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DIY Headboard Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Diy Headboard Ideas From Wood 7

Headboard becomes one of the bedroom decorations that can also be multifunctional for your bedroom. Not all beds have headboards attached to it.

Thus, some people are making their own headboards which can be suitable in their bedroom style.

There are some styles and materials that can be chosen to actualize your dream headboards.

This article will give you some ideas to build and style your own headboards with various designs that can meet your taste to decorate your bedroom.

Small Beams Arrangement for Headboard

Wood Headboard Ideas

A lot of headboard materials give more aesthetic function to your bed, one of them is from wooden materials.

Arrangement of small wooden beams as displayed can be a simple way to decorate your bed as it can add more natural vibes to your bedroom.

You can also combine this wooden beams headboard with other simple bedroom stuff in blue and white to increase the natural look of your bedroom.

Wooden plank for Headboard

Wood Headboard Ideas

If you are looking for simple headboard decoration, a wooden plank can also be your option to decorate your headboard.

This wooden plank can create a more natural look to your bedroom since its colors can naturally give a forest vibe to your bedroom.

Combining this wooden plank with some basic colors such as white, black, bronze will be a good idea.

Tight and high beams for headboard

Homemade Headboard Ideas

Not every person loves to have more design or decoration for their bedroom.

Yet, if you still want to have a simple decoration with a natural look, you can choose to build a headboard that has higher height as a common headboard made from beams arranged in tight and you will have a natural pattern from the beams.

You do not need to put another decoration since this kind of headboard will take some spaces in your bedroom.

Short arrangement of beams for headboard

Easy To Make Headboard Ideas

There are some kinds of materials that are available for creating a headboard. Yet, wood is still the best material chosen for having a natural look of the headboard.

This is because woods can be suitable for various styles of bedroom decorations. One of the wooden headboards that you can create is from arranged beams.

You also can add decoration to your headboards by having some types of lights that can be suitable for your taste.

Window as headboard

Wood Headboard Ideas

Having additional headboards sometimes need to use more space from your bedroom.

Yet, if you do not want to put additional headboard to your bed, you can just make up your room and organize your stuff then set your bed to be attached to your window.

This window can be the headboard of your bed. Another good thing from making your window as the headboard for your bed is you can easily open the window every time you want.

Natural look headboard

Homemade Headboard Ideas

The headboard is more functioned as a bed decoration since it can help you to decorate your room to have a bedroom look as you want.

The wooden headboard is the most applicable headboard as it can be suitable for various ornaments in your room.

You do not have to be worried about its color as it will be suitable for any color.

You can make it either from natural wood or the artificial one and combine the same with another matching ornament or the colorful one.

Christmas shed door style for headboards

Wood Headboard Ideas

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom to have a Christmas vibe, you can put this shed door for headboard style and combine the same with some related Christmas stuff.

Adding a string of lamps on this kind of headboard will give more warmth to your bedroom.

Artificial plants/leaves can also be added to frame this headboard to have a more Christmas look so you do not need the pine tree inside your bedroom.

Bronze wooden headboards

Wood Headboard Ideas

If you like to have more natural colors in your bedroom, you can choose dark wood materials that also can make your bedroom look fabulous. This headboard can be suitable for other bedroom stuff that has basic colors like white, black, and any brown tone.

It somehow looks quite an old school, yet the design will create a simple look for your bedroom as you do not have to put more ornaments on it.

Wooden beams headboards

Diy Headboard Ideas

This is the example of rustic headboards with a little design which makes your bedroom look more fabulous.

Showing off the natural color of wooden beams can be a good idea for your bedroom. Adding a room plant or its artificial one will increase a natural vibe to your room.

Combining some ornaments in white can give a more warm sensation which will affect you to relax while sleeping or just laying down to have a little rest.

Short wooden plank headboards

Homemade Headboard Ideas

Some people create various headboards with their own style. If you want to have a green, natural, or forest vibe in your bedroom, a wooden plank headboard can be one of the best choices for you.

Decorating your room with several green materials either natural or artificial ones like room plants, green bed sheets, pillow and bolster covers will create your room more fabulous.

Yet, a short headboard will be better for this bedroom theme, since it will give more space for you to put another decoration.

Ceiling headboard

Headboard Ideas For Master Bedroom

You will need more effort to make this type of headboard since it needs more materials and space yet it will worth the final look of your bedroom.

This kind of headboard is quite multifunction since it does not only decorate your bed but also your ceiling.

You can also put a matching decoration light to the part that is attached to your ceiling and a little wall decoration to the headboard.

It will strengthen the nuance that you want to create from this type of headboard.

Natural wood headboard

Diy Headboard Ideas

This type of headboard much more looks like wooden packaging for fragile things. This would be a creative headboard to both decorate your bed and the wall in your bedroom.

You can design this headboard to have a little table or space so if you want to have some ornaments or put some plants, you do not have to attach the same to the headboard, yet you only need to make up space or table to put those things like in the picture below.

Rustic headboard

Cheap Headboard Ideas

Combining the natural color of wood and white will be a good idea for you who love to have rustic themes in your bedroom.

Maybe for some people, they will find out how to have a proportional ornament combination to apply this theme beautifully.

Here, as you can see in the picture, you can combine some basic colors such as white, grey, and brown to build rustic nuance in your bedroom.

You can put a wood headboard that covers the wall in your bedroom to have natural brown or bronze color. You may also attach various ornaments or photographs to it.

Wooden headboard with a small table

Easy To Make Headboard Ideas

Some bed types have been completed with its headboard. Yet, if your bed has no headboard or you want to change your headboard style, you can choose to make your creative headboard.

There are several material options that you can choose. One of the most preferable materials is a wooden headboard.

You can also custom your headboard to have a bed-side table so you can put some stuff there.

Decorating your headboard with some indoor plants or its artificial one can be the best choice to have a more natural headboard look.

Wooden bedside cabinet headboard

Diy Headboard Ideas

Wooden headboard becomes one of the most favorite types of the headboard as it can be neutral and suitable with various bedroom stuff and colors.

The headboard is not only a decoration yet it can also be made as multifunctional stuff.

As in the picture below, there are bedside cabinets which are one set with the headboard that can be very useful for you to organize your personal stuff.

This picture is also one of the examples in combining a matching bedstead, headboard, bed-side cabinets, blue bed cover, and other colorful bed stuff.

Natural wood shape for headboard

Headboard Ideas For Master Bedroom

Wooden headboard with a natural shape can also be good to decorate your bedroom.

It is quite simple but looks good for your simple bedroom. This type of headboard can also be made by yourself.

You just need to find a wood plank with appropriate size as you want and clean it up and paint it with wood paint and varnish to make it durable and have a better look with its natural solid wood color.

Combining with other plain colors will also be good to make a simple nuance to your bedroom.

Sunshine-cover headboard

Wood Headboard Ideas

Headboards are one of the bedroom decorations that also can be multifunction stuff.

Some people make their headboards as cabinets to put some of their stuff so they do not need to have an additional bed-side table to organize their stuff.

Another idea from the headboard is making this bed decoration as a sunshine cover which means that you need to make it covering the head part of your bed like a cubicle.

You can also give a little space in this cubicle to put a bed-side table and give a little decoration.

Greyish headboard

Homemade Headboard Ideas

Another option for a simple headboard is a grey headboard with a natural pattern. You can make it from various material choices such as wood or its artificial, granite, fabric, and some others.

Yet, the most chosen material is usually wood or its artificial one as it can be found easily, some can be made in low budget and suitable with various stuff and colors.

As in the picture below, you can make a similar headboard from wood or its artificial ones and paint it with grey color by letting the natural pattern of it peeping out.

Cute pastel headboard

Easy To Make Headboard Ideas

Besides having the option of several natural wooden headboards, you can also have the creation of headboards that can be suitable for your color taste.

One of the examples in the below picture with a cute pastel headboard. This pastel headboard can be made from several materials including woods or its artificial.

You can choose the color to fit in with your bedroom decoration to make it look more lovely and cozy for having a good quality of sleep or even only for a nap.

Multifunction headboard

Homemade Headboard Ideas

Besides as a decoration for your bed, the headboard can also be made as a multifunction bedroom cabinet.

As you can see below, another option of a wooden headboard is made by having some spaces like cabinets to put several stuff and decorations.

By having this type of headboard, you do not need to put any bed-side table as it can replace its function.

You may also have the size of this headboard larger than your bed size to have wider space to put your stuff.

Simple beams headboard

Homemade Headboard Ideas

Headboard from beams is one of the options to have a simple and natural look of the headboard.

Having the natural color of wood can give a more elegant impression of elegance for your room.

Combining some bedroom stuff in true basic colors such as white, light brown, and grey will be a good idea too as it gives another simple and warm vibe but lovely look.

You can enjoy these types of decorations for your bedroom while having a good nap from your busy day.

Design wooden headboards

Easy To Make Headboard Ideas

A simple headboard does not mean you cannot have or create any design or painting to your headboard.

As can be seen below, you can create a simple design to decorate your headboard with one color tone that is black to make it dominant and prominent from the color of your wooden headboard. This type of headboard still looks simple but cute by having bird design. You may also add some wooden photo frames to decorate your wall around the headboard.

Wooden headboard for Grey bedroom

Wood Headboard Ideas

Some people believe that grey is a balanced color so it can be neutral to be combined to any color. Having a grey color in your bedroom is a good idea if you are a formal and simple person.

Yet, you do not have to be worried if you still want to have a wooden headboard since it can also be suitable for your grey bedroom.

You better choose a light wooden headboard to give a little different nuance but still commensurate with your bedroom style.