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17 Unique Boho Wall Decor Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Bohemian style is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe due to its wide mix of colors, shapes, and textures. Boho style inspires lightheartedness and serenity with its earthy tones and warm colors, opposing the rush and fret of modern life. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Although you can find inspiration nearly everywhere, turning your home ‘boho’ can be quite tricky. More often than not, walls are overlooked and left blank, and you can’t have a true bohemian household without some boho wall art hanging around. However, choosing the wrong piece can offset the balance and break immersion.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you. Whether you are wondering if your tapestry will fit or you are just searching for new and fresh ideas, here are 17 bohemian wall decor ideas that just might be that finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

The Right Tapestry Can Change the Dynamics of the Room

Tapestry isn’t just a large piece of cloth hanging on your wall, it is so much more. It will supplement your overall aesthetic of the room and can add a whole new level of depth. Incorporating tapestries depicting archways and open spaces can change the way your room is perceived and make it seem larger. 

However, you shouldn’t decide on a whim. Depending on your ceiling, choosing the landscape or portrait type of your bohemian wall hangings can create an illusion of height in your living space. You should also have in mind surrounding colors because they can either enhance or contrast your new artwork.

Rugs on Walls Bring Identity to Your Home

To some, hanging a rug on your wall might seem odd, but to others, it’s perfectly normal. This novelty, which originated in the Middle East, is becoming more and more popular all across the USA. After all, why should you cast such a good piece of art to the floor, instead of hanging it up for all to enjoy?

The perfectly selected rug can fill in your vertical space, bringing warmth and color to your room, where its noise-absorbing traits might offer relaxation. You can choose big and flashy rugs for your boho chic wall decor, or decide on smaller and more compact variants which will provide coziness.

Sometimes Embroidered Is Better Than Painted

For some, hanging small embroidered tapestries instead of paintings is a way to add texture and depth to your living space. There are plenty of motives and patterns to choose from for your bohemian needs and desires. You can put up a large one, or many smaller ones. Whatever you settle on, you won’t make a mistake.

A lot of people tend to go for floral patterns, as a way to stay connected with their nature-loving self. Embroidered tapestries with cultural and ethnic backgrounds are also very common. Whatever pattern you choose to hang on your wall will guarantee a vintage touch in your household.

Photograph – A Sophisticated Addition

Some might think that a photograph or a framed canvas can’t fit into the bohemian style. However, the definite and sharp lines displayed on a wooden or metallic frame will be the focal point your wall deserves.

Whether you opt-out for a few smaller ones or choose a large one to hang on a wall, a photograph of animals or nature will fit in nicely with the surrounding decorations. Don’t be afraid to go bold, but try to stick with toned down and natural colors, like soft blues, creamy whites, or earthy beige.

Make A Statement With Macramé Knots

Macrame is a technique that uses knots to create elaborate textures and patterns. Even though it is mostly used for plant hangers, it can perfectly fit into your boho wall decor. You can hang them on a metallic rod or a wooden stick. Just be careful not to hang them directly above an open flame!

Macrame knots will put the ‘boho’ into your bohemian household. They will add a warm, but chic touch to your living space. You can choose vibrant colors if you want to accentuate your knotted piece of art, or you can go for easy and dim colors which will complement your other wall decoration.

Dreamcatchers – True Bohemian Choice

Dreamcatchers are a staple in any bohemian household. Although they were originally hanged in bedrooms, above the beds, there is no reason why they should remain there. You can hang them on any open vertical space, and they will for sure bring notes of familiarity and nostalgia to your home.

Dreamcatchers nowadays come in a large variety of choices. You can stay true to the original idea with a handcrafted yarn dreamcatcher with many hoops. Or you can try out new modern versions, with metallic and minimalistic characteristics.

Create Texture And Charm on Your Wall With Baskets 

Something as simple as a cluster of grouped baskets hung on a wall might be what your wall needs. They will add rustic and traditional accents to your overall bohemian aesthetic. Woven baskets will also bring a little bit of nature inside with their earthy colors.

The three-dimensional shape of baskets can offer a sense of depth to your blank walls. You can hang two to three baskets, or choose as many as you want to create your unique basket wall. They should be roughly the same size, however, as it makes the space feel cohesive. 

Eye-Catching Plates and Bowls Revitalize Walls

Decorating your walls with plates and bowls might seem more like a relic of the past, but this type of boho wall art is experiencing a rapid rebirth. A collection of plates with different sizes and colors can make your household feel harmonious and peaceful.

Plates are usually made of china or metal, with intricate drawings and reliefs. They will bring architecture to your walls, creating an illusion of depth, as well as some colorful additions. You can combine plates and bowls with baskets mentioned above, helping you make your statement.

Wall Planters Liven Up Your Household

Nearly all home decoration styles tend to include at least a few plants, and bohemian is not an exception. Wall planters are a perfect fit for your boho-inspired living space, as they bring freshness and liveliness inside.

Cacti and succulent plants are a great choice to adorn your walls. They don’t require constant watering and are all in all very forgiving plants. Other popular choices are common as well, such as ferns and pothos. All things considered, wall planters will fit nicely into your boho wall decor, and the green tones they bring will mix wonderfully with the surroundings,

Skulls Are a Bold And Chic Choice

Although not many people would hang a skull on their wall, those who see and respect its beauty are welcoming true bohemian lifestyles into their homes. Cow and deer skulls are usually chosen to enrich blank white walls, demanding attention from the viewer.

The first thing your guests will see when they walk into your home is the skull overlooking everyone in the room. They might not like it, but it will leave an impression on them. The horns or antlers of your skull can be edged with gold or black lines, or even the skull itself can be painted in vibrant colors.

Carved Wood Invites Uniqueness And Spirituality

Hanging carved wood onto your walls is never a mistake. It brings depth and weight to your room. Wood carvings are usually enriched with motifs from India and the Far East, but you can easily find other variants.

Choosing larger pieces of carved wood is a brilliant idea because they will fit nicely onto your wall and are a perfect choice for bohemian wall decor. Another benefit is that you won’t be needing other wall hangings to occupy the space, as the carved wood will bring a big presence.

Shelves Are a Useful Decoration

Shelves are a great choice for every room. Despite being praise-worthy themselves, shelves can carry other relics and heirlooms which will satisfy your bohemian appetite. If you have a vacant corner or some space above your sofa, feel free to hang some shelves around.

Although all kinds of shelves can be appropriated to serve your bohemian style, ladder shelves are gaining in popularity. A wooden ladder shelf will bring a rustic and cottage feel to your room. The ladder shelf’s simple design might just be what you need to bring balance to your other beautiful, but noisy decorations.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors as wall decor don’t need any introduction. It is a must for anyone devoted to the bohemian lifestyle. Mirrors can be of various sizes, but honestly, who’s stopping you from choosing the largest one? Metallic or wooden ornamented frames can also improve the overall aesthetic feel of the room.

You should always place a mirror on the opposite side where your window is, because that way, you will make the most of the daylight. Hanging your mirror on the wall will make your space feel bigger and brighter.

Illuminate Your Home With Sconces And Candle Holders

To bring light into your living space you can’t always rely on your windows and mirrors, especially in the late hours. Mounting sconces on your wall is a perfect choice to illuminate your room and add a specific bohemian touch.

Whether you want clear light to work or read your favorite book, or candle holders to set the mood, sconces, especially those made in rustic and vintage style, will be ideal as your bohemian wall hangings. Some sconces incorporate straight lines into their design and those built with many round lines and circles. Whatever you choose, sconces will enrich your living space with a dynamic play of light and shadow.

Make Your Walls Come to Life With Wallpaper

Aside from hanging all kinds of ornaments on your walls, you could make walls themselves be a part of your decor. Using wallpaper is a cheaper alternative to furnishing your walls with pictures and tapestries. The best thing about removable wallpaper is the peel and stick variants, which allow you to change your decor as often as you like.

There are plenty of patterns to chose from. You go with the staple, but good options such as mural and rippled wallpapers, or go with a bit bolder choices such as multicolored and mosaic versions. Our preference is high-contrast floral wallpaper, which brings a little bit of nature and greenery inside with its palette of striking colors.

Decor Tiles Make the Ordinary Exceptional

Decor tiles are a great idea for your next bathroom and kitchen makeover projects. From vibrant and eye-catching colors to muted and classic tones, there are endless opportunities to incorporating tiles into your new boho wall art. You can even add depth to your room with 3-D tiles made of wood or stone or go with metallic ones with innovative reliefs.

Tiles are one of the oldest choices for decor. Not only are they durable and easy to clean, but they also offer significant freedom with the design. Decor tiles are great at breaking the consistency and forming a point of interest on your walls.

Wood Wall Paneling Bring Comfort And Warmth To Your Home

Wood paneling might seem vintage, but it is easy to fit into modern and especially bohemian homes. With some bright colors and elegant geometrical lines, wood paneling will create visual interest. Its structural characteristics and a rustic touch will help you redefine your ambiance and set the mood of your living space.

Wood paneling does allow you to come up with new designs without much effort, as they are easily customizable. You can go for standard long and narrow panels, large square ones, or choose a lot of smaller panels with varying sizes, to achieve the mosaic results.


Turning your home into a bohemian paradise requires effort, but it is a fun adventure. Boho style in its truest form is a blend of many cultures, different eras, and styles, so don’t be afraid to let your mind go wild.

We hope our set of ideas has inspired and helped you make your living space filled with life and uniqueness. You can make a personal statement with your wall decor now easier than ever before. Go for the unconventional and rule-breaking, as that is the true boho way. Happy shopping!