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Couch VS Sofa

By: Allan Bryce
Sofa Vs Couch Vs Settee

The difference between a sofa and a couch is not precisely striking. The two are in fact very comparable however differences do exist.

Do not make the error of believing that they’re synonyms. Once you find out the qualities that specify each piece, you’ll never mistake one for another once again.

What’s The Difference Between Couch and Sofa?

While many of us have a subconscious generalization that ‘couch’ is more casual than ‘sofa,’ a couple of individuals, even designers, genuinely understand the difference.

Is a couch, in fact, more laid-back than a sofa? Does it look various? Does it feel different?

And, if you go to a display room requesting a couch, will you get sneered at for not utilizing the term ‘sofa’?

Potentially, but those individuals are rude, state our specialist sources.

That’s due to the fact that there’s little difference in between them, but the distinctions that do exist deserve keeping in mind, if not for actual use, then at least for having another enjoyable fact in your celebration conversation toolbox.

The Definition of Couch

Sofa Vs Couch This Is Couch Dogtime

The term ‘couch‘ is derived from the French term ‘coucher,’ which meaning is ‘to lie down,’ or ‘to rest.’

This meaning does coincide with the way the term is usually utilized, which is a little bit more casual than ‘sofa.’

“They’re readily interchangeable, but I call them all a sofa since I’ve been in the market for so long,” Skip Rumley, the vice president of style and imaginative direction at Heritage Home Group said.

“But if I saw a big, fluffy, overstuffed furniture piece that might recline and was in, state, a man cave, that’s a couch,” he added.

The Difference Between Sofa And Couch

According to what’s stated in eBay selling guide that assists sellers separate in between sofas and couches, the term ‘couch’ may likewise come from the French word ‘couche,’ which is utilized to describe ‘a furniture piece with no arms used for lying.’ (Even though it seems uncommon to discover sofas without arms today…)

“A couch is something lay on, curl up on, and let a dog rest on,” states Rumley.

“A couch is where somebody crashes when they remain over. Your kids are allowed on it, and you can have chips on a couch.”

Essentially, your pets and kids like sofas a lot better than couches.

The Definition of Sofa

Difference Between Sofa And Couch Tremost E1492605665985

As stated in the eBay selling guide, ‘sofa‘ comes from the Arabic word, suffah, which describes a wood bench that’s covered in cushions and blankets. Read: Not so great for curling up on and sleeping.

Still, sofa tends to be the market requirement.

“I rarely hear individuals using couch in this industry,” said the owner and sofa specialist at High Fashion Home, Dolley Levan Frearson.

“If I do, it’s generally from individuals who aren’t knowledgeable about house décor. But I didn’t understand there was really a difference. I always simply thought couch was a casual term for a sofa.”

Difference Couch Sofa

Couches are generally connected with hosting and formal occasions, according to eBay.

They might seat 4 or more individuals, compared with a couch, which typically seats 2 to 3 people; making couches much better for homeowners who welcome a lot of company.

However, at the end of the day, it’s not a difference worth worrying about.

“There’s an ounce of pretense when individuals fix you and say, it’s not a couch, it’s a sofa,” states Rumley.

“I believe that’s ridiculous. Call it what you desire, however at the end of the day, a sofa might simply be a more official concept of a couch.”

In Summary

This is a broad generalization, however, for the typical consumer, these two ideas will keep it simple.

With these generalizations, comes a couple of extra presumptions:


  • Couches have a tendency to be smaller.
  • Typically used for laying down.
  • Couches have the tendency to have tapered backs.


  • Sofas have a tendency to be larger than a couch.
  • Normally used for taking a seat.
  • Sofas tend to have a uniform back.