Cool Coffee Table Ideas

The coffee table is the focal point of our living room and, frequently, it’s also the focal point of the space. So, if the majority of the attention is inevitably directed because point, at least make it intriguing.

By selecting a distinctive cool coffee table, you give character to the whole room. There are great deals of cool coffee tables to select from and we have selected 15 designs that we believe would stick out in any home.

1. Cassette Tape Coffee Table

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The very first one is a unique furniture piece. This is a coffee table that was created to add sentimental appeal to the living room. The table looks precisely like a cassette tape.

It’s made from birch wood and has a vinyl label and 2 stainless-steel cup holders with LED lights. Additionally, there’s likewise a series of custom-made alternatives you can pick from in order to make the table better fit into your home.

2. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

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And considering that we were discussing interactive coffee tables previously, here’s another fascinating one. It’s a Nintendo NES controller coffee table made from maple, mahogany and walnut.

The most fascinating part about it is that it’s actually functional and it can be used as a controller to play games. It features a retractable cord and a detachable glass top. The table determines 42″ length x 18.25″ width x 18″ height. This table is available for $3,700. Wow!

3. Foosball Game Coffee Table

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This is the Pinnacle Foosball Coffee-Table. It’s a coffee table but it’s also a foosball table, yet another interactive piece that would make a terrific conversation subject.

The table’s elegant frame allows you to consist of in mainly any design. It’s the ideal classical table but with a kick. Super cool!

4. Computer Board Coffee Table

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Can’t let go of your computer system boards? Why not enclose a collection of them in crystal clear glasses supported by wood frames? This task is truly nothing except unusual technology beneath a glass of coffee.

5. Arcade Board Game Coffee Table

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This cool coffee table is called the Double Game Table, this piece is both a coffee table and an arcade game.

It was developed and produced by English company Surface area Tension and it includes a 19-inch LCD show protected by 6 mm toughened glass. The table likewise comes with 60 timeless game video games and two sets of controllers.

6. Woodsman Axe Cool Coffee Table

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In some cases a furniture piece can be plain and basic but if it has even the smallest detail that catches your eye then it becomes intriguing. It’s the case of this unusual coffee table. It was created by Chris Duffy and is called the “Woodsman Axe Coffee table”.

The table becomes part of a big collection produced by several London designers and that includes pieces that are each based upon a Bro Grimm tale.

7. Surfing Board Coffee Table

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Similarly at home in your mid town loft or beach front condo. This cool coffee table design is inspired by long boards from the 50s. Each table is professionally completed in durable vehicle paint with 4 layers of clear coat are applied to add a high gloss and protective surface.

8. Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

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All these interactive coffee table designs are fantastic but a table does not need to be that complex to be distinctive or interesting. For example, this one is extremely basic but it’s likewise really appealing.

It’s a coffee table constructed from a repurposed wooden pallet. It was painted a little bit glossy and this provides a really nice touch.

9. Modern Rotatable Disc Coffee Table

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This table likewise has an interactive style. It’s a piece comprised of a number of different discs. Each disc can fully rotate and this allows you to personalize the last style as you wish.

The discs can be blended and matched in numerous ways. The table determines 37.4″ width x 37.4″ diameter X 15.7″ height and has a white lacquer finish.

10. Decorative Trunk Coffee Table

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This is a piece called the Lucite Trunk; a coffee table with a vintage trunk style. This cool item is made out of glass display case completely and it also includes polished chrome deals with and accents.

This coffee table is a totally transparent piece that would add character to the living room without making it appear full or smaller. The table determines 36 inches in width by 16 inches in depth by 18 inches in height.

11. Wooden Milk Crate Coffee Table

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Here’s another intriguing design: a pallet coffee table. This coffee table is made out of recycled items (of course!). This time we’re discussing empty wood crates. They are stained and nailed together to develop a coffee table.

The result is an eye-catching and functional piece with great deals of integrated storage area. Pretty, huh?

12. Oak Barrel Coffee Table with Storage

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Including a laid-back atmosphere is easy with this rustic whiskey-barrel turned table. Not only is it space-saving because of the secret storage, it is also a table perfect for old friends trying to catch up in life.

13. Gas Fire Coffee Table

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Regency’s versatile fire tables are best for outside amusing. At 20″ high, the sleek linear style of the Regency Plateau ™ coffee fire table creates the perfect gathering area.

Readily available with a Stainless-steel or Sundown Bronze UV ranked powder coated top, you can further tailor the coffee fire table with the choice of multiple firebed options.

14. Showcase Glass Coffee Table

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This wood coffee table is a perfect way to show collections of your preferred finds. The glass table leading lifts 2 ways. A small hole in a space exists to push the glass up with the eraser end of a pencil, a chopstick or other similar things.

You can also use a thin metal spatula inserted between the glass and wood.

15. Fish Tank Coffee Table

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The last design we have actually selected is rather similar to a coffee table combined with an aquarium. This aquarium coffee table is made out of acrylic and diagonal glass. The base is a real aquarium that measures 24 x 24 x 15-1/2 H.

It has a square and transparent glass top that permits you to appreciate the ever-changing water environment from all angles. It’s a very intriguing and eye-catching piece however I’m not sure the fish love it as much as we do. This piece of furniture is available for 1000 USD.

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