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15 Best Mid Century Modern Dressers

By: Shanze Ijaz

Owing to their fascinating style pallet, high demand, and clean, contemporary angles, mid-century bedroom dressers aren’t too difficult to come by. But, despite their relative popularity and ample availability, only a few of these dressers are actually worth buying. 

To help you secure the best mid-century modern dresser for your household, we have curated a handpicked list of top products from some of the most well-renowned interior design brands out there.

So, are you ready to discover more?

Let’s dive in! 

Ellenberger 3 Drawer White Mid Century Modern Dresser 

Mid-century modern furniture should be considerate towards two essential elements of design: functionality and simplicity. Luckily, the Ellenberger dresser is complete with both. 

Not only that, but this fantastic dresser also sports a high-end, contemporary design, courtesy of features like knobless drawers with a cool white finish mounted atop an authentic wooden base. 

Bridgeview 6 Drawer Double Dresser 

The Bridgeview mid century style dresser features a set of 6 drawers gracefully mounted upon a set of 4, tall, gold-footed table legs.

Thanks to its clean-cut lines, sleek black polish, and flawless symmetry, this dresser would easily make for a fantastic addition to your mid century modern-themed home. 

Clara 6 Drawer Dresser

Chevron prints are a timeless classic that have remained popular throughout the decades and are still a staple in modern interior pieces, including this fantastic wooden dresser. This unique piece features 6 drawers arranged in a 2 by 3 fashion to ultimately reveal a series of close-knit chevron triangles gracefully pointing towards the floor.  

Driftway Dresser in Coastal Blue

The Driftway Dresser’s sophisticated color scheme features pale golden accents decked across a sea of light coastal blue, making it a popular choice in pastel-themed interior spaces. 

This piece features a set of 6 uniform drawers that offer ample storage space. Owing to its charming appearance, the Driftway Dresser is the perfect way to introduce a stylish flair to your room while simultaneously boosting the area’s functionality, too! 

Helmick 6 Drawer Dresser 

If darker pieces aren’t your thing, why not consider some caramel-colored furniture instead? This eye-catching caramel dresser features 6 uniform-sized drawers, each boasting a unique wood grain pattern, ensuring that no two pieces are alike! 

Mid Century Modern Low “Bar Island” Dresser 

This bar island dresser is ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, or even as an accessory stand in the kitchen or dining room. 

Thanks to its versatile design featuring 9 medium-sized drawers, this dresser can easily be placed within any room and is guaranteed to provide both ample storage space and an added flair of authentic mid-century style within the area. 

Pierson Dresser 

The Pierson Dresser radiates an aura of timeless charm thanks to its sophisticated design. Featuring a set of six, medium-sized white drawers and complimenting golden handles, this dresser would make a fine addition to any mid-century modern style household thanks to its delightful appearance and accessible design.

Posner Double Dresser with 6 Drawers 

All too often, you’ll notice your dresser, cabinet, or closet’s knob beginning to sway – despite your efforts to find a suitable replacement, you might never be able to find the exact same replica knob for your dresser. 

Knobless drawers (like the Poster 6 drawer chest pictures above!) eliminate this problem altogether, which, in addition to their clean and eye-catching design, has helped make them an extremely popular feature in mid-century furniture. 

America Marcello Contemporary Dresser 

What better way to make a style statement than with a large mid-century modern dresser in ebony brown? The America Marcello Contemporary Dresser contains 6 large drawers that can easily cater to all your casual storage needs, making this an excellent dresser option for family living rooms as well as for personal use. 

Mcculloch Mid Century Chest of Drawers

Knobless dressers are recognized for their contemporary design and easy maintenance (no knob replacements required). 

The Mcculloch 3 drawer dresser features a series of flat, light brown wooden drawers, plus a cozy cubby at the top within which you can display your favorite decoration pieces for everyone to see.  

Chloe Dresser in Hunter Green 

If you’re looking to stray from the classic pallet of neutral brown wood tones, why not consider this beautiful hunter-green dresser? The Chloe chest of drawers is an excellent way to introduce a pop of color into an otherwise unembellished room.

In addition to its captivating base color, this dresser features a collection of golden knobs, handles, and table feet for some added oomph.  

Solara 6 Drawer Dresser 

Talk about a solar flare! The Solara 6 drawer dresser features a striking front cover containing pointed wooden plants fashioned to resemble the sun’s rays. So, if you’re a fan of sunshine and authentic woodwork, you should definitely consider adding this fantastic piece to your home’s interior collection. 

Westerleigh 6 Drawer Double Dresser 

If you’re a fan of pretty pink pastel furniture, the Westerleigh chest of drawers might just be the dresser of your dreams! 

This product is far from being the average, cheap mid century dresser that some people prefer. Few designs can compete with the Westerleigh dresser’s highly sophisticated and endearing design. 

Thanks to its 6 large drawers, this piece offers ample storage space as well as an eye-catching appearance that can easily brighten an otherwise dull room! 

Silver Orchid 4 Drawer Dresser with Gold Base

What do you get when you blend cream-white wood with luxurious dark walnut timber? Why, the Silver Orchid 4-drawer dresser, of course! 

This dresser contains 4 rectangular drawers positioned in a 2 by 2 arrangement, making each drawer easily accessible. This piece also flaunts a set of 4 golden legs, which help it maintain an air of contemporary swagger. 

Mowgli Chest of Drawers 

This tall mid century dresser’s elegant design features a set of 8 drawers disguised to look like 10. 

Its polished white wood enables it to seamlessly blend into rooms featuring contemporary landscapes as well as traditional ones, making it the ideal versatile piece of furniture to introduce to your home’s interior space. 

Final Thoughts

Mid-century modern design is all about maintaining clean cuts, ease of access, and an aura of impeccable style without compromising on functionality. Every piece of furniture in the list mentioned above fits right into this criteria; so, go ahead and take your pick from this brilliant list of remarkable mid-century modern chests!