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15 of the Best Boho Throw Pillows of 2024

By: Sara Čurić

Believe it or not, decor always takes the game when it comes to achieving an aesthetic. If you like the way bohemian rooms look but aren’t quite sure how to achieve that, look no further than the accessories. Choosing the right decor can change your entire room in a matter of seconds!

Throw pillows are a simple but effective way to achieve that beautiful boho look. And thankfully there are many options for you to choose from. Here are some ideas for the best boho throw pillows.

White on White With Some Interesting Texture

White is a color that fits every space, and blends in perfectly. But it’s not your usual color pick for the warm and colorful bohemian style. But boho is also about texture, and that’s where this throw pillow delivers.

A classical striped pattern in different shades of white, off-white, and gray looks simple and beautiful in any home. But as it’s spiced up with different types of texture on every stripe, it can’t help but draw attention and make your home feel beautifully bohemian.

Peachy Woolen Pillows Will Look Beautiful in a Boho Home

Deciding on the color palette of your boho home isn’t an easy task for sure. And decor such as throw pillows needs to fit in with the palette well. No matter the color choice for your home though, a peachy woolen pillow will often fit in perfectly and do the trick.

The woolen blend looks very bohemian, and the stitched motif makes it stand out just the right amount. This throw pillow is perfect for couches and armchairs as it can easily elevate your living room in a matter of minutes.

Botanical Weaving Fits Boho Homes Beautifully 

If you’re searching for the perfect boho throw pillow covers, look no further than a woven botanical one. This subtle botanical weaving might not sound boho at first, but the leafy weaving in a combination of blue, yellow, and pink is sure to fit your boho needs.

This throw pillow cover is made out of cotton, and the natural material also fits beautifully with the entire boho aesthetic. This throw pillow will look daring and bold in your room. And it can easily create cohesion between your furniture and your decor, creating a true boho ambiance.

Look for Groovy Boho Textures

This is another example of how important texture is for achieving a boho aesthetic. This white throw pillow is a perfectly clean slate for such an exciting colorful textured pattern. And the texture is what makes it oh-so-boho in the first place.

This throw pillow is vibrant and exciting. And it will add that sense of carefree joy into your home, while also making a bold statement. It’s a beautiful piece of decor that can single-handedly make an impact in a room. And it shows that you shouldn’t shy away from a fun groovy texture.

Black and White Is Always a Good Combo

Black and white is a classical color combination. Surely it works in many different interior design styles. And it’s not a typical color choice for bohemian homes. But it doesn’t mean it won’t work! It’s a classic for a reason.

The striped design on this throw pillow is as boho as it can get, with its beautiful hand-crafted look. It brings charming, uplifting energy into a room while also giving you all the comfort a throw pillow does. It’s a perfect fit for every room, as it looks equally as charming on a bed, as it does on a sofa or a footrest.

Pink Textured Throw Pillows Look Amazing in a Boho Room

Pink is known to be a soft, feminine color. But it’s not necessarily the main energy pink can bring inside the room. This beautiful peachy pink brings the perfect bohemian comfort into a bedroom, with a bright pop of color.

If you’re into boho textured throw pillows, choosing a bold solid colored one is an amazing choice. It can easily brighten up the entire room. And it looks amazing in combination with other pillows, as well as a standalone piece. In any case, it’s a piece of decor you shouldn’t miss out on!

Spice Things Up With a Geometric Print

The geometric print is a staple when it comes to bohemian throw pillows. You can find geometric prints in all shapes and sizes, as they work so well with this style. So why wouldn’t you want to embellish your boho space with a kind of geometric print?

This modern-looking beige pillow can blend into a boho room beautifully. Its subdued color makes it perfect for combining with other throw pillows and creating a cute mismatched set boho-style. Its made out of linen, and the natural material is another way for it to fit right into a boho room, elevating it in a chic and elegant way.

Striped Throw Pillows Are a Must Have

Stripes are another classic print choice. But as we’ve already established classic prints, colors, and styles can be boho as well. And stripes are no exception. They can fit the boho aesthetic beautifully, especially when they’re colorful and textured, in true boho fashion.

Choosing a striped throw pillow for your boho-style room is never a mistake. Especially a textured pillow that brings a new dimension into the entire room. It elevates the room from basic to boho-chic in no time. But its beauty still lies in its casual comfortable look. It’s simply a must-have!

Colorful Embroidered Throw Pillows for a Boho Chic Look

When talking about bohemian style, embroidery is one of the first associations. That’s why choosing a throw pillow with some embroidered details makes a boho statement like no other.

This colorful throw pillow is a great addition to your home decor. The embroidered details in red and yellow make sure to tie the pillow in with other pieces of decor in the same color, creating a cohesive room. The denim piece brings a trendy edge to a room, which is always a nice touch.

Round Pillows Look Adorable in Every Setting

If you’re searching for some cute boho pillows, consider looking into round ones. Round throw pillows are an unconventional choice, but a beautiful one nonetheless. 

If you wanted to add some variety to your boho room, as well as additional texture, choosing a round pillow is the option for you. They can’t help but look adorable, and their shape brings a new dimension to your bohemian room. And you can create incredibly pleasing visuals by combining them with other square pillows!

Rectangular Pillows Are a Great Addition to Your Boho Home

Many people just love having pillows lay around. But sometimes a big pillow just fits your furniture much better than a bunch of small ones. Don’t worry, oversized boho throw pillows are a thing! And they look equally as good as small square ones.

This rectangular pillow is a perfect example of an oversized pillow made for boho homes. It’s beautifully woven and embellished with tassels, which is just the right match for a boho room. Its organic look can make any room feel cozy, comfy, and homely. And all that in a boho manner.

Handwoven Throw Pillows Are Made for Bohemian Rooms

There’s something very bohemian about furniture that has just a little bit of shag. Boho is flowy, carefree, and exciting. So why wouldn’t the decor give off the same energy? Opting for a handwoven throw pillow is just the way to bring a bit of that energy into your living space.

This white shaggy is a perfect fit for a boho room. Its neutral color can fit well with bold-colored furniture, while also adding an interesting flair to the room with its texture. This pillow isn’t easily forgettable, and even with its neutrality, it still creates a major impact.

Don’t Shy Away From Tassels

What’s more boho than tassels? Tassels, combined with bold bright colors, as well as interesting texture are the perfect recipe for boho decorative pillows. And this particular one has them all.

No matter if you’re a fan of bolder, brighter tones or if your living space craves a more subdued look, these pillows are a great fit for you. You can find them in different colors! But all of them are decorated with a wonderful woven texture that creates a chic, but also homely and relaxing look. 

Mix and Match With Solid Colors

Simple solid-colored throw pillows aren’t your go-to when it comes to decorating a boho room. But they’re perfect for creating different looks with your pillows. When you want to have a bunch of throw pillows on a couch, a solid-colored pillow is a perfect way to create cohesion between them.

Solid-colored pillows are wonderful for some mix and match. And the best part about them is that you can make them stand out as much as you want, depending on the color. That allows you to create countless combinations, and decorate the boho room of your dreams.

Combine Boho With a Retro Look

If you’re a lover of all things retro, but also crave that boho look for your home, there’s a way to combine the two. It all starts from the couch. Deciding on boho couch pillows that have a bit of a retro look to them is a great way to combine these two and create a stylish room.

This geometric print is available in multiple colors that feature this iconic retro fade. And they’re perfect for couches and armchairs, as they stand out and enhance the furniture. These throw pillows look cozy, and that’s exactly how they make you feel!


Throw pillows might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when decorating a room. But it shouldn’t be the last. They can make any living space pop, while also creating a fun boho-chic atmosphere that many people are a fan of.

You’d be surprised how easily these pillows make or break the style of a room. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in a couple if you want your boho dream to come true. And with these ideas in mind, we’re sure that your living space is going to be a bohemian masterpiece!