit a sense of character and texture to the room.

This one-of-a-kind rug has a bold pattern with a subtle base to play phenomenal with your nautical beach decor. So, don’t hold back and get this rug to feel the true bliss of the ocean!

Indira Abstract Rug

It is time to embrace the dual tones of cool blue and gray to imbibe a refreshing and breezy vibe. Highly inspired by nautical decor and boho flair, this abstract rug features motifs of pops of hues to complement that exotic seashell centerpiece and rattan furniture. 

You can also use this rug in low-traffic areas such as the bedrooms and kid’s play areas to individually enliven the rug!

Impasto Slate Blue Rug

This rug design features a unique texture like multiple scenic tones of ocean water on canvas. Just like abstract art, this rug tends to add a visual statement to the floors while mimicking the waters of the ocean itself.

This will complement your existing blue, gray, and white beach decor without stealing too much attention. And don’t forget, this ruggable rug is quite easy to maintain and can be easily washed at home!

Jute Braided Area Rug

It is not necessary for you to always have a tinge of blue on the rug to embrace a beachy, nautical vibe. Natural materials like rattan, jute, seagrass, and wicker are equally responsible for transforming your home into a coastal retreat.

So, let this woven jute rug bring a warm and neutral touch with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Lastly, you must feel proud of introducing this sustainable, eco-friendly fiber as it is truly helping the planet heal!

Gray Caspian Rug

This is another great way to introduce an airy and soothing vibe. The gray Caspian rug feels equally charming and laid-back – meanwhile, adding a unique value to your coastal backdrop. It adds depth and movement into the room with the presence of existing beige, gray, and white in it.

You can best complement this gray beachy rug with rattan ottomans, off-white linen upholstery, and ample light wooden textures. Adding a tinge of cool blue on the pillows would do no harm!

Floral Blue and Green Rug

Introduce a feeling of palm trees and everything in nature with this authentic floral rug. Simultaneously bringing you closer to the woods and ocean, this blue and green rug makes a unique beachy home decor element.

You can further embrace the natural vibe by splashing these tones of nature on your throw pillows, curtains, and other fabrics. A piece or two of indoor plants beside the rug will conclude your palette.

Watercolor Waves Sandstone Rug

Your beach home would simply adore this watercolor wave rug that creates a mesmerizing ripple effect. It beautifully blends the sandscape and hues of neutral gray, nordic blue, and terracotta to enjoy a nature-inspired panorama.

It is a given that the cool tones of off-white, gray, and blue add a charming coastal touch. But the major interest is the warm tone of terracotta that tends to grab the attention!

Lakehurst Rug

Don’t you get that breezy beach vibe just by looking at this gorgeous rug? Well, speaking of the tones of ocean water and a theme of sea wildlife, this exotic rug will undoubtedly transform your beach home into a blissful haven.

And with its perfect quirky look, this rug is a must-use in the nursery, entry hallways, kid’s rooms, and bedrooms. Make use of the palette and don’t let the pastel hue in it go in vain!

Blue Distressed Persian Area Rug

If you want a touch of vintage in your dreamy beach house, this blue distressed Persian rug is a way to do it. Amalgamating the traditional, vintage, and coastal – this rug piece will effortlessly bring style and charm to any space.

Apart from making your room look airy, spacious, and vibrant – this rug is a great investment if you have kids and pets at home!

Gray Starfish and Stripes Rug

Nautical decor with a little twist, it’s time to have a little fun with this gray starfish and stripes area rug. And especially if teals and lighter blues aren’t your thing, this deep gray and navy blue can have a perfect solution.

This high-traffic rug adds just the right amount of playfulness to your space. And you also have the opportunity to turn those hues around for a bolder and edgier look. 

Light Blue Braided Rug

Embrace sustainability and simplicity with this light blue braided rug that makes a perfect choice for a serene oasis in your space. And do you know what the best part is? Well, when laid out seamlessly, it neither feels too dark and bold, nor too much blue.

And that’s an illusion to look forward to! It almost feels very light blue and off-white, thus, fostering a perfect airy look. 

Gray and Mustard Snook Area Rug

This low-pile coastal rug is not everyone’s cup of coffee! Yes, to have a unique decor element like this, you need a well-defined and well-balanced rug to make your beach home look fabulous and absolutely stunning!

Ensure to add a couple of gray tones on your furniture and mustard on decorative accents for an overall flabbergasting look. Lastly, don’t forget to add a piece or two of your favorite indoor plants.

Ash Gray Rug

Don’t want a ton of color splash in your beach house? Don’t worry! Have this simple monochromatic gray rug that would play versatile and timeless at all times. It will never go out of style and you can always use it when you plan to refresh your home with a brand-new interior design style.

And since it is quite light-toned, it will further tend to make your coastal-style home look refreshing, airier, and vibrant!

Black and White Striped Rug

When in doubt, pick a black and white rug to go with your beach decor setup. Yes, it may feel quite bold at the first glance, but these versatile tones can never go wrong in giving your beach house a smooth and airy look.

You can easily lay them out in your living rooms, balcony, patio, and even bedrooms to imbibe a luxe and refreshing vibe.

Nautical Anchor Area Rug

Bring the thrill of the high seas into your home with this elegant piece of a nautical anchor area rug. Even though it can feel quite bold with a heavy tone of navy blue in the background, it still feels closer to the ocean – thus, making a perfect decor piece for your beach house.

So, let this easy-breezy design carry you away. And to further conclude your palette, ensure to add these anchor motifs on the throw cushions, rugs, and dominantly on your decor!

Summing It Up

When looking for the best area rug for a beach house, let that creativity sink in! From blues to grays, whites, and even teals – ensure to incorporate an ocean element on the rug for a perfect beachy vibe. Now that we conclude the list, did you like a particular rug to go with your beach house?