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8 Glass Front Door Privacy Solutions

By: Sara Čurić

Glass doors are wonderful. They look beautiful and they often allow for some extra natural light, which is always a plus. But some people avoid them because of their downside which is – privacy issues. You don’t want just about anyone to be able to pry inside your home or room.

But there’s a solution to every modern problem. And here we offer you some of our best glass front door privacy solutions that will keep you safe from prying eyes!

Vertical Blinds Are Always a Good Choice

One of the easiest and most common ways to keep your privacy is to invest in blinds. They’re also great for when you need to darken your room and keep the harmful UV rays outside.  Blinds are durable and pretty long-lasting, which is always a bonus.

Another fantastic thing about blinds is that you can find ones that fit your home aesthetic. There are many kinds, though we can’t help but love these s-shaped vertical blinds. They’re very elegant as they drape beautifully. And their beige color makes them super versatile, perfect for almost any home.

Window Film Is Stylish While Giving You Privacy

Window film is a genius invention. Inspired by stained glass, it creates an atmosphere like no other, contributing to the aesthetic of your home, while also giving you privacy.

There are dozens of options for window film, and they’re all pretty easy to apply, so it’s up to you to find the right design that fits your home. We recommend this nostalgic floral film, which will easily transform your door into a grand decorative display!

A Frosted Window Decal Is Easy To Put Up

Another fantastic option when it comes to ensuring your privacy is to look for a frosted window decal. These decals are super easy to put up and can often be cut into different shapes, so they’re great for front door oval window privacy.

These decals are amazing as they still allow the sun inside, which is phenomenal for homes that are on the darker side. But these decals soften the sunlight creating a beautiful atmosphere while blocking up to 97% of harmful UV lights.

Curtains Are a Classic Choice

If you were wondering how to cover a glass front door for privacy, curtains might have crossed your mind. And if they did, you were absolutely right! They’re a great, classic choice even, that will make sure your home is safe from everyone’s prying eyes.

One of the best curtain options is to get those with a double rod pocket, so they won’t obstruct the door in any way. But the best part is that there are dozens of curtain styles and designs available so you can customize them to your liking.

Blackout Cellular Shades Are a Great Choice for French Doors

If you’re a proud owner of a french front door, this one’s for you. Blackout cellular shades are another option that’s super easy to put up. These shades also block light and add extra insulation which is always a bonus. 

They’re specifically designed for french doors, having a specially made wood frame around the perimeter of the shade. This makes them look sleek as it hides the working mechanisms of these shades. A fantastic option!

These Pocket Curtains Will Ensure Absolute Privacy

Pocket curtains are practically a must-have for doors with pocket windows! These little curtains make sure to ensure even the smallest of windows are hidden from prying eyes. And of course, you can pick the design of your liking, as they’re both functional and decorative.

These ones are semi-sheer which allows a portion of light in, which is great for creating that diffused ambiance. And they come with a refreshing geometric pattern that adds a modern touch to any home.

Roman Shades Keep You Safe From Heat and Prying Eyes

Another great choice that’s very similar to blinds are these roman shades. Made out of bamboo they’re durable and eco-friendly. They’re semi-sheer, meaning they diffuse the sunlight beautifully, which is perfect for creating a great ambiance.

They can be put up inside or outside depending on your preference. And in turn, they’ll make sure to keep you safe from cold drafts in the winter, and heat in the warm summer days. It’s a great weather-resistant option!

Mirror Glass Films Work Well in  Daylight

Even though they’re quite unusual, mirror glass films can be very useful for maintaining front door privacy. These are the types of films that reflect what’s happening outside in the daylight, working as a sort of a mirror to those who are trying to peek inside.

Although they’re not made for nighttime, these glass films offer an interesting alternative to your usual privacy solutions! And they add an interesting edge to the aesthetic of the house from the outside!


If your main concern when getting a glass door of any kind was the issue of privacy, don’t worry! As you can see there are plenty of options for all kinds of homes. From blinds to window stains, there’s something for everyone.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to maintain privacy in your home, while also keeping it stylish. Happy shopping!