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Different Types of Carpet (A Complete Guide)

By: Allan Bryce
Loop Pile Carpet

In your house, you must want something more to cover your flooring other than the floor itself. Carpets and rugs would be a great choice. You and I can install both in many kinds of rooms, such as the living room, bedroom, even kitchen.

I have discussed the types of rugs you can consider here. Let’s talk about the carpet for now!

There are some different details from different types of carpets. Some may be more preferable than others, but you always have choices.

The types of carpets are divided into two categories; based on the construction and based on the fiber materials. Without any further due, let’s get to the list!

Based on The Construction

Carpets have woven piles on the surface and they are constructed differently. Based on the construction, types of carpet are divided into two, loop pile and cut pile.

1. Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpet
Shaw Floors

Loop pile carpets are crooked into small loops. This kind of construction has two kinds of the loop, they are level loop and multi-level loops.

Level loop carpet, or often called Berber, has very short loops. It feels almost flat, very level. This suits the room with high traffic just like you can see in the loop carpet gallery by Shaw Floors, and more resistant to wear-and-tear in comparison to those with high loop or pile.

Multi-level loops, on the other hand, have various height of loop to make the carpet more textured. Different loops of the pile are also designed to create the patterned surface as well.

2. Cut Pile

Cut Pile construction of carpets has its plied strand composed of fibers that are cut at the end.

The feeling of that part being cut is the softer feeling on the surface. Here are different kinds of pile carpets which have different durability as well.

  • Plush

Plush Carpet
Northside Floors

You can easily notice a Plush carpet can b looking at its luxuriousness and dense weave. It is made of recycled material, make it one of the eco-friendly carpets.

However, it needs a longer time to vacuum and clean, due to the high density of the weave. Also, you can see the stain and mark from the footstep clearly on the surface of this carpet.

  • Saxony

Saxony Carpet

This type of carpet is a cut pile. As you guys can see in the image of the Uniq floor, the carpet is very dense. Also, it has that warm and soft feeling under your feet, though.

People misunderstand this as plush carpet, sometimes. That is because the feeling underfoot and the luxuriousness from this kind of carpet is similar, but Saxony has more density.

Saxony carpet is suitable for your bedroom or living room. It can also add some values to the decoration.

You heard about the good already. For the downside part, Saxony carpet leaves marks from footprints and also the marks after being vacuumed.

  • Textured


Textured Carpet

The textured carpet s one of the most popular ones because it provides patterns which embossed to the surface. Cut-pile and twisted fiber are what textured carpet is made from.

Therefore it is not likely that the textured carpet looks dirty. This is good news for the room with high traffic, I believe.

However, make sure to clean it regularly, for the placement of a doormat or anything dusty near the carpet can make it looks darker and paler. Therefore you need to install it very well by trusting it to the professionals.

  • Frieze

Frieze Carpet

Here we have a frieze carpet. Frieze carpet is like the modern version of the carpet you see in the 70’s type of movie.

Besides, Frieze carpet is pretty much durable because it has twisted fibers that require little maintenance as well. But of course, regular cleaning is always necessary.

Finally, there are some downsides you need to know as a consideration before choosing a frieze carpet. Frieze carpet, you see, does not easily stain.

However, once it stains and gets some dents, the frieze carpet is gonna be rather difficult to clean.

Based On The Fiber Materials

1. Nylon

Types Of Rug - Nylon

Nylon carpet is the synthetic type of carpet fiber. This type of carpet is considered as the most flexible and versatile type of carpet materials. That is why you’re gonna find nylon carpet in almost every place that sells carpeting materials.

Nylon is also one of the most durable materials of carpet which you can color very easily. Nylon fiber is also available either in a loop or cut style.

2. Olefin

Olefin Carpet Material

Olefin carpet is a polypropylene carpet material which stands for a water-resistance material and does not absorb water. By having polypropylene material, olefin is resistant towards stain, chemical, and the fading color process.

However, olefin usually comes in fewer options of color. Another last point is easy to maintain and clean.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic Carpet

Besides nylon, acrylic is another synthetic fiber of carpeting. This carpet is made of acrylonitrile which means clear plastic. Acrylic is the type that has the most similar texture, feel, and look to the wool carpet. Acrylic is cheaper in cost, though.

What’s good about acrylic is that it has a bright color and it does not fade even under high exposure of sunlight. Plus, acrylic is also one of the easiest fibers to clean. However, acrylic stains easily to oils and chemicals.

4. Wool

Types Of Rug - Wool

Here is for you, natural squad! Wool is the most natural material of carpeting fibers although sometimes the manufacture mixes it with nylon fiber too. That could add the value of durability to the carpet, though.

This is also the carpet which has the most luxurious looks. However, the cost talks the same, though. Therefore you need to consider many things before choosing which type of carpet you want to use.

This may sound like a bit of homework for you to think that much consideration. However, this would all be very worth it once you know the disadvantage and the advantage that you can take from those different characteristics which are maybe more preferable for you.

Once you get the best type for your carpeting ideas, then go for it and put your creativity to install the carpet. It’s always good to have a backup budget for the professionals you might want to hire though.