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18 Beautiful & Unique Boho Curtain Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Bohemian style is catching on faster and faster. The reason for this sudden rise in popularity is mostly because of colors, patterns, and textures bohemian style incorporates into homes, offering carefree, relaxed, and cheerful emotions to its owners.

One of the more important parts of any home decor style is curtains. They bring fluidity and dynamics to the room. And when it comes to boho curtains, they add a nice colorful touch to a room. Without further ado, here are 18 boho curtain ideas to help you liven up your bohemian living space.

Curtains With Striking Colors Lighten Up Your Home

Bohemian style is all about the striking and awe-inspiring colors. They will enhance the laidback ambiance and deliver that cozy and warm feeling that is associated with boho style. Strongly colored curtains will draw all eyes upon them, creating a strong focal point in your living space.

Don’t hold back when choosing the colors for your bohemian drapes. You can go for timid and dim earthy and beige colors, sure, but nothing will make a statement like curtains flowing in gold, blue, tangerine, and pink colors. This piece of art will for sure bring the spirit of true bohemian style. 

Nature Prints Are Perfect For Bohemian Enthusiasts

If you prefer a touch of farmhouse style into your bohemian household, or love to bring the great outdoors inside, curtains with botanical and animal prints are a great choice. These types of curtains usually come with a light-colored base, giving you a spacious and bright space.

Curtains with nature prints will create a dreamy and sweet atmosphere, with a dash of nostalgia. These ornaments will provide good light filtration and will block excess noise. They are usually made of polyester which means that they are easy to wash and keep clean.

No True Boho Goes Without Some Macramé

In every household decorated in bohemian style, you are bound to find at last some macrame textures lying around. So curtains and drapes are no excuse. With these knot-covered patterns, you can achieve that feeling boho lovers strive for. 

The great thing about these woven and knotted boho drapes is their versatility. If you suddenly don’t feel they fit above your windows, you can just easily move them. They will fit nicely onto your walls, bringing visual interest to your empty vertical space.

Moroccan Curtains Bring an Elegant And Contemporary Look

Moroccan curtains and curtains with arabesque symbols are ageless additions to your home which will hardly be forgotten. They work wonders with white and light walls, but can also go well with vibrantly colored ones.

The sleek and repeating lines will bring a sense of fluidity to your room. They harmonize with lightly colored rods, but black ones will fit nicely as well. There are many patterns to choose from, but whatever you opt-out for, Moroccan curtains will bring a touch of opulence and novelty to your home.

Embroidered Curtains Inspire Awe With Contrasting Beauty

Embroidered curtains fit in nicely with traditional bohemian homes. They can revitalize your living space with their disguised beauty. Embroided curved lines aren’t overpowering like other patterns, allowing your other bohemian decor to breathe.

Because of their concealed beauty, embroidered curtains are compatible with metallic rods, allowing a rustic, but soothing touch to your overall room aesthetic. There are plenty of shapes to choose from, but whatever you pick, it will guarantee an attuned and balanced ambiance. 

Geometric Drapes Ensure a Sophisticated Feel

Curtains with geometric patterns demand attention. They will provide you with privacy while also being stylish. The strict and sleek lines will create an architectural feel to your living space, drawing the eyes of your guests up with amazement.

Be bold when choosing your bohemian curtains with geometric elements on them. You can go with the standard, but elegant look with black and white colors, as we have, but deciding on drapes with vivid and striking colors is encouraged. 

Paisley Curtains Are a Chic And Bold Choice

Nothing speaks boho like chic, and nothing speaks chic like paisley patterns. These patterns originated from Indo-European cultures, forming a wonderful blend that lasted throughout history.

Paisley patterns represent nobility and stability but are also connected with calmness and harmony. Curtains with these symbols and patterns will bring novelty to your home. They will provide balance in your living space but still be a fashioned chich addition.

Refresh Your Home With Draperies With Trendy Tassels 

There is no easier way to bring ‘boho’ to your home than covering your windows with fashionable curtains with tassels. They will help you achieve cozy vibes and make visual interest with their intricate texture.

Curtains with tassels will make your living space slightly chic but still comfortable and appealing. They can be colored in earthy tones or warm greens, or even white or beige, but will still make an impact on your room’s ensemble. 

Curtains With Ruffles Add a Dash of Royalty

Curtains adorned with ruffles are probably an ornament every little girl would add to their dream house. They will enrich the atmosphere in your space with joyous and lovely emotions, while still protecting you from unwanted sunlight and noisy neighbors. 

Curtains can contain ruffles on the bottom or on the top, or be covered in them throughout. These beautiful ornamented curtains will add a feminine touch to your bedroom, as well as creating a textured and visibly interesting appearance.

Faux Silk Curtains Are a Luxurious Statement

Silk curtains are one of the most stylish and distinguished ornament pieces you can find on the market. However, they come at a high price. Luckily, you can achieve that luxurious touch worth admiring in your home without having to empty out your wallet with faux silk curtains. 

These types of curtains are usually colored in dim and pleasant colors, so you will have to achieve contrast with other ornaments in your living space. But if done correctly, faux silk curtains, maybe edged with gold or black details, will make you feel like a true king of your bohemian paradise. 

Ogee Printed Curtains Are Never a Miss

Curtains with ogee prints are becoming more and more popular, which is expected. The patterns of these drapes are funky and easy to fall in love with. They will bring positive vibes into your home, making rainy and gloomy days a tad brighter.

Despite their eccentric colors, ogee curtains are a solid choice if your want curtains with good light filtration, allowing you peace for your naps or movie nights. They go well with every kind of boho curtain rods, wooden or metallic, providing you with a unique mix of colors and shapes.

Heavy Curtains Radiate With Gravity

With their thickness and length, usually spanning from ceiling to floor, sometimes even spreading on the ground, heavy curtains bring presence to your room. Apart from their stunning aesthetic characteristics, these types of curtains can nearly completely block out sunlight and noise and guarantee your privacy.

Usually monochromatic, you can find heavy curtains with many different motifs and patterns, making them fit like a glove into your boho-oriented living space. You can even go for ones colored in striking color, which will act as a fluid background, instilling respect.

Add Movement And Gentleness With Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are nearly always chosen for their ability to bring in comfort and make a charming and ethereal atmosphere. These delicate curtains are made from airy material, allowing a lot of sunlight in. Furthermore, they’re great as light diffusers, making the natural light more pleasing to the eye.

Due to the soft material of these curtains, they are usually paired with other types of drapes, to improve the privacy they offer. This is where the fun begins, as you can mix and match all kinds of colors and patterns, making them great bohemian curtains.

Bring Balance To Boho With Plain Curtains

This rarely happens, but sometimes your bohemian paradise can become slightly oversaturated with many different trinkets and accessories. To prevent this from becoming reality, many people go for plain curtains which will absorb the excess noise of your boho ornaments, allowing the space to remain fresh and interesting.

You can never make a mistake with simple curtains colored in earthy tones or pleasant green colors to soak up the eye-tiring and overwhelming ambiance. Curtains flowing in baby blue or pleasant pink are also popular, giving you a lot of choices to fashion up your household.

Beaded Curtains Provide Rhythmical Fluency

Beaded curtains, also known as door beads when placed on doorways, first originated in Asia but quickly spread over the world. There is something mystical about passing through a beaded curtain and finding yourself on the other side, in a perfectly harmonized room.

Despite their dual nature of being hung over windows and/or doorways, beaded curtains have gained popularity in all versions of bohemian styles. They are great at giving you a feeling of separation and independence, allowing you to craft your piece of heaven. 

Small Window Curtains Add a Farmhouse Touch

For those who prefer their bohemian style intertwined with rustic and farmhouse elements, small window curtains are a must-have. If paired with wood wall paneling, these short curtains will bring a vintage vibe, along with a dash of nostalgia for those who grew up in the countryside.

However, placing these types of curtains in a modern home is surprisingly easy. Curtains with floral or natural motifs are the most popular. Some might see their smaller size as a positive characteristic, giving them the trait of a cute and appealing ornament.

Enrich Rooms With Curtain Scarfs For a Romantic Atmosphere

Curtain scarfs, also known as window scarfs, prove that there is beauty in simplicity. They don’t have any strict specific shape, moreover, they are just a part of cloth tossed over the curtain rod. And yet, this uncomplicated and straightforward design makes them so much more visually appealing and interesting.

There are as many types of window scarfs as there are regular curtains, so your imagination is never restricted. They are, however, lacking in offering privacy and sunlight protection, so they are usually paired with another type of drapes.

Valances Just Might Be What Your Kitchen Needs

First popularised in the Victorian era, valances have, without a surprise, stuck around. They are widely used to decorated windows in the kitchen but are welcome in any other part of the house, providing your windows with a tidier look.

They come in many different color schemes, with a large variety of textures and patterns for you to choose from. They are great at creating contrast with surrounding walls or when you want to conceal the curtain rod.


Curtains are just as important as other types of ornamented furniture and decor in your home. To fit neatly into your bohemian-inspired living space, they require much attention as they make a great impact on the way your room looks.

Luckily, there are many choices for you to pick from when choosing your drapes and curtains. We hope we have helped with our 18 boho curtain ideas. Happy shopping!