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DIY Fire Pit Ideas

By: Jennifer Bailey
Diy Fire Pit Area

Having a backyard might be the best thing that you have. Some people even use their garden as gathering places.

If you frequently invite some of your friends to your house, you need to change this corner to be more attractive.

One of the best ways is to have a fire pit. When the summer comes, you can sit around in the backyard and get a warm feel from the fire pit that you have.

If you still have no idea but want to have it so hard, here are the best recommendations of DIY fire pits for your backyard.

DIY Gas Fire Pit

Make A Fire Pit

If you have a rounded patio table, you can get a gas fire pit. It must be a perfect corner for gathering around with your family. It is also easy to make it.

For the first, you just need to make a hole in the middle of the table.

Then, put a flat bar-shaped in a circle and paint it. For the last, you can set the supplies like brass, copper, and propane.

This fire pit will be completed perfectly with small benches around. Two or three benches are enough.

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DIY Concrete Table Fire Pit

How To Build A Fire Pit

Some people prefer to have a durable fire pit. It is reasonable since you can use it for a longer time.

For this kind of fire pit, a concrete fire pit is the best solution. A solid foundation is vital. You have to make sure that you have added sand or rock to get to the level of the area.

You can build an interior form with the shape that you want before having concrete. After finished, you can add gravel into it then put a big bowl in the middle.

For the finishing, add some beautiful rocks around there.

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DIY Family Fire Pit

How To Build A Fire Pit

Gathering around in the backyard at night must be the greatest moment with your family. Especially for you, who have little children.

You can do camp and any other adventurous things there. In that situation, a fire pit must be presented.

If you prefer having a permanent fire pit, so you can build it from bricks. Like building the usual type of fire pit, just make sure that you have a strong foundation.

Then, you can choose to use charcoal, woods, or anything to lift the fire. This family fire pit will be perfect if you can place comfortable benches for your family members.

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DIY Fire Pit with Grill

How To Build A Fire Pit

A fire pit is not only for a warmer. It can be a barbecue site where you can grill some meats or any kind of food that you like.

You can build this fire pit by using bricks or big stones. The shape and large might be optional, but make sure that it will be enough to grill.

To make it simple, make the grill permanent on it by welding the grill with the fire pit’s corner. Once you want to grill something on it, you just need to place it on.

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Fire Pit with Swing Set

Diy Firepit Plans

If you already have a fire pit in the backyard but want to make it look more amazing, you can add some items around. You can have a swing set around your fire pit.

Rebuilding is not needed; you just need to build the swing. Get a hexagon form for the upper side and then create some six pillars around. Make sure that they are strong enough.

For the swings, you can use benches with no legs. Hang them around, and you can paint them or let it get natural color.

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DIY Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Diy Firepit Plans

Have you missed the moment of the bonfire with your friends?

You can present that memory again in your backyard by having a stacked stone fire pit. The first thing to do is to measure the size of the fire pit that you want.

As long as it will not cover half more of your backyard, it will be fine. Then, build the fire pit in a circle by using stacking stone but let the outer side empty.

This empty side is where the woods will be, so you can enjoy the moment like when you are in a bonfire.

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DIY Mini Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

You do not need to worry if you do not have enough space in your backyard. You can build a mini fire pit by using simple things around your house, like a buffer and flower pot.

You can also prepare a wick and small bottle with oil for where the fire will come out. Make sure that the bottle is not bigger than the pot, but enough for the wick that you have.

If it feels empty, you can add some pretty stone or glasses. It is so easy, simple, and unique. Since it will not take too much space, you can save it when you do not need it.

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DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

Make A Fire Pit

No backyard and limited space is not a reason to make you stop your dream for having a fire pit.

A tabletop fire pit is the best solution for you who want to have a super mini fire pit without taking too much space. You need fire glass, woods, nails, and gel fuel.

Then, cut the woods into four pieces and nail them together. To make it more appealing, you can paint it and make sure to let it dry thoroughly.

Put the gel fuel inside and make some space between them. For finishing, smash the glass into pieces and add around the gel fuel inside the box.

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DIY Square Stone Fire Pit

Diy Fire Pit Plan

Building a permanent fire pit is mostly using cement and jackstone. It is reasonable to make it durable.

You can build it without those materials. You can depend on a durable stone by stacking them neatly. Since you will not use cement, make sure that you choose the square-shaped ones.

Two stacks of stones are enough with one stack of different stone as the top side. Finally, your fire pit is ready to fill up with firewoods.

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DIY Metal Sheet Fire Pit

How To Build A Fire Pit

The simplest fire pit is made from a metal sheet. If you are too lazy to build a permanent one, this fire pit is the best solution for you.

You can get a metal sheet then shape it into a square, a circle, or even a hexagon.

It does not have a base, so you have to make sure that it will not be on the grass. You can hoe the ground and place the fire pit on.

Then, add some firewoods into the fire pit. Finished! Your stargazing in the night is completed with it.

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DIY Fire Pit from Cinderblocks

Diy Firepit Plans

Are there any used cinder blocks at your home?

Wait, Don’t throw it! It can be used as a fire pit.

You do not need to purchase new materials for it. Choose the used bricks that still have good shape, then stack them around.

However, make sure that the base is non-grass. If you want, you can make a base first and then stack the bricks on it. It looks so cool even without any decoration.

DIY In-Ground Fire Pit from Stacked Bricks

Backyard Fire Pit Design

Besides cinder blocks, bricks are also perfect for a fire pit. The first thing you need to do is hoe the ground into 10 to 20 cm in a circle or square shape.

Then, stack around the bricks in standing position and lay the bricks around for the upper side.

If you want to make it beautiful, you can add small stones into it.

Backyard Fire Pit with Bench

Make A Fire Pit

There are so many ways to make a perfect fire pit in your house. Some people prefer having a portable fire pit, and some of them prefer having a permanent one.

If you have more space and frequently do activities in your backyard, the permanent fire pit with a half-circle bench is the most perfect one.

You can choose the corner side of your backyard to build a half-circle bench.

For the base, you can use stones that will be shaped around the bench and fire pit. A half-circle base for the bench and full circle in the middle for the fire pit.

Don’t forget to leave a space in the middle of the big circle as a place of firewoods.

Moreover, the space under the bench can be used as a storage of woods.

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DIY Concrete Fire Pit

Diy Fire Pit Plan

The materials that you need are mixing concrete, a big bowl, a bowl in a smaller size, grill grate, vegetable oil, small rocks for decoration, and gel fuel.

Firstly, spray the vegetable into the big bowl.

Then, you can add the mixing concrete into it. Make sure that you shape it well.

Before it gets dry, you should place a smaller bowl that has an outer-side sprayed by vegetable oil into it.

To secure it, you can give a weight by placing some rocks on it. After getting dry, break the big bowl and take the smaller one out.

Place the gel fuel for the fireplace into the concrete fire pit. Add the grill grate and small rocks on the top.

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DIY Fire Pit from Old Washing Machine Tub

Diy Firepit Plans

What will you do with your broken washing machine?

Of course, you will dump it since it will not work anymore.


You cannot throw your broken washing machine in all parts. You can take the tube out and turn it into a beautiful fire pit. If the color is not really good, you can repaint it.

Make sure that you have cleaned it all, so there will be no dust or stain. Place the tube in your backyard and set the fire inside. It is perfect when you want to do a bonfire with it.

Simple DIY Fire Pit Idea

Make A Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is actually so easy. You just need some materials like a metal ring, concrete stones, adhesive, colored spray color, and digging tools.

You have to measure the size of your landscape that will be used as a fire pit.

After preparing all the things, you can start to place the metal ring on the prepared landscape.

Place three to four concrete stones on each side of the metal ring and mark around with colored spray paint.

If it is done, start to stack the concrete stones around by using adhesive. For finishing, fill the fire pit with small stones, and it is ready to use for your bonfire time.

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DIY Fire Pit from Earthenware

How To Build A Fire Pit

Earthenware is also the best choice for a simple fire pit. This material is strong enough for a fire, so it will be more durable.

You can prepare two different sizes of earthenware in the same shape and make it as one.

To make it steady, add beautiful small rocks into the earthenware. Your fire pit is ready! You can use gel fuel, fire wooden, or wick with oil.

Small Homemade Fire Pit

How To Build A Fire Pit


In-Ground Fire Pit

Make A Fire Pit

You need to dig the landscape deeper. Then, build the base with durable foundation materials and build it around the wooden boards.

After that, you can make a fire pit from concrete with the shape that you want and place it in the middle.

Although it will take more time, space, and cost to build, it is highly satisfying. You will get the coziest corner in your house, and spending time with your friends will be more memorable.

Outdoor Cozy Fire Pit

Diy Firepit Plans

Basically, you do not need too many things to build a fireplace. Just dig the area where you want to build it and prepare the materials that you have in the house.

You can use small stones for decoration, big rocks for fire pits, and some comfortable benches.

After digging the area, you can spread some pebbles on that. Make sure that the pebbles cover the area evenly, so there will be no wavy surface.

Then, place the big stones as a fire pit in the middle. For the last, get your most comfortable benches and place them around.

Don’t forget to prepare the firewoods and get your bonfire tonight!

Build A Fire Pit Using An Unused Pot

Diy Fire Pit Plan

An unused pot also can be used for your fire pit. With the material that you have, you just need to modify it. Like planting some flowers, you can fill up the pot with soil.

However, you have to make sure that you have placed the pot at the exact corner.

Then, get your firewoods and arrange them on the pot.

Just as simple as that! You do not need much time to make it. The unused pot is easy and fast to build, but still elegant.

Cheap DIY Fire Pit

Diy Firepit Plans

Don’t worry if you have a limited budget for building a fire pit. Just go to a home depot and find some of the affordable materials.

The recommended one is a gray paver, which is only around $0.68 to $0.77 for each. For the base, you can purchase a square paver that has a lower price and paver sand.

Just stack around the large grey pavers into a circle in two levels, then place the smaller one as a base.

After finishing the first base, pour the sand pavers on it and place the second layer base.

Finally, you get a cheap yet strong pit paver by spending no more than $70.

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DIY Portable Fire Pit from Old Shopping Cart

Backyard Fire Pit Design

Do you need something unusual? A shopping cart is the best one. It might sound a little bit crazy, but it is truly an amazing idea.

You just need to fill the cart with wood and spray oil on it, the fire will be set.

To prevent any dust and bacteria, you have to make sure that the cart has been sterilized and in good condition.

The amazing thing from this kind of fire pit is you can move it around. It is a portable one. Just place some woods on the bottom side of the cart and move it to where you want to get it.

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