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8 Front Door Awning Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Investing in a door awning is a great way to add to the aesthetics of your home while also protecting your front door. It’s a great option to consider, especially if you live someplace with harsher weather conditions.

But if you’re not quite sure which front door awning to choose, don’t panic! We got you. Here are 8 front door awning ideas that will inspire you to invest in one yourself.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Strong Convex Awning

The most important thing about awnings is the protection they provide. After all, no matter how cute the awning might look, if it doesn’t offer proper protection of your home and your front door, you sadly wasted your money. But that won’t be the case with a strong convex awning such as this one.

It’s a great modern front door awning made of strong durable materials that will make sure to last throughout harsh weather. But it also has that modern edge that can make it look amazing on top of your front door, all while being functional.

A Large Modern Awning Goes Well With Practically Anything

If you have one of those gorgeous glass doors, they likely need some proper protection. But it’s important to choose a large awning that will ensure your entire door frame is protected!

A large modern front door awning will keep your front door protected. This awning will be your favorite purchase with unbreakable roof panels and a sturdy modern frame as it fits beautifully over practically any type of door!

A Clear Straight Awning Is a Stunning Minimalistic Pick

For those of you who are into minimalism, but need a door awning, we got you covered! Awnings don’t need to be overbearing, and if you choose the right one, they will blend so well into your home you’ll feel like it was there forever.

This straight awning is a great option! It’s very subdued, but its sleek look has its charm. It’s quite a modern piece, perfect for minimalist homes. Not to mention it’s made out of high-end materials, so it will last a long time – which goes well with the principles of minimalism!

Aluminum Awning Is Amazing for Places With Harsh Weather

Perhaps you need a super sturdy variant! That’s especially important when you live in places where heat or cold are more on the extreme side. And this specific aluminum awning is one of the best front door awning ideas for such an occasion. 

Made out of powder-coated aluminum it will simply never rust! And besides that, it will make sure to keep your home safe from harsh rain, snow, and sun. It’s a fantastic option that will keep you protected and ensure your door doesn’t fade.

An Awning Made of Fabric Is Often a Super Cute Choice

Going for an awning made of fabric might be a bit unusual these days. It’s something you usually see in front of shops. But they can look gorgeous even above your front door, ensuring an adorable look that feels a bit retro.

An awning such as this one is easy to put up and take down when needed. It also makes sure your door and furnishings are safe from fading, and it also reduces heat, which is more than important in super warm areas! We can’t recommend it enough.

Choose an Awning With Antique Elements for a Traditional Look

When we think of awnings we often imagine those dramatic antique ones that are reminiscent of Art Nouveau Paris metros. It’s an interesting look that can’t help but hold your attention. But of course, going for a toned-down version suits our homes a bit better. 

These antique-looking ornaments on the side of the awning, as well as a circular top, is a gorgeous look. It fits wonderfully with many homes, especially those that lean more toward the traditional style. This is one of our favorite entry door awning ideas!

Pick a Metal Awning for a Chic Look

Another great sturdy awning material is, believe it or not, metal. Metal awnings are solid meaning they’re surely going to protect your home from all harsh conditions. Perfect for industrial homes, as well as chic modern ones, it’s an awning style that will fit so well in your home.

This specific one is fantastic because of its innovative design. It is super easy to put up, and it can fit over doors and windows. Made out of durable metal that can withstand harsh wind and snow, what more could you want out of an awning?

A Sloped Metal Frame Makes for a Fantastic Awning

Even though ‘form follows function’ was a popular saying during a certain period in architecture, here we have the proof that you can have both. Some awnings will enhance the look of your house in a matter of seconds, and this is one of them!

Both sturdy and stylish, this awning makes sure your home looks pleasant and inviting. It blocks out harmful UV light while making sure you still get some sunshine! It’s a gorgeous option that we can’t recommend enough!

In Conclusion

There are quite a few options when it comes to awnings. There are quite a few different sizes, materials, and overall styles to choose from. But the most important thing is to pick out a sturdy awning that will protect your front door.

Here we have some gorgeous robust awnings that will keep your home safe from extreme weather, harsh sunlight, and fading, while also looking splendid. And we hope we inspired you to get your awning with some of these. Happy shopping!