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16 of the Best Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

By: Sara Čurić

The mid-century style was developed in the middle of the twentieth century, enabling the mass production of furniture which combined functionality with aesthetics. This style has renovated and refurbished chair designs, rejecting the overly detailed and exaggerated looks which crammed dining rooms.

Mid-century style is all about intertwining sleek and geometrical lines with organic forms, favoring functionality over lavish ornamentation. We’ve made a list of the 16 best mid-century dining chairs that might inspire you to freshen up your living space.

Gillham Chairs Are Practical And Elegant

These monochrome chairs composed of clean lines will reanimate your dining space. Gillham chairs have a natural wood look with a metallic dash with its sturdy legs, which allow these chairs to be incorporated into any type of style.

The organic nature of these chairs will settle in nicely into your living space, especially if put against white walls or walls colored in light tones. A touch of greenery will also complement these chairs. All in all, if you’re looking for a mid-century wood dining chair, look no further.

Renwick-Kurt Upholstered Side Chair Is a Modern Addition

If you favor your dining chairs to be designed in a mid-century style with a modern touch, Renwick chairs are a perfect choice for you. Made of light materials, these chairs are easily moved around, while still having a standard weight capacity. The legs of these chairs come with protective padding, which will leave your floor scratch-free.

These chairs will fit neatly to your dining room bathed in light tones. On the other side, if darker and more colorful shades are present, Renwick chairs will contrast nicely. It is easy to fall in love with the practicality and beauty of these dining chairs.

Buco Velvet Chairs Are All About the Adaptability 

Buco Velvet dining chairs are mostly known for the pop of color they can provide to the room. You can choose distinguished gold or sapphire types of Buco chairs for your casual and lively dining room. On the other side, if you are not a fan of striking colors, you can opt-out for a more subtle look with platinum variants of these chairs.

Buco dining chairs are also known for their comfort thanks to the semi-circular hole of the back. With this good and practical design, it’s no wonder that these types of chairs are gaining in popularity in many households styled in mid-century fashion.

Castaldo Dining Chairs Offer a Vintage Touch

These Castaldo dining chairs are a great option for anybody who enjoys the mid-century style. Their padded bucket seats offer comfort while also being easy to clean. The chair is made of faux leather, which requires nothing more than a stroke of a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

The rustic and homely look Castaldo chairs offer makes them great for rooms with many wooden and natural elements. The vintage esthetic is accentuated with the distressed finish on the leather, as well as the black metallic tubes with which the chair stands.

Pull Up To a Meal in Style With Jordan Dining Chairs

Jordan dining chairs come in ten colored variants, from dim but pleasant taupe and gray to chic and attention-grabbing red and green. These chairs are made from molded plastic, which will add a dash of fluidity, especially with the waterfall edge.

The simplicity and great choice of color are what made these chairs stand apart from their competitors. Wood legs will provide rustic elements to your ambiance, while the caps will ensure the safety of your floor. The most characteristic part of these chairs is the architectural stretchers which contribute to the structural stability.

Fairview Side Chairs Offer Ergonomic Support And Relief 

Fairview chairs are a notable choice for anyone looking for comfortable chairs while also being stylish and modern. These chairs are fashioned with diamond quilting on their backside, which will add a touch of chic and visual interest to your space.

Although you can find a Fairview chair in nearly any color you can imagine, their defining characteristic is the winged back, which will ensure great ergonomic support and warmth.

The chairs also come in two different types of leg colors: matt black for a metallic vibe or brown wood color which will complement your other natural elements. 

Solid Wood Dining Chairs Will Help You Achieve a Homey Tone

Full wood chairs, like these Forgey side chairs, are the epithet of the classic mid-century modern style. They are enhanced with an eye-catching and architectural frame, which will guarantee that Forgey side chairs are built to be perfect high-standard pieces of dining room furniture.

These mid-century wood dining chairs go hand in hand with small round tables, giving the homey and friendly tones to the ambiance of the room. However, pairing them with a large square table of the same or contrasting color will make your dining space look smart and formal.

Almar Side Chair Is a Perfect Mix of Vintage and Modern Esthetic

The ingenuity in design, which the Almar chair is proud of, will certainly have an impact on your dining space. This contemporary piece of dining furniture connects its gently curved wooden frame with a comfortable padded back, guaranteeing you an accomodating and cozy chair.

The specific box style of Almar chairs, together with its walnut features, will provide you with a one-of-a-kind art piece that will demand attention, while also being very practical, not only in your dining room but anywhere in your home as well.

Kaleem Chairs Alter the Dynamics Of the Room

Usher fluidity in your dining space with a set of these chairs. Kaleem dining chairs come in blue, charcoal, green, and gray variants, easily injected into any type of household atmosphere. These mid-century modern dining chairs will be a great addition not only to your dining space but also to bedrooms and offices.

George Oliver’s Kaleem side chairs are known for their comfortable curved upholstered back. Unlike many other dining chairs, Kaleems come with armrests, which are curved extensions of the back. To add sturdiness and stability, while enhancing beauty, these chairs are equipped with walnut metal legs.

Savannah Side Chair Will Complement Any Decor Style

If you want to spruce your mid-century-style home up with some rustic and/or bohemian vibes, Savannah Windsor chairs might be for you. The tall Windsor backs of these chairs boost their sophisticated look while providing comfort and rest throughout your meal.

For those chasing modern, but versatile looks, Savannah chairs are a great choice. Its dark color will deliver beautiful and dignified contrast to your dining space. They are simple to clean, requiring only a damp piece of cloth.

Tackbyn Chairs Are as Versatile as Chairs Can Be

These Carson Carrington Tackbyn chairs are creating an enjoyable and interesting blend of sleek and geometrical lines in your dining space. They are a great solution for anyone inquiring about mid-century dining chair styles. The specific shape, while ergonomically designed, will create architectural interest in your household.

Another excellent trait of Tackbyn chairs is the material they are made of. The sturdy but smooth molded plastic seat and the durable reinforced metal frame are not only easy to clean but also perfect for any kind of weather, meaning you can place these chairs both indoors and outdoors.

Make a Statement With These Madonna Dining Chairs

Combine glamour and chic with practicality and comfort with Corvus Madonna mid-century side chairs. The characteristic design of these chairs will amaze your guests and family and will dominate your dining space.

The trait of Madonna chairs that is easiest to notice is the curved seat, which earned this type of chair the nickname ‘The Smiling Chair’. Nevertheless, experience the utmost comfort and coziness of these fashionable chairs, with a dash of charisma and charm. 

Ladeplads Dining Chairs Are Simple but Trendy

These Ladeplads side chairs are comfortable and simple, and still, they will fit neatly into your home. They come in three different upholstery colors: grey, charcoal, and green. The wooden frame will provide stability and sturdiness.

These Ladeplads chairs are a pleasant addition to your dining furniture. They are fashioned with an attractive curved back, but still won’t dominate your ambiance and will allow other ornaments and colors to breathe.

These Molded Chairs Are Perfect for Businesses And Homes

Treat your dining place to a new look with these whole-colored wood side chairs. It comes with a standard hard back molded for comfort, while the wide legs offer stability and sturdiness. The legs are equipped with rubber feet which will prevent any harm to your floor.

The molded chairs are inspired by the Scandinavian style. They are clean and straightforward in their signature shape and we love them because of it. If you are surfing the internet for mid-century modern dining chairs, don’t skip these molded chairs. Their bright wood color will pleasantly fit into your home.

Add a Futuristic Touch With Tulip Chairs

The curved lines and the unique design of these Deland Tulip-style dining chairs make them, and your dining space, feel futuristic and modern. These side chairs are usually made of curved metal back, shaped to offer comfort, and a circular base that will easily accommodate your friends and family while providing stability.

Tulip-style dining chairs usually come in white, but they have a vibrant and colorful accent with their cushions. The ones we chose are decorated with bright orange cushioned seats, but with a little bit of searching, you can easily find other variants. If you are looking for a chair rich in futuristic but classical mid-century vibes, maybe this pedestal-looking seat might be for you.

Revitalize Your Dining Space With These Bamboo Chairs

The Corvus Calvados mid-century dining chairs are perfect for anyone adoring the natural and organic elements. Bring a little bit of outside in with these chairs that are made of a bamboo frame accented with smooth lines.

They come in green and yellow variants but also black and dark gray. These side chairs have four rugged bamboo legs that will ensure stability and durability, while also giving the chairs natural wood and organic subtlety.


The mid-century modern style is based on mixing and blending sleek and velvety lines with organic textures and shapes, reimagining your furniture. Revitalize your dining rooms with simple but elegant and eye-catching dining chairs that will bring a futuristic and modern flair.

There are many mid-century dining chair styles to choose from when decorating your dining space. We hope this list has helped you in your search. Happy shopping!