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26 Gorgeous Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Try in 2021

By: Evelina Nilsson

Scientists believe that nature is the best remedy for a stressful mind. Being in nature and looking at all the greeneries makes you feel calmer.

Due to its association with nature, green color is often reckoned as a pacifying color. It is calming, exciting, and basically radiating a good feeling.

Such feelings are needed in the house, especially the kitchen so that the cooking experience will be improved greatly.

This post will give you 26 green kitchen cabinet ideas carefully selected to match different kitchen design schemes.

A Pop of Lime Green

A good meal is made in a good mood. To improve your mood while cooking, you can use a lime green color for the cabinet.

To truly bring out the energy, you can apply brighter and more neutral colors beforehand, such as white, which provides a clean background for the cabinet.

Now, the lime green cabinetry is giving a vibrant ambiance. Even the open cabinet becomes a cohesive feature in the kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Style with Mint Green Cabinetry

This kitchen design offers a retro look. And to go with the style, this design uses a mint green color for the cabinet. This is because the retro style needs a calmer shade.

The cabinetry is installed on a white background, and it is completed with a pop of cherry red seen on several items such as microwave, bowls, and window valance.

Sacramento Green Kitchen Adorned with Wall Arts

This Sacramento green falls on the calmer shade of green. It relaxes and soothes the eyes better.

The entire cabinetry is coated well with the color except for the gold undertone cabinet handles.

Extending the green to the wall requires making the wall one shade lighter than the cabinet, so the cabinet still stands out.

For a refreshing contrast, apply a white subway tile backsplash and dark granite countertop.

Hunter Green Kitchen Cabinet

This large kitchen space offers cabinets painted in hunter green shade to complement the rustic reclaimed wood element on the floor and the floating shelves.

White is again chosen to cover the background wall so that the green sticks out. The island and countertop are also incorporating a white marble top.

Savvy Storage Kitchen Cabinet Painted in Amazon Green

This kitchen provides a built-in cabinet with an inset cabinet door style. Against the white background, the amazon green shade looks prominent.

A white marble countertop is installed to make it more cohesive. Then, to add elegance, pick gold-colored faucet and cabinet handles and knobs.

Not to forget that the modern pendant light fixture adds special visual interest.

Refreshing Lime Green Cabinet

This striking lime green hue may not be the most common choice for the kitchen cabinet. However, it’s still a great option.

Its vibrant color spreads cheerfulness and positivity. If it is too bright for your taste, you can put the green together with the mahogany wood hue.

Now, the brightness of the lime green dwindles a little bit but still refreshing.

Nature and the outside world are brought into this kitchen.

Its lime green is designed to represent the energizing mother nature, and the mahogany brown is utilized to reflect the trees.

To let these colors pop out, use clean white as a background. Incorporate black coral quartz as a countertop to bring depth.

Reviving Lime Green on White Surface

Lime green is known as the bright shade of green. Its sharpness brings a calming effect.

If you want it to stand out, place it over a clean surface and let it sticks out. To infiltrate a contrast, utilize black ceramic floor tiles.

This way, the lime green cabinet consistently becomes the center of attention.

Two-Toned Green

This idea involves two different shades of green.

The most noticeable one is the chartreuse green painted on the base cabinet, backsplash tiles, modern chairs, and the contemporary lighting fixture above the breakfast table.

While it carries cheerfulness and an exciting mood, the other shade, which is parakeet green, brings a calmer feeling.

Therefore, they are a terrific combination of a lively kitchen.

Solid Kelly Green on Ceiling-height Cabinet

The intense mood brought by this kelly green is captivating.

As the breathtaking Irish landscape inspires its name, it will certainly win anybody’s heart due to its reminiscent nature.

The ceiling-height cabinetry is adjacent to the rustic floating shelves, making both kitchen features stand out against the white background.

Subtle & Gentle Fern Green One Wall Cabinet

If you prefer a subtle and gentle green shade, fern green is a perfect choice.

This earthy tone is inspired by the color of houseplants, bringing tranquility to the natural environment.

The design offers a one-wall kitchen style. It is also furnished with ergonomic features such as the hanging rods for pans and utensils.

Moreover, on the right side, the display cabinet enhances the visual interest of the kitchen.

Modern Lime Green Kitchen Cabinet

This lime green tone is applied in a modern kitchen cabinet.

This kitchen shows efficient features such as kitchen cookware organizer rod, plate rack, and range hood storage.

Moreover, the door and drawer fronts look stylish and up to date.

The choice to extend lime green shade to the square backsplash tiles is brilliant because, now, the kitchen looks fresher.

Kelly Green Accent on Floating Cabinet Box

This kitchen offers space-savvy decor. It features clean-cut floating cabinet boxes that leave you with more open space.

Another modern artistic design can be seen on the streamlined base cabinet doors.

Then, increasing the visual interest and overall feeling by putting together kelly green and oak wood.

Emerald Green Kitchen Base Cabinets

Enjoying cooking with a refreshing view, you will be provided with some black frame casement windows facing mood-restoring views.

While cooking, you are served with light emerald green base cabinet storage.

Moreover, the cabinet is paired with a clean white countertop. This combination of colors truly pleases the eyes.

Open Kitchen Concept with Lime Green Cabinet

This kitchen is designed with a wide-open concept, inviting more air to the area.

Accentuated by a streamlined cabinet design, an energizing shade of lime green gives dynamic appeal to the modern style kitchen.

It is equipped with updated features such as a floating shelf above the sink and a super functional open cabinet extension.

Pickle Green Built-in Cabinet

The gentle pickle green is showcased on the built-in cabinet, kitchen island, and cabinet inside the room.

To keep the pickle green as the primary color, use a lighter color that will go well against green.

Commonly, a lot of people choose white since it symbolizes cleanliness and perfection.

Notice that the island utilizes white Carrera marble adorned with some greeneries on pots.

Grassy Green Kitchen Cabinet Hidden behind Bifold Doors

Keep it under-the-table by hiding the kitchen behind bi-fold doors. The hinged doors that are stacked against the wall add a distinct feature.

Once the doors are open, a grassy green kitchen cabinet welcomes you with pleasant feelings. The green color truly sticks out and stimulating by combining with charcoal grey.

Two-toned Cabinet with Artistic Backsplash Tiles

Living in an apartment, you are faced with limited kitchen space. Utilizing the available space by installing a ceiling-height wall cabinet is an efficient idea.

Moreover, the light pastel green gives an eye-pleasing contrast to the dark Sacramento green base and island cabinets below it.

Increase the beauty by using distinct artistic backsplash tiles but still inserting modesty through the simple rustic countertop and a wooden stool.

Large One-wall Cabinet with Rustic Combination

This large kitchen floor plan is designed to combine contemporary style and a rustic element.

The rustic wood element can be seen in several places, such as the countertop, island frame, wall cabinet accent, and island stools. Meanwhile, the updated feature is shown by the streamlined design on cabinet doors.

Handleless Turquoise Green Kitchen Cabinet

Turquoise is a unique shade of green where the mixture of three different tones (blue, green, and a little yellow) radiates serenity and energy.

The serene ambiance is also enhanced by how large the kitchen is.

To maintain the space, utilize the one-wall kitchen floor plan. That leaves you with an open view.

Beautify the kitchen with modern cabinet design; the cabinet doors are left handleless, showing a clean-cut style.

Glossy Chartreuse Kitchen Cabinet

This shade of green is radiating good health and optimistic energy. Its vivid color contrasts with black drawer fronts yet harmonized by the stainless steel top and appliances.

The cabinets are laminated and appear glossy to prevent moisture. Also, it’s keeping the cabinets durable.

Pickle Green Kitchen Cupboard Cabinet

This unique kitchen holds distinctive features such as the pickle green cupboard cabinet, which utilizes two different styles of doors, panel and glass door.

Other than that, the kitchen also offers an industrial light fixture mounted on the wall. A varnished wood countertop is utilized to accentuate the natural feeling.

Last but not least, a noticeable character is the multifunction open floating shelves.

Sage Green Cabinet in a Small Kitchen Layout

This refreshing kitchen is using sage green on its cabinet. Use sage green to transform a limited space kitchen into a valuable treasure.

Moreover, this design involves farmhouse characteristics such as the rustic plate holder, reclaimed island table extension, and many flowery touches.

The dark hardwood floor completes the fabulous look of the kitchen.

Two-toned Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

The reclaimed table has been transformed into an eye-catching island. The island feet are stained, which punctuates its rustic charm.

Then, the countertop of all cabinet is made of revamped wood matching with the floor.

The wall panel has a lighter shade of green than the base cabinet, accentuating the green’s compassionate look.

Another functional feature is the closet cabinet. It gives the kitchen more storage and makes it centered in one corner.

Vibrant Kitchen with Ceiling-height Persian Green Cabinet

Having a vibrant kitchen is beneficial for emotional growth. Whenever you enter the room, you’ll be filled with happiness and a good mood.

Many tones of color, such as the yellow acre see-through door and a distressed decorative red door panel.

However, the centerpiece of the room is the ceiling-height cabinet, which is painted in Persian green. The shade becomes the primary color in the room by placing it against a white background.

Highly Artistic Sacramento Green

This kitchen involves Sacramento green color. It paints the entire cabinets and the wall.

This green shade gives a deep character to the kitchen; moreover, the brass knob on the cabinet makes the kitchen more classy.

Another notable feature is the Cambria Brittanica quartz backsplash. It brings a light shade of white with a waterfall pattern on it. Its bright shade gives a chance for the green to stand out.

Then, the kitchen also offers a floating rack with a brass rod. The combination of all features and colors generates a classy and strong persona in the kitchen.

Dynamic Lime Green on One-wall Cabinet

This cabinetry is centered on one wall. Its shaker door cabinets are painted in energetic lime green. Lime green shade is a mixture of yellow and green.

Therefore, it radiates freshness and high energy.

To maintain such feelings, just put the cabinet against a clear background such as white.

Then, to bring the brightness down a notch, utilize the golden oak hardwood floor.

So, green and its numerous shades offer you different emotional effects. Each shade provides a distinct ambiance. However, all of them are imitating nature.

Suitable additional features and perfect design will generate the most intriguing green kitchen design. In the end, which one is your favorite?