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9 Front Porch Lighting Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Your front porch is the first thing you’ll see each time you enter your home. It’s also the last thing you’ll see before driving off to work, school, or your next adventure. This makes it an extremely important part of your home.

On that note, don’t you agree that your front porch deserves to be decorated with ultimate care and complete attention? If yes, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the best front porch lighting ideas that are trending right now. You’ll find them below:

Install a Modern, All-Black Box Light 

This stunning box-shaped light is perfect for modern homes that appreciate minimalist design.

Thanks to its straightforward, all-black-everything approach, this light will easily blend into any contemporary-style front porch. 

The lamp’s exterior flaunts a sleek, matte texture that adds a unique charm. Its transparent glass paneling also allows the onlooker to appreciate the stylish light bulb that’s fitted inside.

This is also an excellent small front porch lighting option thanks to its compact yet stylish design. You can easily mount it atop your porch’s front wall thanks to its large, box-shaped fixture. Then, step back and watch as it brings the area to life with its soft, unmistakable glow.

Decorate with a Sleek Plate Lamp 

If you’re looking for a stylish, monotone lamp to mount upon your front porch’s walls, look no further.

This elegant plate-shaped lamp offers a stylish take on vintage lights by redesigning them to fit modern décor standards. Its unique, curved lamp handle reflects antique-style decoration pieces. 

On the other hand, its matte black approach pays ode to contemporary design.

Its wide brim also allows it to cast more light across your porch than the average lamp would. There’s virtually zero drawbacks associated with installing this stunning lamp!

Dress Up Your Porch with Globe String Lights 

Imagine walking into a front porch that’s draped with seemingly endless strings of globe-shaped fairy lights. Wouldn’t that look so pretty?

So, if you’re looking for a way to add lively, eye-catching lighting to your front porch, consider these stunning string lights. Each light flaunts a bare look, allowing you to look right through it till you spot its glowing tungsten wire.

These string lights are perfect for farmhouse-themed patios thanks to their bare, organic look. They’re also an excellent screened in porch lighting option. You can easily install them behind any screen thanks to their flexible design.

Opt for Rattan Covered Porch Lighting 

Rattan is an organic material that’s quite common amongst bohemian and farmhouse-style homes. Though most people prefer to use rattan for their baskets, there’s no rule that says you can’t use it for your lights, too!

This beautiful overhead lamp is perfect for outdoor spaces that radiate a cozy, comfortable vibe. Its flawless wood finish makes this light perfect for contemporary-style homes, too. There’s no room for shabbiness within this light – so don’t shy away from adding it to your new front porch!   

Try a Festive Look with Star-Shaped Pendant Lights 

This brightly-lit star is perfect for homeowners in search for creative porch lighting options. Their eye-catching shape makes them an excellent option to dress up your front porch with. 

In fact, they’ll look extra-lovely when flaunted during the winter holidays. These star-shaped lights will perfectly match the season’s aesthetic and bring joy to everyone who sees them!

However, they might collect lint and dust over time due to their canvas covering. So, be sure to regularly dust them!

Opt for a Farmhouse-Style Lantern Lamp 

This vintage lantern-style lamp is perfect for farmhouse-style homes thanks to its eye-catching bohemian design.

It contains a single bulb on the inside, allowing it to cast a soft glow across the patio. So, if you’re searching for an option with a harsher lighting effect, look elsewhere.

Though this lamp may not do much to sufficiently brighten your patio, it’ll do plenty to encourage a calm, serene atmosphere. Plus, it has an unmistakably vintage vibe to it, making it perfect for old-style homes.

Install a Pearl-Shaped Outdoor Pendant Light 

This stunning, spherical lamp perfectly captures the essence of the sea’s greatest treasure: the freshwater pearls hidden within the unsuspecting oyster’s mouth. So, if you’d like to pay ode to the ocean or compliment your home’s coastal décor theme, consider this pearly lamp.

It’s also fitted with a series of hollow rings from which it hangs. These rings mimic the lamp’s own shape and help accentuate the product’s overall beauty. Their appealing silver color makes them perfect for modern homes that appreciate metallic accents.

Go Grand with an Outdoor Chandelier 

If your patio includes other grand elements (like a large, wooden bonfire area, for example), you’ll need impressive lighting to match.

This wooden, antique-themed chandelier is perfect for farmhouse-style homes. Thanks to its ode to organic materials and abundant use of glass lamps, this chandelier will seamlessly blend into your farmhouse patio.

Plus, its many lamps will allow it to cast a breathtaking, all-encompassing glow across your entire patio space. What’s not to love?

Reinvent Your Style with a Modern Glass Bubble Wall Lamp

Modern design is all about maintaining clean, precise lines that deliver a stunning, stylish aesthetic. This lamp does all that, and more! Its crystal-clear bubble covering enhances its visual appeal. 

It also allows all the light that’s being generated by the bulb inside to reach the outdoor setting. Thanks to this, there is minimal light-loss. Hence, you won’t need to install too many of these lamps. A single pair is enough to light up the entire patio.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, porch lights come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. There’s heavy pendant lights and overhead chandeliers, wall-mounted lamps and minimalist black lights.

The lamp you ultimately settle for should reflect your porch’s overall design aesthetic. So, for example, if you’ve opted for a farmhouse-style porch, be sure to find a lamp that fits the theme! Anything else will look out of place and compromise your porch’s visual appeal.