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17 Black and White Living Room Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

When we talk about black and white living rooms, people often picture wildly different things. Why? Well, one of the reasons is the mere fact that these two colors work so well with many different styles and aesthetics. You can’t go wrong with this classic combo for your living room.

It’s a glorious color combination. And well if you decided to go for it, but aren’t quite sure how to do it right, we’re here to help! We compiled a list of some of our favorite black and white living room ideas to help you out.

A Sleek Contemporary Lounge Looks Stunning in Black and White

When we think about the contemporary style, black is often the first color that comes to mind. Those two concepts feel pretty inseparable at this point. And for a good reason too! Contemporary furniture simply stuns in black.

But when you add a touch of white to break up all the dark furniture, that’s where the magic happens. This sleek contemporary lounge is the perfect example. With the main focus on black furniture, pops of white on the carpet and the shelf brighten up and complete this look!

Black Details Pop Against Predominantly White Furniture

Everyone has their idea of black and white living rooms. And while some people might prefer dark elegant rooms with only touches of white, you can also opt-in for an opposite look.

Going for predominantly white furniture creates a very clean crisp look that many people crave. But you don’t want your room to look too sterile. And adding black decor, as well as choosing some black furniture to place away from the white centerpiece creates a strong memorable aesthetic your guests won’t forget anytime soon.

A Black Accent Wall Adds Drama to a Living Room

If you’re a fan of that gorgeous dramatic look that these two colors provide, consider going for an accent wall. It’s a fabulous option that enhances your living room in a matter of minutes. And the fun part about an accent wall is that you can easily do it yourself, making this an awesome budget-friendly option.

This living room is the perfect example of how great an accent wall can be. This room feels like there are distinct ‘blocks’ of black and white space, which makes it incredibly visually appealing!

A Splash of Beige Adds Warmth to a Black and White Room

When you’re considering creating a luxury black and white living room, there are many ways you can go about it. But we recommend going a different, more unconventional route. Since black and white are pure neutrals, adding another neutral into the mix can’t go wrong.

All neutral colors have an expensive feel to them. You can easily see here how this transitional living room looks gorgeous in black and white. But these beige details add extra warmth to it adding a touch of luxury to it creating a gorgeously cohesive space.

Black and White Always Look Amazing Together

Do opposites attract? Black and white is a color combination that proves exactly that. We see them as two opposites, but these two colors create a fantastically cohesive look on their own, even if you put vastly different items together.

This living room is a fantastic explanation. When you look at the furniture pieces separately, you wouldn’t necessarily combine them. But the color combination itself makes everything fit together in a beautiful living space.

Add Some Texture to Your Black and White Living Room

You can never go wrong with texture. It’s as simple as that. And this especially goes for high contrast rooms such as your black and white living room. Adding some extra texture can only add to the contrast making your living room visually remarkable.

This living room is a perfect example. They chose predominantly white central furniture. But with a gorgeously textured carpet, a soft fluffy throw, and a shiny crisp end table, it doesn’t feel generic in any way.

Black and White Is a Color Combo That Elevates Even the Simplest of Spaces

When you’re dealing with a very simple subdued space that even feels a bit boring, you might feel lost on what to do. Adding some contrast can easily transform the room. And what better contrast is there than black and white?

Adding a white textured carpet and a couple of geometric prints with a thick white rim, this simple black couch manages to pop and feel like a strong focal point of a room, that normally wouldn’t be the case.

Black Also Looks Glamorous With Off-White

Now that we have our color combination picked out we can play around with it a little bit. Of course, since black and white are pure neutral colors you can’t experiment much with different shades. But you can try pairing off-white and black!

Off-white is a color that looks expensive. Depending on if you’re going for more of a light ivory shade or a darker cappuccino look, you can create tons of different looks with black. And all of them will have that rich undertone, thanks to this luxurious color!

Black and White Can Be the Ideal Combo for an Eclectic Living Room

Sometimes, all you need is for your living room to be cozy. So when you’re considering a cozy black and white living room, you’re in for a comfortable yet fabulous aesthetic.

This eclectic room showcases exactly that. These large black windows don’t just let in a lot of natural light for a lazy sunny afternoon, they create a statement against clear white walls.  Combine that with a heap of black and white pillows on a sturdy couch, and you got yourself a fantastic living room that’s incredibly comfy to be in!

Making Black Your Dominant Living Room Color Looks Gorgeous

Picking a modern style black and white living room can be a challenge, as there are so many options to choose from. Somehow everything feels available in black and white. But you can’t go wrong with a chic dark room.

As opposed to the predominantly white focal furniture we mentioned above, predominantly black living rooms look dramatic and ultra-elegant. It’s a style that simply makes a statement when you see it. And a pop of white makes a great difference, opening the room up and creating the fantastic modern look of your dreams!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Stripes

Are you a pattern person? Well, lucky for you there are dozens of patterns that look glorious in black and white. But this doesn’t help when you’re an indecisive person to which we can only say – you can’t go wrong with stripes.

Stripes are a classic pattern that works amazingly with clothing, and just as well in interior design. So if you want to spice your home up with some patterns, it’s a great starting point. And not to mention they work well with many styles!

Black Leather Couches and White Shelving Make a Stunning Combination

There’s something about leather that just feels rich. Especially black leather. It’s a great option for all of those who want to spruce up their living rooms and add a luxe touch to them.

Opting for black leather couches and a fuzzy carpet as the focal point of your living room makes a huge statement. And keeping white shelves near the walls makes your space feel larger and more open, while also being super chic.

Black and White Work So Well in Glam Living Rooms

When we’re talking about glam, white is usually the go-to option. But choosing a black and white mix for your glam living room can be an interesting twist on the style. And not to mention it can look phenomenal.

You can see here how the main pieces of furniture we’d expect to be white look in a sophisticated black. But a soft white carpet and a good throw, with a print that screams glam make this living room truly pop.

Traditional Living Rooms Look Gorgeous in Black and White

Traditional living rooms often rely on a couple of fairly muted colors to enrich the space. But you might be wondering: what does a pure black and white traditional living room look like? And we have the answer right here. It’s gorgeous.

Not shying away from traditional elements, this living room proves black and white isn’t limited to modern living rooms. Starting from the couch to the rug, and the oh-so-traditional candle holders, this living room looks striking and cohesive, without a need for any other color.

A Couple Of Black and White Photos Really Elevate a Living Room

A great way to spruce up your black and white living room is of course through black and white decor. There are many options out there, from candle holders to misc decor, paintings, and prints. But a couple of black and white photographs can elevate the look more than anything else!

These photos have a vintage look to them. But there’s also an edge that can fit so easily into a lot of dramatic black and white spaces. And here they add dimension to a pretty but otherwise a bit lacking black and white living room.

Mixing Black Industrial Elements With Modern Furniture Looks Amazing

Black and white allow for a lot of mix and match. Be it styles, textures – you name it. So when you’re decorating your black and white living room don’t be scared to add some surprising elements to it, you never know how it might end up looking!

It can be especially useful to do so to balance things out. For example, if you have a super bright room like this one, going for harder industrial elements can help balance out the brightness of the white, and add an interesting vibe to your living room.

Minimal Living Rooms Adore Black and White Furniture

If you’re someone who’s into minimalism, you’ll see that a minimalist black and white living room looks amazing. Minimalists often go for neutrals, which is why this combo fits in the first place. But you can go for any black to white ratio you’d like to create a gorgeous home.

A predominantly white space like this one can be appealing to a minimalist, and black details help break all bright space up. Here, these simple black throw pillows make a huge difference. The entire space feels a bit more put-together.


Black and white are two contrasting colors that look fantastic next to one another. These two are capable of creating cohesive spaces within a variety of styles. No matter if you’re a fan of minimalism, traditional style, or that glam look, these all look amazing in black and white.

So it’s up to you to create your own ideal black and white living room. So try out different textures, mix and match different styles, and you’ll find what you were looking for. We hope these ideas inspired you as much as they inspired us!